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  1. Lt Kije

    Oops !

    We have always had the right to be economically selective with immigration from the Sub Continent, as I stated, immigration is up from the subcontinent, since the vote to leave. Nothing to do with the EU, more bullshit from the leave campaign
  2. Lt Kije

    Bloody Sunday -

    What, Obs, read a report, before firing with both barrels, Take comfort asperity, that the English tradition of having a village idiot is alive and well in Warrington
  3. Lt Kije

    Deal or No Deal ?

    Not just the porkies, money spent ect, which is still coming to light,
  4. Lt Kije

    Deal or No Deal ?

    The Submission of article 50 is not invalid, but the vote that the submission was based on should be
  5. Lt Kije

    Deal or No Deal ?

  6. Lt Kije

    Oops !

    OBS the UK has always had control of immigration from non EU countries and could choose to stop it anytime they wanted. the surge of immigration from the third world to here is nothing at all to do with the EU
  7. Lt Kije

    Knife Crime

    Really you should look at where all the Brexit stories hail from, two-thirds come from Russia,
  8. Lt Kije

    Knife Crime

    🤣Yes before the courts cast there beady eye, and before all the investigations that are still going on, you like Mr Banks might turn out to be a Russian spy🤣
  9. Lt Kije

    Oops !

    We have always had control of the border with the Sub Continent, you couldn't make it up, people voted for less Muslim immigration and ended up with more
  10. Lt Kije

    Knife Crime

    ahh so you have read the court case, and the only reason the result was not put aside is that it was not legally binding, it was advisory only
  11. Lt Kije

    Oops !

    So you admit you did not think about it before your vote, how about this one, EU immigration has gone down since the vote, but immigration has stayed the same, as EU immigration has been replaced by Sub Continent immigration, which is mainly Pakistan.
  12. Lt Kije

    Knife Crime

    Wrong!!!, I suggest you look at the recent court case, where the court actually said if the referendum had been legally binding they would have had to put the result aside, read it carefully Obs, not rust the Express shortened version
  13. Lt Kije

    Oops !

    You have to have a border Obs as you know, You cannot have a customs union without one, but you knew that before you voted and must have a solution, so what is it, or did you vote without thinking about the consequences
  14. Lt Kije

    Knife Crime

    Conspiracy theory, we will see as you know Mr Banks is under investigation, and if i were you i would look what channel 4 news have dug up about him
  15. Lt Kije

    Oops !

    And there will be with no agreement which then breaks the Anglo Irish agreement, it was the UK that agreed to no border with the Republic, it is up to the UK and those that voted for Brexit to sort the mess out not the EU