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  1. I was born (1943) and bred in Orford, just off Smiths Drive in Lyndale Avenue. I went to High School and knew a few Boteler boys, but no names you mentioned were familiar. Although I am still in regular contact with various folks from Warrington I dont think they would be of much help to you. Warrington has changed, and not for the better! The rot set in when the annual Xmas tree was not allowed to be put up at Market Gate.I also worked p/t at The Lion to earn the money for my fares back and to Liverpool to work.My dad was a bowling/billiards champ in Warrington. Enjoy all that sun in Oz.My friend in Melbourne was hoping for rain, which eventually arrived. BFN Brenda Callaghan
  2. I was at the High SChool from 1955-1960 We were in the building next to the Parr Hall before moving to our new school off The Causeway. I do have some snaps somewhere taken of my friends about 1958 outside the school. I have a suitcase and vanity case stuffed with photos so it could be a long job.We did have a MALE gardener, a rare event for us. Last I heard Miss Pennycuik was still alive and in Grappenhall) I was at school with Helen Wilkinson (lives in Thelwall) Margaret Oakes (lives Chester Road alongside the Mersey)Eileen Phillips (still in Padgate) Jean Tranter by email. Any help ????
  3. When I was at the High School on the Causeway, we used to play hockey with La Porte Chemicals, Greenalls Hops, and Gin all wafting over our playings fields. SO whats wrong with a bit of tap water, we lived ith it well enough in the 40's 50's and 60's, possibly 70's. The only time I buy bottled water is when we are being ripped off after security at the airports and we have to buy a bottle with which to take our pills etc. We don't see any water companies complaining about profits going down do we......
  4. I used to work evenings in The Lion in Bridge Street when Bill Medland was landlord. (Not to mention at Air Ministry, Underclyffe House,London Road,Appleton in the early 60's. Then moved to the Pier head, then went to Cappers at Woolston. But destiny called and I went off to London for 5 years, then Bath for 30, now living in Hillsborough.) I saw what they had done to it in 2006, I was so shocked. I was glad to scuttle back to Sheffield.
  5. You must visit Lancaster then and go in the Castle. There you will see all names that have meaning for Warringtonians. Just an idea
  6. Good luck. Have you tried Friends Reunited?? I was at Oakwood Avenue until 1955 when I then went to High School. The only person I am still in contact with is 67 and she went to Oakwood seniors, but dont think she would be much help. One of our maths teachers was a Mrs Howard, who used to move from Oakwood to High School. LOvely lady. I am in Sheffield, and although I am an OAP I still have friends from Oakwood. One just recently died in Seville, and the others at Appleton and in Holland. As well as friends who didnt go to Oakwood. I have a friend in Melbourne who has just been delighted at having rain.
  7. TRy joining "flog it". You get an email/news every week and sooner or later you will find the answer to your question.
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