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  1. A long shot........but does anyone remember the McKees band who played in various clubs and venues in Warrington during the 1960's
  2. Hello Harry, We didn't live that far away from each other back then but I can't remember your twin sisters. I attended Beamont Junior School and then went on to the Warrington High School for Girls in town, my twin sister went to Oakwood. I certainly did warm myself on the wall of the bakery and bought penny buns from there and trooped off to Orford park with friends to spend the day there, you wouldn't let your children do that now, would you? Saturday afternoons were spent at the Queens cinema the films were usually Westerns. I'm trying to think who lived on the corner of Roome Street and Wilkinson Street there were two girls in the family, I've a feeling there surname was Delahay and a boy named John lived next door to them. My sister and I were friends with Dorothy Wisedale I don't know if you knew her. You've brought back loads of memories of living there, I left to live in Latchford when i got married and haven't walked around the area for many years but passed by in the car, it seems strange now not to see Rylands factory where my Dad worked all his life. Love to hear if you have anymore memories of the area. Regards Mary
  3. Hello Harry, What a mine of information you are!! I'd forgotten Jim Podmore but I do remember him and Martin Mitchell I can't believe that so many of them are no longer with us. Malcolm Halfpenny used to lodge in St. Mary Street and i used to speak to him in passing. I married Roy Edwards who sang with Eric Pepperell's band when Edna Savage was also singing. We used to have a great rapport with the policemen on the door, those were the days!! I do remember you Harry, did you used to live in the Orford area, I used to live in Marsh House Lane at the top of Battersby Lane, I'm a twin but you used to see so many girls at the dances that it isn't surprising that you don't remember me?
  4. Oops....thanks for pointing out my mistake, you are quite right it was Deeley
  5. Yes, I remember him, his name was Geoff Dooley, or was that his son? A man by the name of Dooley used to own a newsagents on Knutsford Road but he died a few years ago, it was probably his son as he looked very much like Geoff.
  6. Does anyone remember when policemen were on regular duty at the local dance halls on a Saturday night? I was regular Saturday night dancer at the Bell Hall on Orford Lane and can remember a couple of them....Eugene Rennet and Malcolm Halfpenny, I also remember Sergeant Smythe, there were others but their names escape me, maybe Harry Hayes will know more than I do. We used to dance to Eric Pepperell's band, I remember also that Jim Brennan used to teach ballroom dancing there.
  7. Many thanks to all who replied, I've lived in Latchford for fifty years and passed this pub on so many occasions but for the life of me I couldn't remember its name, you've saved my sanity!
  8. Does anyone know the name of the now demolished small pub that used to be on the left hand side of Knutsford Road just over Black Bear Bridge, I can vaguely remember it being very small, maybe two rooms only.
  9. interested


    I have just found among my mother's belongings two medals, one inscribed 'Warrington Womens Unionist Tariff Reform League' and the other Warrington Unionists Association'. I'm assuming they belonged to my Grandmother who was born in 1867 and died in 1942. Has anyone any ideas as to what these Associations were?
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