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  1. Nutters -

    I always figured that gender neutral underwear would be just going commando
  2. Brexit's losers -

    because for the other three weeks of the month, they have to barrack each other and make snide comments
  3. Harvey

    The sun is out here in Warrington
  4. Driverless HGVs ?

    These were just the type of scenarios that always used to go wrong in episodes of Thunderbirds when I was a kid
  5. kathy

    Kathy. I found this one The accompanying text is as follows: "Warrington Infirmary nurses pose for the camera after receiving their qualifications in the 1950s Image courtesy of Warrington Museum, Library and Archive Services" There aren't any names on the photo, but as it belongs to the museum/library, maybe Janice Hayes could help at the museum Baz
  6. Warrington Pledge to Peace - Facebook Site

    Ahhhh OK then... lets do it your way and wait until Jong Un manages to lob a nuke onto Washington then shall we?
  7. Warrington Pledge to Peace - Facebook Site

    Not at all... you need to take out the entire ruling family and all the military hangers on too
  8. Warrington Pledge to Peace - Facebook Site

    a couple of these..... and a few of these too
  9. Warrington Pledge to Peace - Facebook Site

    So nothing should be done about NK then? just leave them to it until such a time as they DO launch a missile with a nuclear warhead that reaches New York? Kim Jong Un is backing himself into a corner from which the only escape to save face with his people is to launch a preemptive attack either on America or South Korea or Japan. This dictator needs sorting and sorting fast before he starts something that will escalate totally out of control
  10. Warrington Pledge to Peace - Facebook Site

    Indeed.... many of which various past governments have issued apologies for. Not something to be proud of, but that wasn't what I was referring to
  11. Warrington Pledge to Peace - Facebook Site

    I'm just wondering if these peace types ever remember the brutal and inhumane treatment given out by the Japs to their prisoners of war? The rape and murder of women such as nurses who were caught up when Japan invaded the British held areas of the Pacific. The thousands of British servicemen who died building the Burma Railways and those killed while being used for bayonet practice. We so often see all these peace campaigners "remembering" the victims of the nuclear bombs but very rarely do we see them considering the lives of the service personel and allied civilians who were victims of the Japanese war mongering
  12. There is no "bonus" about it Sid.... the intention was always to open up the areas for building
  13. Warrington Pledge to Peace - Facebook Site

    The bombs saved the lives of millions more innocents and servicemen... The Japs wouldn't have surrendered any other way. Fully justified
  14. Road humps ?

    Air suspension.... it's the future