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  1. When you go on vacation I assume you plan to drive .. here come the complaints about the price of gasoline!
  2. NAIROBI, Kenya ? World powers including the U.S., Russia and China are teaming up at sea to tackle the pirates plaguing Somalia's lawless coast, as a sharp increase in attacks has forced nations who may be rivals on land to make unlikely alliances. Analysts say the shift from competition to cooperation is also helping to safeguard naval budgets in countries like the United States and Britain that are fighting land-based wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. "It's remarkable you have in what is generally considered not to be the most strategically important corner of the Earth, you have the Chinese, the Russians, the Americans, the Indians, all working together against a common enemy," said piracy expert Roger Middleton from the London-based think tank Chatham House. "They've been trained to fight each other, not small enemies," he said. Pirates have launched increasingly bold attacks against vessels in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden in hopes of capturing a ship and crew and collecting millions of dollars in ransom. They currently hold nearly 250 hostages from around the world, including a British couple taken last month. Three ships have been seized in the last week alone. Lt. Nate Christensen of the Bahrain-based U.S. Fifth Fleet said 25 ships from 14 nations are now patrolling the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean.
  3. People who join an "all volunteer force" should be able to accept their being sent somewhere "socially unacceptable"!
  4. The "British interest" is for integrity .. having made a promise!
  5. I wonder whether she'll pick up any ghosts such as "haunt" QM1
  6. What would happen? They'd be taxed and someone would benefit!
  7. There was an accomodation barge for North Sea oil platform workers that was converted into a floating prison at Portland (HMP Weare). It was closed down because of a court case that ruled that it was cruel and inhuman treatment. There was also a passenger ferry at Harwich that was converted to house illegal immigrants but this was also deemed to be cruel and inhuman. Don't ask me why, I've been living aboard ships for the best part of the last 42 years and I haven't turned into a LibDem! Sounds like the objections we've been hearing about suspected terrorists being held at our prison base in Cuba! We've now sent some of them (at taxpayer expense) to live on what's a south-sea island!
  8. Individuals don't have as many big-ticket items as the government!
  9. Then we can only teach others our own versions of what's right or wrong!
  10. thanks Just googled it and there are student ones and citizen ones both cover his age Just need to find out if airlines accept them Cheers
  11. thanks Just googled it and there are student ones and citizen ones both cover his age Just need to find out if airlines accept them Cheers If all they demand is a state-sponsored photo id .. then this should work .. if it isn't a private school!
  12. Get a passport for the "under 16" .. it's a photo id!
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