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  1. PC slow response Memory

    My PC is dead slow but I remember that you could check on how much memory you have left - all the usual maintenance stuff is running, defrag is done etc. Any clues?
  2. Failed City of Culture bid

    This one is titled "What we achieved" Had to load this files as a PDF - I'm sure Gary knows easier way he's a wizard Presentation1.pdf
  3. Failed City of Culture bid

    Managed to get the slide up via powerpoint and saved as a jpeg
  4. Failed City of Culture bid

    Gary's tweets so much it was hard to track down the tweet but I did - it mentions bidding for 2025 but Luton has already left the starting blocks - probably egged on by their own Paula Radcliffe I remember going from the Bedford track upstairs to the lounge area and there was a massive picture of Paula looking down at me from the stair wall - very inspiring. Luton £200k on bidding for City status as guess what they are a large town - so lots to compare and contrast with Warrington. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-39106516 It looks like Gary's slide with the words is too big to upload onto this site - who said @That's because there are tooooo many words?" Unfortunately I didn't make it because I was on Grand Papa duties - Our young charge didn't go to sleep until 8.30pm plus I'm in 'her in doors bad books' for the time being and was grounded there have been too many incidents of late like 'Dog's dinnergate', 'shopping-gate' and several other 'gates'.... but we'll leave it at that
  5. Failed City of Culture bid

    I never understand that stance just gets people's backs up from the start and then it's downhill from there on.... I'm sure that Gary will be reporting on tonight's talk and Q&A
  6. Failed City of Culture bid

    I'm probably more in the dark than you - I know nothing after all I was deselected 2 years ago. I have been out of the political loop since then and focused on my trustee interests which is a totally different sort of battle with a whole series of unnerving issues and challenges. I'm sure that you will have some question for him tonight
  7. Failed City of Culture bid

    OK I've just been given a link to the document obtained under the FOI - I've no idea why it's been such a secret for so long. Anyone going to listen to Dan tonight? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eVs5fTH3J2iypmZzBQjE9YSpItsWkWUH/view
  8. Failed City of Culture bid

    I haven't been on here for a while so I haven't been following the thread. However having just got back from a Gala Dinner for Coventry Business School and seen how Coventry has changed since I studied there we were out of our depth. At the time my dissertation was on the Social and Economic aspects of the City and it was a bit down in the dumps but since then it has got back on it's feet appears much stronger place and as precursor to and for the bid have focused on celebrating cultural aspects. One of which was a £12million refurbishment of the Belgrade Theatre built with a generous donation from the then Yugoslavia following the Coventry Blitz of November 1940 when the city was all but flattened. Having said that they still retained and maintained some very iconic buildings. The new Cathedral was built at a similar time and next to the shell of the old one facing the University campus that has had such an impact of the City Centre taken over a major part of the ring road stamping its own culture on the city. Culture doesn't just happen over night it evolves over time it can't be rushed, it can't be bought - you only have to look at the reasons why Liverpool was so dominant in 2008 as European Capital of Culture - one of the architects of their bid was Phil Redmund - steeped in Culture just as it was steeped in Liverpool's history - celebrating the Maritime, Rock and Role, Faith, struggle of the people, slave trade, shipping prowess, football, scouse humour, trade capital of the world, everyman threatre, Royal Theatre, Grand National - tough act to follow. Warrington is a proud and a success Town appearing in City League tables because of its population size. It is punching above it's weight and should be ambitious but maybe it should focus on developing it's vision and tackle the pressing issues whilst understanding and supporting it's cultural offering. I suppose also that Warrington's culture may over recent years been influenced by the influx of Scousers and Mancs who have brought their own aspects of culture which may have got the Town's mental map a bit confused especially as history has been gradually stripped away since the days of the New Town and subsequent doubling of the population to now over 200,000. Do we really understand the Warrington roots and when I say we I not only mean us incomers who have decided to make their homes in Warrington but also the officers of the council who go home at night to other parts and therefore spend little or no time living in Warrington outside New Town House - just a thought
  9. Well with the 2nd bridge or is it 3rd bridge consultation now under way what is your colour preference? Protest groups like the Yellow Brick Road and Orange Squash have taken to social media and started their campaigns. Gary is out in his Range Rover or 4 by 4 test driving across places like Arpley Tip or the meadows in search of the foundations for the new hosing estate so that he can get an online scoop ahead of his rivals. So will you go for Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Green, Purple - or Black for no change? Does it really make any difference at all? http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2017/06/13/public-urged-to-have-say-on-six-options-for-new-western-link-road/
  10. Red means Go for Western Link in the dark

    Your intrepid reporter was out in the cold and dark conditions of the Town Hall grounds last night, what do you think or the result. Also what was the last man on the video talking about moving his 2 horses because of a letter he had received - was this because of a development and move to clear the land and if so where was this land - was it along the red route or did he say Houghton Green - is there an Oughton Green - he just bobbed in and bobbed out and I think caught Gary unawares http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2017/11/13/angry-residents-see-red-over-green-light-for-western-link/ Finally does anyone know the odds for Warrington against the other places in the race for government money?
  11. Red means Go for Western Link in the dark

    Thanks Dizzy - HCA do have some land next to the motorway where horses graze - I'm sure that it was land that Satnam were after when their previous application was rejected for the triangle of land for 150 properties - the HCA land would have helped if they had got it. I wonder what is going to happen to it now and whether it's part of the appeal to the inspector. I thought the first guy was ok - the one with the hat - the co-ordinator - may be being face to face with Gazza in the dark forecourt of the Town Hall put him off a little - perhaps you could be there to reassure and comfort interviewees next time?
  12. Red means Go for Western Link in the dark

    Didn't we recently lose out with odds at 12/1 in the culture bid when the chiefs thought that it was a guarantee. On this occasion the odds have lengthened - I wonder what and where the opposition is?
  13. Travel ?

    Maybe if I had relatives there yes I would.
  14. MP's credentials - have they any?

    Given the state the country is in and the downward spiral - what experience and credentials do MPs have to do the job? Can you remember any promises made by the MP you voted in made, was there any substance in what they said and now do or have done in the role?
  15. Dial-a-Ride, important service or not

    Hi Gary kindly featured this for me about the new issues threatening Dial-a-Ride. http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2017/08/14/new-crisis-for-dial-a-ride-charity/ Keeping the Charity going was extremely hard 18 plus months ago and we are now on a firmer footing but for the executive members to be now actively promoting another waste centre on the other side of our premises at the end of Athlone Rd along with the skip hires dusty road and a cement producer is just taking it to a stupid level. I will be asking a question on 4th September at Full Council - I wonder what the response will be? What do you think?
  16. Western Link 6 Routes to chose from or none, what's your colour?

    The REDS have it http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2017/09/14/transport-chiefs-name-preferred-route-for-western-link-road/
  17. Dial-a-Ride, important service or not

    Well unfortunately my question at Full Council about Dial-a-Ride will not be answered on Monday as the Councillor will be away - a written response will be sent to me.
  18. Dial-a-Ride, important service or not

    I'm sure that they will take donations in any colour of envelope, begging bowl or bank transaction. Shall I get the sort code for you?
  19. Dial-a-Ride, important service or not

    The bus depot said that we could go there but couldn't do any work, I've forgotten what the charge was. Then they were going to move to the ASDA depot ..... We have asked for school lane bu been declined despite all the apparent space. We've looked various colleges and community places but no good either because of rental prices, security etc. Our manager kept turning them down. Dial-a-Ride used to be based at the Uni Chester campus but with the spilt up re-organisation that went bye bye. As for the dust - it's from the Cement manufacturer and the break up of what's in the skips - no idea what is going to happen the the new waste treatment centre.
  20. Dial-a-Ride, important service or not

    All over town less so to the outskirts.
  21. Hot off the press - I've created a Facebook for Warrington Pledge to Peace to gather what evidence there is that Peace events are taking place in the Town. By Peace My definition of Peace can be work in schools that I saw at St Gregory's a couple of weeks ago, commemoration events like the Hiroshima and Nakaski Bombings that took place 2 years ago on the 6th August 1945, the work against terrorism through education by the Peace Centre, 25 year commemoration of the bombing in Bridge Street next year, International Day of Peace on 21st September, Peace of Mind projects like the State of Mind Charity to help improve peoples mental wellbeing, Peace Challenge Cup against Crewe United FC etc etc. Please follow the link and let me know of others. https://www.facebook.com/Warrington-Pledge-to-Peace-717940308331332/
  22. Warrington Visually Impaired People are doing a sponsored Zip Wire Challenge this month. Has anyone done in and lived to tell the tale. Just wondering if I can take part as Chair with my still recovering ribs - I did them in two weeks ago and the NHS site said that they take between 3 to 6 weeks to get back in shape. What do you think? This is what it is like after all it's for a good cause, look out for the shepherd with his crop at the end. https://youtu.be/Fw3lNNFLl0g
  23. Snowdonia Zip World Challenge - what's it like?

    Not to worry I've taken a rain check - my physio gave up and gave me a refund yesterday - he said try the few exercises you can manage and come back in two weeks time. He did put some athletes black tape on my ribs for support in a big Black X marks the spot However ever an optimist I went to the Outlet New Balance shop in Birchwood and bought myself a cracking pair of trainers, I think I'll wear them for today's parkrun at Vicky park - but only to marshal at Mayor's Corner - my 52nd marshalling duty in the nearly 200 events held there One day soon I will be making my come back run.
  24. Warrington Pledge to Peace - Facebook Site

    Anyway - Although Britain is currently out of the range of North Korean missiles, eMoov has revealed the blast radius of a nuclear strike on 20 major British cities in case tensions do escalate. Here is a map to show you where the safest place in the UK is to live https://uk.yahoo.com/news/uk-estate-agent-publishes-bizarre-111800263.html
  25. Warrington Pledge to Peace - Facebook Site

    Gosh here I was innocently promoting my FB site Warrington Pledge to Peace and I'm responsible for assassinations and WW3 - I wonder what people outside Warrington think of this rhetoric?