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  1. Looks like Russ has got in quick to borrow more so the council can buy two more office buildings....
  2. The "Little Chef" chain bought a lot of the transport cafe sites in the 60's and 70's. I used to go with my dad when he drove for Crosfields and we used to stop at one on the A34 on the Stafford to Stone section. There was also the one going to the M6 from Grappenhall which is now Crudens offices and Georges Cafe in Penketh.... Ironic that after taking so many of the sites, Little Chef too has since sold on many of the sites because of falling trade. Many have been turned into Indian restaurants (at least 12 that I know of and about half a dozen that are now "Adult Superstores" (or sex shops as they might be better described ) one of which is on the road to Hull after the end of the M62!!
  3. Bazj

    Spy games ?

    Makes for interesting viewing https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=s7Zto_1521439055
  4. My dad was the Chauffeur for Crosfields for many years and one job he always had to carry out was to take Ken home after he had done one of his shows at the old Crosfields theatre.
  5. A few more vehicles that were modified by our cash strapped public services
  6. The cowboys who currently lay the tarmac in Warrington can't even get that right, so what hope is there that they will be able to lay cobbles? a job that involves a lot more skill, patience and time (and therefore cost) than driving a machine and pressing a few buttons.... Grappenhall will be lucky to see them again if they are lifetd
  7. I would have loved to be in the Sweeney in the 70's...I've even got the right car for the job too
  8. 10 members on the board of Redwood Bank, and only one is female...and the same with the executive management team I wonder why the council didn't make them go 50/50 and follow the Labour party dogma
  9. I don't quite understand the reasoning behind the new rules as it hammers those people buying new cars, which you would have thought would be the one set of people the government would want to encourage. I have a diesel and the tax is going up, but I'd gladly pay the increase to keep me out of one of those battery operated skateboards that are OK for running to the shops....if you want to get one capable of travelling any distance and in any level of comfort, you pay a massive premium... On the upside, my old Granada is now tax free and saves me more than the proposed increase on the day to day car... bit of a bonus right there
  10. I pop up now and again just to see what's happening, but I did suffer a PC crash and lost my password to the forum.... sadly I managed to remember it and here I am!! Yes I do pop up on Warrington Memories now and then and am just trying to put together a few new images to outdo Algy (Takes some doing though I have to say!!)
  11. but did you know that after the referendum, the Brexit bus was repainted blue and used to ferry the Pakistan Cricket Team about during their tour?
  12. There are many reasons why out of town contractors can be cheaper than local ones, the primary thing being overheads. A company in London with offices with huge rents can be on the back foot from the start. Other national companies use preferred contractors to manage their whole estate of sites regardless of where they may be in the country
  13. Even Manchester had to "import" a scouser (well nearly) as their mayor.... how would that sit with Observers plans for "local jobs for local people" I wonder
  14. That theory has been around for a good few years now... and is a highly plausible scenario when you see how the guy jumped over the back of Kennedy's car when they realised what was happening....
  15. Check this out... there are a few people doing this now https://www.plasticroad.eu/en/
  16. If students are expected to pay back student loans after attending university on the assumption that they are going to be better off in the long term, why not do the same with organ recipients? If your only options were to die or take this dead blokes lungs but you have to pay a bit extra tax for the extra 20 years of life it's going to give you, who wouldn't? Bit of extra funding for the NHS right there...
  17. Bazj

    Amir Khan ?

    I got a Christmas card and a box of chocolates wrapped up from my neighbours next door who are Muslims... although he still calls me Brian for some reason
  18. They are available from ASDA too Davy
  19. So expensive, but poorly manufactured.... Togger1 raises a pertinent point too, one of the main, recognised causes of Plantar Fasciitis is wearing shoes that don't fit well or are worn out. I myself am currently suffering from this and recently went and had my running style measured and filmed at Decathlon (other sports stores are available) they "diagnosed" that my running style showed excessive over pronation and fitted me out with a pair of trainers specifically designed to counter this. they were less than fifty quid and now, even though I train a couple of times a week, things are slowly getting better. My old trainers, are now in the bin.... and they were £150 expensive too
  20. Just watched the video on FB showing the little lad handing in the petition at the Town Hall to the Mayor. Firstly the Mayor wouldn't come out to take the petition, secondly he didn't even thank the little lad and finally he went off on some strange rant at Warrington Worldwides own Gary Skentlebury... I have to say, "Les, you were totally out of order, made yourself look a complete arse and a disgrace to your office... apologise now or clear off and let someone with some manners do the job" Rant Over
  21. Typical, stupid waste of taxpayers money, probably dreamed up by some soft, tree-hugging liberal adviser who thinks he is doing the right thing . As if it makes any difference. Heard a GP on LBC the other day stating that she also felt it was a waste of money as patients are treated for their symptoms, not their sexuality
  22. because in Australia they have long, empty, open roads where having a 300ft long lorry doesn't cause any issues....
  23. Seriously? Why would you want to train in a pair of shoes that are obviously knackered? Doing so could be really damaging to your feet. Accept the inevitable and buy a new pair
  24. It's like the Millennium Bug saga all over again.... and look what happened there, despite all the doom and gloom predictions from the "experts"
  25. Many of the charities that Savile raised money for, openly said they did not want anything to do with the money in the fund... so either the lawyers or the government get it.... the two most money grabbing organisations in the country.... take your pick
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