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  1. It was one of the highlights of my life !!
  2. Hi Peter I've had the iPhone 3,4 and now 5. They are excellent. Up until recently they were light years ahead of everyone else. Although the 5 has a larger screen and is faster than its predecessors I think with hindsight I would have had a look at the Galaxy s3 more closely. Unless the iPhone in two years has a totally radical redesign I won't be rushing out to get one. In summary have look at both the iPhone and S3 Cheers Andy
  3. I agree standing should be reintroduced. However it is illegal in England to stand at top flight games so the law would need to change first.
  4. The club deserves nothing but success. If we can progress on the field as we have off it then surely we must be looking at promotion. Just look at the developments over the last few months. First full time employee (James) who is doing a fantastic job. 3G pitches Large advert in Golden Square. Formation of junior teams As Gary said if we could increase the attendance by 40/50 that would be brilliant.
  5. Don't think people are sick of the gutter press Gary as you say the NOTW was the biggest selling paper. The country was really bothered about phone tapping when it was MPs and 'celebraties' who bring it on themselves. but when it became ordinary people many with tragic circumstances that's when the revolt really started.
  6. I feel sorry for the 500 or so staff who will loose there jobs. Most probably not around when the hacking was taking place. 500 jobs gone to save 1 persons
  7. If you can't make it full coverage all day on radiowarrington.co.uk live from Walton Gardens
  8. Great how the new forums are iPhone friendly!! Well done Gary and the team
  9. Average attendance this year is 9725 so if you take into account away fans it is substantially less than 10000. Poor really for a top of the table team.
  10. why did Town sponsor a Wolves match ? Isn't money tight at the club ?
  11. andygill

    Old Mill

    Hi Does anyone know what the old mill which currently houses Giggles and Lazerquest was in its hayday ? Cheers Andy
  12. Dizzy it is repeated in Sunday and will then be available to download as a podcast.
  13. He is the councillor responsible for finance and lives in Warrington
  14. You'll love this !!! http://www.magpiesinspace.co.uk/forumnew/viewtopic.php?p=21273&sid=6a19b45391da462d3deb76c49f754c83
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