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  1. Let's hope he finally reaches his full potential with us as he hasn't done so with Hull. He's a ball playing loose forward and we've missed that this year with Grix being injured. Allows Harrison and Westwood to move up to props and maybe if we move Currie into the centre and Atkins into the 2nd row we'd have the following potential team next year 1. Johnson; 2. Lineham, 3. Ratchford, 4. Currie, 5. Russell; 6. Gidley, 7. Sandow; 8. Hill, 9 Clark, 10 Sims, 11. Hughes, 12 Atkins, 13. Westerman. Subs: 14. Dwyer, 15. Dodds, 16. Westwood 17. Laithwaite
  2. Joe Westerman although that doesn't exactly tie in with your clues...
  3. Still none the wiser! Just tell us what you've heard (please)
  4. With England being released we're really looking light in the forwards next season so I'm assuming we have a couple of replacements coming in the bolster the ranks. Anyone (Gary!) heard any whispers????
  5. He always seems to talk eloquently and with passion.
  6. Good iterviews Gary, and like a certain Mr Smith, I also expect you to keep your promise about more interviews next season :rolleyes:
  7. Salford I'd expect, although Widnes a possibility. He's been a great player for us with a fantastic strike rate, but past his best and the right time to let him go, although got to be honest didn't expect him to make the try line on saturday after his interception...........
  8. If only that were the case............... Any idea when we may have any "official announcements" on this?
  9. We needed to to have a clear out to be honest - just hope we get some decent replacements
  10. I assume you know this for a fact and have the inside track, but as always, are sworn to secrecy??
  11. Not surprised with this news O'brien just isn't good enough and Monas one season past his best already. Hope this paves the way for others to come in!
  12. Wirewire


    Hope so - they play good attractive rugby and let's be honest - ABA (anyone but Agar)! Come on Gary - let us in on the secret
  13. I think you're both right. It was a publicity stunt, tongue in cheek, that did fall totally flat by our abject performance on the night. Shaun Wane has never struck me as an intellectual and I'm sure he used it as a motivational tool to get Wigan up for the match, and we shouldn't really be gifting them that ammunition!!
  14. Maybe they've just lost heart having to play the way Agar wants them to week in week out and it's clearly not working..................
  15. I think the "Agar experiment" has been disappointing to say the least. I undertsand he "coaches" the team rather than Smith (as did Poaching) and although we bemoan our half backs for lack of creativity, what is blindingly obvious is that the players around the half backs just don't seem to be running the correct lines to give the half backs the options they require to confuse defences. When we had Briers, Monas, Hodgson and were attacking, even the fans never knew who was going to get the ball because there were so many options for Briers to chose from - whatever happened to our attacking prowess?? Hopefully, with Briers back in the 1st team coaching setup next season, we'll see a return to this free flowing rugby that we all love to see! And it would be good if Agar moved on, but not sure what the state of his contract is............................
  16. Watch this space then.................................
  17. Have faith Gary..............................
  18. Is that it now Gary or are you aware of any others - maybe a marquee???
  19. Is this the one you were referring to above, or another one?? Look forward to the announcement!!
  20. So you're not referring to Eastmond as "other boards" are????
  21. Is the delay over now the union world cup squad has been cut????????
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