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  1. It's definitely better where that have provided new lanes so you don't have to stop to turn left at the roundabouts (coming from birchwood centre towards warrington and going through the grange from birchwood). However I think the lights should be part time. In the off peak hours, the traffic moves freely on its own. The lack of give way lines suggests this isn't going to happen though.
  2. That's a fantastic link. I didn't know the public footpath through Crosfields existed. I'm going to try each of them. Slightly off topic, anyone remember the short cut that used to enable you to drive under the tracks at the side of Bank Quay station, through part of Crosfields and emerge just over the bridge on Liverpool Road? Cutting out the traffic lights.
  3. The US gets criticised if they get involved in other countries and also if the they leave. Why should it always be down to them. What about countries who tend to not get involved. Let them do their bit (Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal etc). They have benefitted in the past from the work done by others.
  4. Got a bit closer this week. Firstly I tried Quay Fold, the only access of which was at the side of the Coach and Horses. There was a sign saying private road which I ignored. It took me along the river and numerous workshops, and eventually the road was blocked by railings just behind the pink eye flour mill. So I turned back. Next I went down Slutchers Lane again, right just over the bridge, down to the arches and turned immediately left as I exited them, going up a slope towards the RSPCA. There is a path to the left of their gate that leads along the perimeter fence to a small car park with a skip in it. There is an overgrown grass path at the far end of this car park that leads to some steps down the river. Someone has put a picture of the transporter bridge at the top of these steps, so it looks like this is the correct way. As I was on my bike, I gave up and will return on foot sometime.
  5. Didn't even know Quay Fold existed. I've had a look on Google Street and it seems to fizzle out before it get near the transporter. I'll try it sometime. I remember that road leading into Monks Hall steel mill years ago. You used to see the workers wearing leather baggy pants going for a few pints at the Coach and Horses. As I said, there are brown signs on the opposite bank, near the police station and again on Slutchers Lane, so it seems like the official viewing area is on the north bank.
  6. I've been trying to get close up this structure. I noticed a sign for it on Wilson Patten St, which I followed into Slutchers Lane, turned right just after the top of the bridge down towards the old Aluminium factory. Through the arches beneath the railway lines and the signs stopped. I was faced by the Karting place and the old factory buildings filled with small businesses. I could see the Transporter Bridge, but couldn't get close to it, my way being blocked by buildings or fences. Anyone got a detailed route to it once you go through the railway line arches.
  7. Recently retired and with the winter days approaching I'm looking for alternatives to Wetherspoons, sleeping in the library and Homes under the hammer. I've always enjoyed court cases and was wondering if there are public galleries at the courts on Legh St. If so, do you simply just turn up and take a seat? Is there something every day Monday to Friday?
  8. I was told by an ex Parkside colliery employee that the shafts went out as far as 6 miles horizontally, which he reckoned was around the fire station on Winwick road. They also had pumps running 24/7 otherwise the shafts flooded. I remember a pill box type structure on the far side of the depression near the motorway. In the 70s the plates were missing from the top and we used to climb up and drop things down, they used to drop into the inky blackness and it took ages until you heard it reach the bottom. I actually had nightmares about it, but had to keep going back. I had a look a few months ago and the pill box is still there but the top is securely sealed. On a related issue, I was at a Warrington Wolves games recently and had a chat with one of the groundmen at half time. I had heard from an ex brewery worker that they used water drawn from an underground spring and this was utilised in the watering of the pitch. He confirmed that they indeed use it, but it is poor quality and unsuitable for drinking. He also said that it is drawn from a bore hole 60m deep and this taps into a vast underground lake that stretches as far as Southport. It seems like there are a lot of strange things going on beneath our feet.
  9. What's all this Chippie lark. True Warrington dialect is Chipper. You lot have been watching too much Corrie.
  10. Or perhaps reducing the population growth, just sayin.
  11. Should we really be surprised that it is so difficult to carry out the result of a democratic referendum when so many celebrities/politicians/ex-politicians/footballers/non-british millionaires/non-resident brits/junkie female singers/crisp salemen etc have been doing all they can in the last two years to make it fail.
  12. Tres drole PJ. Care to comment on the points in between? I thought that tariffs could just be aimed at certain countries. Remember Trump targeting Chinese goods recently.
  13. I'm just a grunt, but I would like to give my take on the tariffs imposed by a no deal Brexit or cliff edge/doomsday/Armageddon as called by some of the experts. Any tariffs imposed would, I would guess be reciprocated by the UK. Since EU imports to the UK are 3 times the value going the other way, would we not be on a winner there. Also I have heard typical rates of 5-10% quoted. Since the depreciation of the pound by nearly 20%, would the cost of our goods to the EU still be below what they were when the pound was very strong, E 1-35 / £. These x3 tariffs would be collected purely by the UK government whereas the ones going to the EU will be shared between 27 countries. Another winner. There is a lot of talk about goods being more expensive to us as a result of tariffs. How about if they were made here instead of a EU27 country. There would be no tariffs if that was the case, making their brand cheaper to us 66 million than the EU made competitors. Would it encourage foreign countries to set up here? As for the Irish border issue. What if the UK said that they do not intend checks on anything coming over the border into Northern Ireland, we trust them to carry on as they have been doing for the last couple of decades. However. if the EU27 insist on checking our vehicles going the other way, they are free to build customs posts but they will have to be on the republic side. Our friend Leo might not be too popular with some of his fellow fussy-eaters. I might be talking a load of rubbish, but what do any more knowledgeable posters reckon?
  14. I wouldn't worry about the increase in traffic, most of the occupants will have bikes for their daily trek up Manchester Road to the Grange.
  15. Just back from one of my walks through the fields to the Hatton Arms in the village of Hatton, On the left hand side of Goose Lane, just before it ends in the fields, there Is a house that is completely surrounded by trees. It is deserted and so overgrown that it looks like something from a horror film. There is even a car, again, surrounded by mature trees. It can't have moved for years. I can't understand why it is like this. Who owns it? Surely the land on which it stands must be worth a fortune. I would imagine the house must have to be gutted, even demolished. Any one know why?
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