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  1. its a fact there are 14 year olds having sex as sad as it is they are still children,its to discourage pregnancys to those who do...parents and schools should discourage primiscuity and encourage what choices they have in life when they havent got kids in tow from an early age...dont just throw condoms at them give them a reason not to cause unwanted pregnancys..its a fact of life your always going to get them.......
  2. rocky

    Can't cook, won't cook

    here in Australia we have all kinds of brands of pizza including Dominos they practically give them away so cheap[by the way havent bought a pizza fast food in years]they are sooo fattening and are pushed especially during the week nights....
  3. baz have you ever been to australia ?its very multicultural....
  4. rocky

    Bereaved Parents memorial Service tonight

    I think its a nice thing to allow people to be able to remember loved ones especially at christmas,i couldnt think of life without my kids to go on would be virtually impossible...its part of the grieving process not a sick tradition,some people really amaze me in what they say...if it helps the grieving in any way,let them do it .pretty much i agree with gary...well said.
  5. its been hot here today in sunny oz 35 degrees with warm easterly winds..........had the air con on....i like it just so not too hot.......28-30 is nice.
  6. rocky

    Ozzies get the hump.

    havent heard about the eating camel,but i have eaten kangaroo its served in a lot of resteraunts......needs sauce over it i have to say........i think they are soooo cute...but i think cows are too how many eat them...after seeing sheep ferried in trucks to the docks bound for the middle east i feel sorry for them so dont do lamb too often.....
  7. rocky

    Hand washing?

    working in the nursing industry actually washed our hands and got tested immediatley after and found bacteria to still be on hands...so maybe it should be introduced during the toddler years..i will mention that anyone who attended stockton heath primary will remember we had to wash our hands religioulsy before our lunch and have them checked at three stages before entering the canteen.so maybe different parts of warrington would prove different results perhaps.im no sure on the scoucer issue....
  8. rocky

    Bred to death -

    being a dog lover and an owner of two pedigree dogs disagree in what your saying....when you have a pedigree dog you tend to have an idea of exactly what nature of dog your looking for......there are lovely mongrel dogs but you arent too sure of what your getting...but i agree certain dogs are bred knowing full well they are going to have breathing problems....my advice to anybody looking for a dog research the breed and get exactly what your looking for in a dog...and take good care of it...
  9. good photos i went to stockton heath primary from 1966-?1972 possibly the photos werent from that era...my uncle went there many years before me and he resembles somebody in the pics...id say they were from 1920/30/40 but definately not 60s...nice to see it all especially the village st.thomas,s where i attended sunday school and was christend..and the canal and walton hall spent half my youth playing around there..........
  10. rocky

    Irish white puddings

    are you sure?whys it white then?id think it was either plasma or sperm....do you really know what your eating there.......
  11. rocky

    UFO Great Sankey 10/05/2008 10:45pm

    you havent had one of steve from sankeys ciggies had you?they may lead you to believe you saw a UFO...........
  12. rocky

    Irish white puddings

    im familiar with black puddings,what is white pudding exactly?we had a debate about this at work and with some of the answers that people thought it was i doubt id be eating the stuff!!!!would it be plasma..or what god forbid!!!
  13. rocky

    Extreme weather?

    we had a tornado pass through our suburb last week luckily we werent on the path but quite a few homes were destroyed and without power..scary
  14. rocky

    Ken Johnson Stockton Heath

    yes I remember Ken the delivery man from grice street stockton heath..we would wait for a ride in his van to the next street..he was a nice fellow..my mother and I were having a chat about him she saw your request.did you live in gaskell street?
  15. rocky

    Warrington on German TV

    meant for charles bronson