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  1. Just back from one of my walks through the fields to the Hatton Arms in the village of Hatton, On the left hand side of Goose Lane, just before it ends in the fields, there Is a house that is completely surrounded by trees. It is deserted and so overgrown that it looks like something from a horror film. There is even a car, again, surrounded by mature trees. It can't have moved for years. I can't understand why it is like this. Who owns it? Surely the land on which it stands must be worth a fortune. I would imagine the house must have to be gutted, even demolished. Any one know why?
  2. T F and the Wire

    Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    I went into town on Sunday for a look around the Makers market. It looked great, lots of families browsing, buying and eating in the Queens gardens. There was also a ballet on at the Parr Hall. Nipped into Golden sq which was almost as busy as a Saturday. Didn't cost me a penny to park. You whingers need to try it sometime, you could do it when you are placing flowers on the site of the Manx Arms.
  3. T F and the Wire

    Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    On that basis, you could say that Manchester and Liverpool are rubbish because it's a long walk from one side of the city centre to the other. Even Widnes is spread out. A few weeks ago I took my Grandson to Widnes to get a few things and visit the cinema. We parked on the Morrisons car park, got what we wanted, then had to walk in the driving rain across a four lane road to Mc Donalds then through a bleak retail park to the cinema. I suppose we could have driven there navigating the same road with it's manic traffic lights and lane changes, which is similar to your comparison with the buses.
  4. T F and the Wire

    Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    I've never really understood this free parking argument, we have free parking in Warrington. Golden Square free after 4pm on Thursdays, free all day on Sundays and even when it is not free, the parking charges are very low, £1 an hour, £1.50 for 2 hours, £2.20 for 4 hours, and that is for an undercover car park direct to the shops out of the weather. If that is too much, go to the new attractive multi storey, free for 3 hours, it's no further from the shops than most of the surface car parks in Widnes. I go to Widnes regularly, just for a change of scenery. It's OK, but nowhere near the range of shops we have in Warrington, apart from M&S. I've been to Northwich today, free parking but the shopping centre is very strange. A brand new complex called Barons Quay that is 90% empty since it opened a couple of years ago. The older shopping centre and market is like a ghost town with boarded up shops. How come there is never criticism of real rip-off parking towns, like Bury, Chester, Wigan, Altrincham and our two large cities nearby.
  5. T F and the Wire

    Makers market

    Anyone been to one of the Makers Markets that pop up on the Queens Gardens monthly? I was thinking of going to the one this coming Sunday. I'm probably thinking more of getting a bite to eat. Are there decent and different food stalls there?
  6. T F and the Wire

    Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    I think the plans for apartments in the town centre will give it a massive boost. The new cinema will draw in people presently going to neighbouring towns. It's important that prices are kept reasonable though, I was in Bury recently which is very popular due to its market and they charge £5 for parking for just a couple of hours. The cinema in the Trafford centre charge £8-50 during the week for pensioners then have the cheek to charge a supplement of up to £2 if the film is a "blockbuster". There also needs to be a policy regarding out of town retail. Any retail unit of a small to medium size should only be allowed in the town centre, so that the out of town parks are reserved for large convenience retailers which would be impractical in a central location. Early Learning and Mothercare are examples. I can see there being a tug of war between the old fish market and the new Time Sq development. I don't see any problem with the parking in Warrington, there are plenty of on street spaces in the evening, Golden Sq is only £1 in the evening, and the new multi storey is free for 3 hours.
  7. T F and the Wire

    Brexit's losers -

    I've compared the Brexit situation to the Millennium bug too. I'm confident in 50 years time, that the history books will sum it up in a paragraph basically saying " in 2019 the UK altered the way it traded with the EU". Breaking news Heseltine says that most Brexiteers have now changed their minds. Can't say I've heard any in my circles.
  8. T F and the Wire


    many celebs are extremely negative of the situation, talking it down at every opportunity. O'Brien on LBC was extremely pessimistic today.
  9. T F and the Wire

    Brexit's losers -

    It seems that for one commodity, New Zealand lamb, the UK take 40% of what the EU have agreed to import. So in perspective, out of all the lamb imported into the EU's 28 countries, our small country use 40% of it all. It would be interesting to see the figures for Prosecco, Irish mushrooms, German cars, Polish blueberries etc. Someone is going to miss us when we leave.
  10. T F and the Wire

    Brexit - we are all doomed!!!

    I see yet another borough of Greater Manchester, Stockport, are moaning about green belt being used to create more housing. Stockport voted to remain in Brexit. They are for the freee movement of people. Where did they think the 300 000+ are going to live? They voted for it, so let them put up with it.
  11. T F and the Wire

    Marks and Spencer

    Hardly surprising when permission is granted to a M&S megastore 3 miles away and then a smaller version a mile away
  12. T F and the Wire

    Turkey -

    I saw that program too. I've only been to Turkey once, for a holiday. The weather and coastline was beautiful. Nice modern hotels, friendly people. The only negative for me was the constant mither from shop traders, you literally couldn't walk down the street without being accosted. What did surprise me in the hotels was during the evening entertainment, when the compare asked "where are you all from"? there were many from middle eastern countries such as Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Israel. I didn't even realise they could leave the first two countries.
  13. T F and the Wire

    Brexit - we are all doomed!!!

    I don't get how these days, trade deals have to include freedom of movement, they didn't seem to in the past. The main reason I voted Brexit was to get back control of our borders, not a racist reason, but down to sheer numbers in our small island. I suppose the fact that I am against anglos living in the sun (aussies) coming here freely supports this.
  14. T F and the Wire

    Brexit - we are all doomed!!!

    When I think of our relationship with Europe, two experiences of mine come to hand. The first is when myself and my family were on holiday in Alcudia. On the night of the world cup final in which Spain were playing, we went out to a restaurant for the evening. It was occupied by around 80% British the remainder being Irish, scandos and a single Spanish family of husband, wife and two kids. We brits were up and down buying drinks throughout the match, ordering food etc. The Spanish family, proudly sat there with their spain shirts on, bought a solitary bottle of beer for the husband which he made last the whole two hours, his wife and kids got nothing whatsoever. the other story concerns the factory where I work. They put out for quotes on a large conveyorisation system of auto cars, palletisers, conveyors etc. There were two companies in the running, a German and an American company. After the bidding it was agreed that the German company would carry out the installation. As an electrician, I was helping their engineers for a few weeks, and found them to be a great set of lads. They told me that this order had saved their company (it was 2009), they had no other orders and would have closed or massively reduced numbers if we hadn't have come along. As it happened, it kept them going through the difficult period and they are still going today. The moral is that Brits love to spend, even in difficult times, and that Europe needs us as much as we need them. On another note it's funny to read the change in opinion of the Aussies. Just after the Brexit vote they were coming out with their usual anti-English, chip on each shoulder bile, "we'll deal with Europe before the Poms" etc. Now they seem to have changed their tune, perhaps they are not looking forward to selling their wine to the French, Spanish, Italians and the wine connaseurs of eastern Europe.
  15. T F and the Wire


    I can currently get to London from Warrington Bank Quay in 1 hour 50 minutes, that's fast enough for me. If I wanted to get there using HS2. I would have to drive to some massive car park in Lowton or whatever, leave my car there and I can't see the extra cost of a ticket being worth the extra 30 minutes in the capital.