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  1. And Grix, Ben Evans, Atkins, Laithwaite................................. We were just far too lightweight especially in the pack and couldn't control there go forward...... I thought Sandow showed some good touches and his kicking was better then we've been used to. Hopefully he'll only get better as he overcomes jet lag and gets to know the boys better.....
  2. Very positive interview and he comes across really well. Club looks to be in good hands!!
  3. We weren't good enough today - lacked creativity and some grunt. Beaten by the better side who showed more enthusiasm than us.
  4. Can't see Saints beating Leeds, but would like them to as it'd be great to beat them in a big final!!!
  5. You tease........................................
  6. Thanks Gary - can you keep us posted???
  7. I'm assuming his Visa went through OK and he'll be available for selection for the start of the Super 8s. Do we also know whether he's arrived over here and started to train with the boys???
  8. Ditto although he can't be any less creative than our existing halves have been the last 2 yrs!!
  9. http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2015/07/23/wolves-confirm-sandow-signing/ This has got to be good news - we've been crying out for a creative half back since Briers retired anbd we finally have one, although he does appear, by all accounts, to be a bit of a maverick. Let's hope his Visa is sorted for the Super 8s and TS can manage him and get the best out of him.
  10. Hope it's a case of new brand new level of performance. The boys did really well last night, nothing spectacular but very solid and great in defence. Hope it's a sign of things to come...............
  11. I would be delighted if this was true Gary - but as with all these things, I won't believe it until I see it confirmed "officially" by either you or the club!! There is now also some "chatter" about Chris Sandow coming!!! There is always loads of gossip about who we have signed and most of it ends up being rubbish..................
  12. Agreed - but it would be good to hear his views on the season so far and what happened at the "clear the air talks" after the Hull KR game and how the marquee signing is coming along (have we got someone or still looking) etc etc....
  13. Come on Gary - get an interview sorted with TS and ask him the difficult questions..........................
  14. Can't see us making the top 8 the way we're playing and every likelihood we'll come a cropper against Leigh!!
  15. Great news - he's signed up until November 2019 on improved terms. Very well deserved!!
  16. I'd have banned him for more games TBH - I think he got off lightly.................
  17. If found gulity he deserves to get the book thrown at him - disgusting behaviour!!
  18. Looks like TS has read my post because in the Guardian he says Declan will get his chance at half back this weekend
  19. What I can't understand is why, when we had Briers & Hodgson, when we attacked the opposition line we always had plenty of options with runners & dummy runners all designed to confuse the defenders. Now, under the current set-up, we don't seem to have any dummy runners, are very one dimensional and when Ratchford comes into the line, he tends to get caught "man & ball". Something is seriously wrong in our attack and this is reflected in us scoring less points than any other team, including bottom club Wakey. When we do try to be bold and inventive, we do it in the wrong end of the pitch like yesterday trying to play champagne rugby deep in our own half resulting in England trying an impossible off-load to Bridge - knock on and a few plays later they are under our sticks to go into the break level with us. And don't even get me started on our woeful kicking game........................
  20. And they'll be plenty more to come unless we learn to keep hold of the ball, be patient, build pressure and not panic and make suicidal passes to try and force something to happen. Oh, I've also forgotten that it would be useful to have a half decent kicking game......................................
  21. That damned thing called work sometimes interferes with my social scene :twisted:
  22. Well he sounds very impressive and can certainly "talk the talk". Let's hope he can also "walk the walk"
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