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  1. Same old addage, If it works,change it.
  2. Jazz21

    Ackers Pit.

    Mr/Mrs Mallard waddle daily to a lady who feeds them and puts out water for them,on visiting her it is a joy to see them come waddling to her garden,even soak the bread in the water container,then have a good drink,hope they don't forget her efforts when the pit is all finished.
  3. Jazz21

    Ackers Pit.

    Will they put any seats there for the local people to enjoy ?
  4. Lots of Brides in this area with their husbands,all came to retire here and all served at Burtonwood,they have reunions also both here and in the states. Hope you find lots of people you knew.
  5. Having watched COPS on Tv ,they do not seem to have all these problems when going after their man,comps in their police cars,good back ups,my friends only have to ring 911 and the police are there in seconds,maybe a rethink is needed and get the men back on the beat and out of the cars for starters. I for one would feel more secure seeing their presence and why are the police stations locked in the day time? Heaven forbid I am being attacked and need to get in the police station,who's protecting who I ask myself.
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