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    Old Warrington Photos

    In general the copyright for a photo or written document lasts for 70 years after the person who took it/wrote it dies (I think it is 50 years for music). Obviously, it can be hard to trace the copyright owner and also to find out when they died. You often find notes in the books published by the library saying they couldn't trace the copyright owner, but they still publish the book (and make money out of it). So if I died in 2013, all my own photos on the mywarrington website would be out of copyright in 2084. Of course, I don't own any copyright on those taken by others shown on the site.
  2. Gordon I Gandy

    Bye Bye Bewsey Old School

    Hi guys, just to let you know that I feature a history of the school on my website www.mywarrington.me.uk, with photos of it in is heyday.
  3. Gordon I Gandy

    Legh Street Baths

    This is from Richard J. Delahunty Jnr in the good ol' USA. A long way from Warrington now but reading so many comments concerning Leigh St. Baths brought back many memories. I am sure many of us in our declining years will recall that the ‘10’s with the addition of the wooden floor, served as an emergency first aid centre for a large part of World War II. Philip Delahunty’s grandfather, Richard J. Delahunty was in the ARP at that time and despite his full time occupation in charge of the Roastery at Walkers Brewery ( the inventers of the famous Christmas brew ‘Winny’ after Churchill, of course) spent many a night there as well as fire watching. It was a place I knew well as a child, not just for the swimming baths but with an in depth knowledge of the exterior also. You see, the managers of the Drill Hall were Mr. & Mrs. Packwood and their son Derek and I were great pals. We would leave the Drill Hall through upstairs windows and clamber all over the roofs, finding our own way of breeching the gap between the baths and the Drill Hall. As children, those war years held no fear for us and all the military practice that went on at the Drill Hall were just great fun for us, specifically having ‘friends’ who would provide us with mercury(II) fulminate, or Hg(CNO)2 from hand grenades! (and yet I am still alive!). Happy days and then scampering home across Bank Park hoping that ‘Daddy Owl’ the park keeper would not catch us for cutting across the Park lawns.
  4. Gordon I Gandy

    Legh Street Baths

    Just to update everybody on Adrian Moorhouse - he visited the baths to officially open the new gym, which was part of a £60,000 cash injection for the leisure centre. I trawled through quite a few newspaper articles to get the info!
  5. Gordon I Gandy

    Legh Street Baths

    While I was photographing the demolition I was presented with this plaque commemorating the visit of Adrian Moorhouse MBE in 1994. He opened a new section of the baths but the plaque doesn't say which section. In conversation with former employees of the baths we think it might have been a new gymnasium. Can anyone confirm that for me? Image replaced by Dizzy as requested by Gordon
  6. Gordon I Gandy

    Legh Street Baths

    I agree with you Dizzy. Great shots, but very risky to go in there, especially when you look at my photo on the website of the General pool with the scaffolding in - it was put in there for an inspection by the Council and left up because of safety concerns about the roof collapsing.
  7. Gordon I Gandy

    Legh Street Baths

    I agree with you on the baths decay. But what do we know - probably more than them!
  8. Gordon I Gandy

    Legh Street Baths

    Thanks Algy for your memory and to Dizzy for the new memory and Yes Please! on the offer of Stockton Heath school photos. It might help to batch the photos in groups of three per email as the server can block files which become too large. I usually publish them between 640 and 800 pixels wide. An alternative email address for readers is mywarrington@talktalk.net. I met the maintenance guy and last key holder from the baths last weekend who has provided some great info and pics for the website and is looking up some extra stuff on the pools (dimensions and capacities of the pools, etc) to add to what he has sent me already. I'll let you all know when I load it to the site. Demolition is virtually complete now, sadly. Contractors say there was lots of decay and deterioration. Question is, if the council kept it open, could that have been prevented? Thanks again to one and all for your contributions. I'll add the latest ones later tonight.
  9. Gordon I Gandy

    Legh Street Baths

    Thanks Baz. Much appreciated.I'll add your memories to the Memory Lane section when I come onto the computer again.
  10. Gordon I Gandy

    Legh Street Baths

    The spiderman unmasking in the wrestling reminds me of another wrestler, Kendo Nagasaki I think his name was, on World of Sport on Saturday afternoons in the 70s and 80s. One week they did actually unmask the guy, who wasn't impressed - or was he just being a good actor? Kent Walton was the commentator, wasn't he? But don't let me interrupt the reader from the baths memories! Keep them coming.
  11. Gordon I Gandy

    Legh Street Baths

    Thanks everybody for what you have given me so far. I will add them to mywarrington asap.
  12. Gordon I Gandy

    Legh Street Baths

    I would like to point readers to my website www.mywarrington.me.uk as I am covering the demolition of Warrington Baths on Legh Street and am looking for reader's memories of visiting the baths/leisure facilities to add to the section currently on the Home Page (it will have its own dedicated section soon). Did you learn to swim there or maybe take your children to swim there? Or maybe to take advantage of the leisure facilities available? What do you think of the closure and demolition? You can use the email address gigan@mywarrington.me.uk to send your memories. It will be assumed that all contributions are intended for publication on mywarrington unless otherwise stated. You are welcome to use your real name, a pen name or remain anonymous. Contributions may be edited for clarity. Other memories on the town are also welcome for the Memory Lane page. Thanks. Gordon Gandy. Email me
  13. Gordon I Gandy

    Council's new logo poll

    What on earth is this logo supposed to be? They could have done just a tiny bit better than this. OK, they could have done a LOT better. Is there a vacancy for a graphic designer in the council because my 6 year old nephew is looking for something to do in his summer holidays! [ 20.04.2007, 18:41: Message edited by: Gordon I Gandy ]