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  1. DOH! I forgot to check this, how long has Cesc Fabregas been injured? I think it is a bit late to recover now.
  2. you cared enough to comment. now Rafa has got a new title come next season, "head of football operations." Now his last excuse is leaving come the end of the season, I guess next year will be a big year for him to prove himself.
  3. Bookies have suspended betting with the expectation he will not be there on Monday. I hope this is not the case as it will set us back years again. Thoughts?
  4. Matty


    Could you just not leave the Winter ones on all the time?
  5. I think it was a case of people not knowing they have very little rights as an agency worker. I have worked for an agency in the past, but I always knew that this week could be your last.
  6. Matty


    So he wasn't trying to draw Everton out of their own half?
  7. She recieved a 12 month driving ban.. not a lot is it.. Steve does the driving ban start after the jail sentence or at the same time?
  8. Matty

    Transfer Window

    and yet no mention of the blatant red card? how odd.
  9. maybe they feel global warming is a fad???
  10. Council Tax Revaluation Seems they are still trying to change how and how much we are all charged in the name of council tax. Basing it on the area you live and rate of crime etc. I'm confused, is that not reflected in the value of your house?
  11. I have faith in Benitez, each year our squad improves. At the minute I think he is trying to defect attention away from his players, but I think his method is flawed. But as at the beginning of the season, MU are favourites, but our odds have improved.
  12. IF you believe that, you'll believe anything. It's January, the time when Man. U get serious. Liverpool can now start to worry. Fergie has sown the seeds of doubt, and Rafa bit. This will filter down to the way the poo team play as it did against Stoke. Keep watching the table. The gap is shrinking,and still games in hand. We have been playing like that all season, just most of the time getting the result. We are still top until Saturday, assuming MU beat Wigan & Bolton. We don't need to worry. We were expected to finish 4th again this year, we are in with a shout at the minute. It will be interesting what selections he makes in the CL & FA cup.
  13. Tonight?, I think your a week ahead of yourself.
  14. I have been saying this for a while now, he needs to set his team up to go out and beat them rather than the "don't concede, nick a goal mentality. "
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