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  1. first thing ?25 million would just about do Warrington not the UK, the problem is we sold of the post office years ago but lets not start that debate As to France well they don't have fiber to the house they have big bus shelter like things, that serve 800 houses via copper. But the shelters are fed by fiber,, just like cable TV. this is not about WBC spending money this is about partnerships. and forward planning from the council.
  2. what's the next target baths library or clinic. Has the clinic already gone as they are paining it at the moment
  3. Should Warrington council be working with Telco providers to make Warrington a broadband town. Manchester and Milton Keynes are now wi MAX Bournemouth is just going fiber via the Sewer. and other towns are looking to wifi what is Warrington doing. Do we need this to encourage business to move into town. bournmouth example
  4. True It's a number of auditors that assess what the council wants them to see. Audit report [ 20.02.2008, 15:04: Message edited by: warringtoncouncil.is good ]
  5. This council is a joke. We need to stand up and express our anger You can still mail all the councilor from www.warringtoncouncil.youdontcare.com Is it possible that WWW could do an on line vote asking " is the council value for money "
  6. WOW Thats brill No work for me this next week i will b epoping out to see the ships
  7. the whole of the canal archive site is very good, Is the tesco Wine ship still going on the canal 3 times a week? And is the anywhere you can see what will be on the canal at any time ?
  8. I got a sticker put on the side, upside down. just to make it hard to read. But should we wait 15days for our bins to be emptied ?
  9. Because WBC cannot organize a P up in a brewery or WBC Agents ( not sure who is at fault) all glass is being mixed at Woolston Tip resulting in a major loss on the scrap value. If St Helens BC can do kerb side pick ups anyone can.
  10. woolston tip lets you send all glass together at the moment
  11. From what I could see in the council chamber you would be the only one. good on you if you did Could that be the reason why you have not been elected
  12. and then you will have to tow the party line and ignore all of the residents
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