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  1. Well of course there is going to be an issue or two. And this list of issues is of course going to be blown out of proportion by the angry residents in the area. Fair enough, I do have sympathy for them don't get me wrong. But to be fair exaggerated response aren't going to make the concert disappear, well of course its the 2 day camping event next year also ...
  2. I won't be attending myself. I shall read the minutes another time. I'm not sure there is alot to know from the meeting anyway. We know it ran smoothly and crime was down once again this year. Can't ask for much more really ...
  3. Thats right, sell up tomorrow and give half to the Tax man ...
  4. Infact grain prices have fallen ?70 a tonne. Now at ?120. Fertilizer has gone from ?156 a tonne to ?656 a tonne. So obviously not working out that well. And of course the cost of a ?80,000 Green machine at ?22.50 per hour to run doesn't help either. As for respect of your neighbours, if you don't look after yourself, nobody else is going to do it for you! So you can see the situation the 2 owners are in?
  5. There is nothing 'greedy' about it. The two Landowners have the perfect right to 'cash in' on their land. Has jealousy got anything to do with your views?
  6. Ah, that number work didn't work in my favour (I suppose private education doesn't make much difference afterall) - thats what we employ accountants for isn't it? As for the music, each to thier own. From the landowners point of view, its so easy - sit back, do nothing, cash the cheque and get some free VIP tickets! Whats not acceptable about that? If you were in the position what would you do?
  7. To be honest 141 people out of 39,999 isn't that bad, its something like 3%. I would think more arrests and cautions are made on Bridge Street over a weekend. Can i also make the point that Farming in this country is rock bottom, input costs are up 370% this year and output is down 30%, so diversification for the Landowners is a MUST, however if the landowners in question were to say no to diversification and increase the price of food then you would moan aswell - so there is no winning! Finally, I am educated, I attended the concert and found it very good!
  8. D3ere


    I'm glad to see your up to date with agricultural branding Pedro. But would still be kind enough to give some more details of the Creamfields meeting, much appricatied.
  9. D3ere


    I take it the people of Walton and Daresbury have experience in planning music concerts (with camping ...)! Hmmmm?!? And could you please spill the gossip on the meeting becoming Chaotic, it sounds rather interesting! Thanks!
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