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  1. I too got a ticket there around 15 months ago. If you look in the forums on Moneysupermarket there is advice on what to do. Fortunately for me I knew to screw it up and throw it in the boot, then came the letters and threats from bailiffs and "Solicitors" which then became phone calls. I've got a wad of letters in my office but not had any correspondence since October last year. The last letter from Graham White Solicitors (research them too, plenty of advice about dealing with them) was for a "Fine" of £480 To sum up, DO NOT PAY!!! Paulo
  2. Let me get this straight, we're in a recession, austerity measures are hurting the masses and yet the mayor sees fit to burn 56k on an A6, there are two of them in it plus the driver, get rid of the driver and get yourself an R8... Sorted But seriously I don't see the need for the extravagance of an A6 or a driver, if it's down to booze, it's economically more viable to hire a limousine (Taxi to the rest of us) that's what private businesses do, and for engagements sin alcohol why not drive himself? Last question - Is the Mayor, shall we say on the wide size? why couldn't they fit in
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