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  1. Hi The practice nurse rang me at home last night and told me that the x-rays taken showed that I had osteoarthritis and did I want the operation now. I didn't even know what it is until I googled it. It does explain the pains that float around my legs and muscles, shins etc the recent groin strain with my 28 day streak of running, the fact that for the last 3 years I haven't been able to get down to my feet to tie my shoes laces or cut my toes. The refusal of the sports physio to give me a sports massage . I even went to a Yoga teacher and did a session he has just told me that I can't come back. What advice would you offer an aging athlete of 66 who want to get back to serious running? Ignore it and plough on or go for the major operation on the hips?
  2. As Chair of Warrington Nature Conservation Forum I can say that our members have concerns about the activities may have impact of the river species. The Mersey Gateway Environmental Trust have been monitoring salmon at Woolston Weir for a couple of years and will be able to see if they will be an impact on those fish.
  3. You've got more info than me - Lynton writes "Hi Geoff, yes we are already installing, in fact we are currently on site of the Plastic Omnium building on Omega" 😱
  4. Well I've just turned 65 in October so it's also of a personal interest 😂 - I still haven't applied for my cold payment or bus/train pass (I handed back my car when I retired from work back in 2007) at least I get my meds for free - even if they might soon get held up on a channel ferry! More focused now on getting back to running before times run out for me and I'm six feet under 😱
  5. Your quite right and after the roof tops success that was the next step and some of the new warehouses alongside the M62 at Omega were going to be approached. It would be on their roof tops so they would have to partner with the owners and check out if the rooves could support the weight etc. Shortly afterwards the committee was wound up so I'm not sure how far Linton Green got with looking into the proposal. I've just sent him and copied in the leader a question to that effect?
  6. The trial on the roof tops of houses in Warrington with Golden Gates as it was proved that electricity was generate come rain or shine. Elecy went into the property with the extra being sold on the grid.
  7. What about access issues for maintenance - all together in a field will benefit from economies of scale and location.
  8. I remember the idea was raised at a workshop in c2010 and took place in the Gateway with an impressive energy model that included a solar farm in Warrington South, Wind Turbines and extracting the heat from underground sources but nothing was done about it. This idea even made the main news item at 10pm last night on the BBC so are we making progress?
  9. What a top idea - they would probably win 🤐 I'll add to the list for you. But I bet you are too apathetic to vote - go on take the lead as that is what is missing from politics these days.
  10. If an election was taking place today who would you vote for?
  11. This one is titled "What we achieved" Had to load this files as a PDF - I'm sure Gary knows easier way he's a wizard Presentation1.pdf
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