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  1. the cabs will always rank there as long as the pubs are open. this should of been thought about before granting lic for the pubs, but it wasnt.Th rank is not big enough and no where for it to go with out reversing the one way on west av. But having said that the drivers should not be making the noise they sometimes make , and some kind off enforcement should be done over that.if we wasnt there you would have a lot more noise from the people pi**ed walking into town............ so some times u cant win............ people off stockton heath want the pubs and the cash input that comes with it but not the hassle......... if u didnt want the people there u should off objected to the planning permissionon the pubs etc in the first place. but i do agree what SOME of the drivers do is out of order, but that not all off them and we are only trying to make a living from a very expensive investement.(our taxi)
  2. a old law does say private hire cars do have to return to base, but is this was the case abbas cars would have to return to base they would have to return to CROWN ST under the arches as that is there reg office as it says on there door signs. some cars do not wait in areas and go back to town due to there beeing less chance of the job being filtered from the offices that from phone work. for example it is said that some drivers get most off the better work (as in price) so it pointless sitting on a area plot because the next job will be only a local as that driver might not be a "family" driver. so most drivers take a chance on the offices because its pot luck, and they have a chance off a good job. just because abbas fares on the rate card are cheaper doesnt mean the customer will get charged that, at least with the hacks the meters are checked and sealed so as long as you see the meter being put on you will be charged the right price.
  3. in this weeks guardian "pink ladies" have placed a advert (page 36). while i can not praise them enough for giving out some sound advice the females wanting to get home safe over the Christmas and new year period. i have a few concerns. the advert is Very misleading, they are telling you to phone WBC to check out a driver, vehicle or company, good advice but from one small point WBC cant check any details of a "pink ladies" vehicles or drivers as they are not licensed. there advert forgets to say this and some people would think they are legal due to them placing the advert.i can 100% confirm they are not legal to use for people who are paying for that service. the drivers or vehicles are not licensed by WBC or any other council as private hire or taxis and there for you will not be insured as fare paying passengers. the advice they give is good, and if you take there own advice you wont be using them at all.
  4. all i can say to TD is ph is cheaper because it gives a C**p service in warrington and you get what you pay for !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Where did you read that. all vehicles that carry passengers and the driver receives a payment (ie towards fuel) must be licenced by the LA as private hire or taxi or get a PSV lic from vosa (more than 8 passenger seats). that include volunteer drivers as they receive cash or goods or service in return. that is not warrington rules that in central government and the pinky come under that. the only exception is wedding car or funeral cars
  6. Passanger information: please note if you want a taxi on academy way rank there is no need to wait in the private hire office or to take a ticket. The taxis on the rank will take you home on the meter (checked and sealed by w.b.c) or will fix a price with you. Some people who want to get in taxis are being told to take a ticket, this is wrong it is the customers choice. They can get a ticket at the private hire office and wait by all means,but if they wish to get in taxi waiting or choose to wait for a taxi they can. thank you
  7. how about looking at the issue that there are about 150 taxis and about a dozen working spaces in the town centre . where do we go ?????. 2 hours in between jobs and WBC want to issue 30 more plates. WBC has more inportant people to worry about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that makes it OK to break the law then does it? Aside from the speeding cabs, the cabs that are old and battered; we now have ones that think that it is fine to park on double yellow lines? Whether you are waiting for a job or not, it is still illegal to park on double yellow lines..... When i go the bank i go a car park aswell. thats a bit different to trying to earn a living for the 25 grand plus running costs we have to invest due to WBC rules to keep the customers of warrington happy
  8. how about looking at the issue that there are about 150 taxis and about a dozen working spaces in the town centre . where do we go ?????. 2 hours in between jobs and WBC want to issue 30 more plates. WBC has more inportant people to worry about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. ill pass your concerns on to the WTDA . beeping horns is a no no.As far as i know we have permision to park on the bus stop after the last bus and further down as long as we stay off the crossing, but i do understand the noise that could come from the cabs could be a pain. wbc should of thought of the taxi issue when it started to give out extra drinking lic's to the new pubs and wine bars etc. but we get forgot about again. people want the night time growth (money coming into the village) but that does come at a price. i will have a word to get them to keep the noise down
  10. there are no sierras on as taxis in warrington and a lot (50ish) are under 3 years old
  11. JRs are mostly "private hire" not "Taxis" . i have seen your "drivers" take cash at least 3 times. one driver was reported to WBC as she took a man who flagged her down at the hospital and she charged him ?5.00 to bq station (he give her ?10.00 and she give him ?5.00 change). so dont tell me your not running a form of private hire service, even one that drivers take flaggers and then rips them off. i see your club is in court very soon . lets see if the court decided if you are running a private hire office lets see now !!!!!!!!!!!! how you work 1 people phone and book 2 you send a car to pick them up 3 the car take them from point a to b 4 the customer get charged for going from point a to b i think that sounds like "private Hire"
  12. PnPs got lost again lol lol
  13. PLs cant be put on the list as they are not plated or tested in any way (not a TAXI or PRIVATE HIRE)
  14. PnP just to remind you see "changes to legislation" http://www.warrington.gov.uk/Transportandstreets/Publictransport/Taxi_Licensing.aspx
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