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  1. Cracking marketing idea, Gary, well done
  2. One thing I can never be accused of is wasting food
  3. Roachie could probably help so far back, and before that maybe John Newton may be of help to you mate
  4. This is only the game in Wales isn't it Barry?
  5. Halifax and Wakefield away in midweek, that makes absolutely no sense, not with Radcliffe and Chorley away on a Saturday
  6. see my previous post on the previous cup draw page Told you we'd get Chorley
  7. PREDICTING Chorley and Clitheroe in the draws, how exciting
  8. Thats OK then innit Paul, lol, will be there, however the 7pm start, makes it somewhat difficult with working that day, may try to get some time off. Can you email me with directions please mate Cheers Rob
  9. I'll be there, Hope you've got plenty of blue paint coming, as my turnstyle needs doing, as well as the changing room doors etc Cannot make it down tonight, as I have to take my brother to a meeting in St Helens, and won't be back before going to doms at 8.20 ish See you Tuesday, one and all Woody
  10. Bit of a way to go midweek innit mate
  11. RO Rob

    18th June 1815?

    The date that Pete T or Safers was born?
  12. Disappointed with the turn out last night, only two of the SC members turned out, so get down and help out, its nothing difficult and only needs an hour or two of your time, on a Tuesday and Thursday night. Lots of painting and tidying to be done, so get down in your scruffs and do your bit for OUR club. Rob
  13. Oy stop that, he'll be at teh away game with the cracking pub
  14. Well thats all that matters then, hey Paul
  15. Does anyone know when these are released?, I thought it was soon, but can find dno reference for them on the FA website When will the league fixtures be released? Rob
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