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  1. That's the sort of thing that should be done here, Mary. It really needs intergrating but can only suceed if there is a nasty shock at the end like boot camp. I think BazJ that kids crave a sense of belonging and peer pressure is always rife especially amongst the young, however, the difference between what you experienced as a child is a sense of moralilty and fear of loosing a good thing. For these kids, they have nothing to loose and the peer pressure comes from how much vodka they can drink after 14 cans of larger. This is where they need help to turn it around. [ 05.02.2008, 06:21: Message edited by: Anna ]
  2. Totally agree with you! You are especially right about Health and Safety, CRB etc. Few people can be bothered to help these kids because it's too much hassle and don't want to get sued!! Seeing as Warrington is constantly on the news when they talk about teenagers drinking since the shooting, maybe the government should pump money into this area and pay people for their time to set up youth clubs, discos etc.
  3. Blimey isn't Stockton Heath a posh area?? I still won't go shopping there since I was told by the pompous maitre d' that the half empty fish restaurant was "fully booked" at 12.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon!!! I obviously was not wearing the right Gucci suit!!
  4. Obs Thinking back to my childhood I lived two lives, one with my Mum during the week and one with my Dad at weekends. During the week, I went to a Youth Club every Wednesday, with my mum to keep fit on Tuesday and alternated roller skating and police disco's on a Thursday as well as doing my homework. My mum was a single mum who was VERY strict so I never went out. Now, at the weekend I visited my Dad who although was law abiding and good, was more 'laissez faire' so I went out from the age of 12 with my Step-sister. We mixed with her friends from the local school and because there was nothing to do there (I wouldn't say it was that rough but it was run down) we hung around the street corner, at a bus stop or by the Spar. Like these kids, I am sure that by the age of 16 I had tried most things. Now my point is, I saw it from all angles and by the Grace of God I stayed on the right side of the law and have made a comfortable life for myself. But it could have gone either way - these kids need help and I don't think that they are getting it. I agree that parental control is important. I am still scared of my Mum now!!! :scared:
  5. Prosecution isn't going to have a great impact as: 1. Parents who don't know where their kids are at midnight let alone not bothered seeing them with a hangover the next morning, are not going to be bothered whether they get prosecuted or not. 2. The kids will end up in young offender prisons where their life of crime will only begin. And that is no fault of their own. 3. The kids are bored out of their brains so being in trouble with the police is only going to add a bit of fun to their lives. Whilst I am pleased to see the police getting more powers, the government really needs to tackle the route of the problem which is a combination of a FAILED SCHOOL SYSTEM which is only just beginning to turn around since both labour and tories started meddling with it in the late 80's, LACK OF GOOD LOCAL FACILITIES for the kids which again went to pot from the early 90's onwards and PARENTING SKILLS (don't get me started on that one as I blame Maggie Thatcher's capitalist change in attitudes)!! That is the evidence for the prosecution m'lord. [ 04.02.2008, 18:50: Message edited by: Anna ]
  6. Eagle - sorry this has only just arrived. Web messages are being sent by GPO telegram here in Lymm! :spin:
  7. Obs My understanding of this is that the police have had the power to confiscate but never the power to prosecute.
  8. Why what's going on in Iraq? :confused:
  9. Or they may think that 'Candid Camera' is making a come back! What a ridiculous waste of resources!
  10. Mary You are right - Kenya or Afghanastan for example. Comparatively - we are very lucky.
  11. There was a time in my youth when I walked home from night clubs in the early hours of the morning - alone. However, there is no way, apart from an absolute emergency, that I would walk alone in the early hours of the morning now. Is that because things have changed in the last 20 years or have I become a little wiser because of age, experience and what we hear on the news? :thinker:
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