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  1. Sorry to have to correct you, but its not tax payers money paying for the licensing officer, it worse that that! That job is funded entirely by the license fees you pay each year for your cab. so they are using the honest full ?300 a year license fee they get from honest cabbies, and using it to stop the problem they created in the first place :/ LD
  2. The old small blue bin will either be recycled or left (on request) so you can use them as a water butte or whatever. LD
  3. Why is it we dont hear anyone coplaining about the 8 buses all parked up on double yellows down scotland road. and by that i mean the ones outside of the official bustops, never hear a complaint about that for some reason......... wonder why that could be :/ scotland road is a nightmare during the day because of the buses, the same buses that have a nice shiney new bus station to park in, get rid of a few of the bus stops down scotland road and give some more rank spaces you will find that the bus station rank wont get so crowded. and neither will central station either LD
  4. lol i mentioned it LOADS of times on WG LOL nice to see u bill, hows it mate?
  5. LatchfordDad


    BRAVO Couldnt agree more
  6. all I will sat on this matter is dont condemn a cabbie till u have driven a few hundred thousand miles in his seat.
  7. Question is mate is which do you prefer, a line of double parked taxi cabs or a crowd of fighting drunken yobs, always its one or the other. The police let cabbies get away with it because it clears the crowds from a less enforced area ( the majority of police are posted in town on weekend nights) and 95% of journeys from that rank go to the town centre. I dont mean to be argumentative with this post, its just a simple fact. I worked the cabs for 2 years and have seen the aftermath when cabs have been scarce. I had several hundred pounds worth of damage done to my cab because i refused to let someone blatantly jump the taxi queue and took the next in line, as the passengers got in, the queue jumpers started kicking my cab and tried ripping my sliding door off, which then meant I had to have it repaired before I could work again. its a hard job at the weekends, the other reason cabbies crowd that rank is for protection. the police would be no help whatsoever if a cabbie got into trouble because there simply arent enoug of them in stockton heath. LD
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