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  1. Fantastic start to the season last night.


    It was great sitting amongst the Leeds faithful and seeing how muted they were most of the night.


    We did it tough (again) by giving away penalties and dropping the ball far too much, but the difference to last year was that our defense was tough and resilient.


    Delighted for Sandow after the stick he received from the Leeds crowds last year - sublime moments of skill to make the difference.


    Bodes well for the rest of the year as long as we can maintain that level of intensity............

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  2. He'll certainly add strength and agression to the pack but he does divide opinion so if we do get him will judge him on how he does for us.


    With harrison out for most of the season we certainly needed to add another front rower and I guess to a certain extent beggars can't be choosers!!

  3. Let's hope he finally reaches his full potential with us as he hasn't done so with Hull.

    He's a ball playing loose forward and we've missed that this year with Grix being injured.

    Allows Harrison and Westwood to move up to props and maybe if we move Currie into the centre and Atkins into the 2nd row we'd have the following potential team next year

    1. Johnson; 2. Lineham, 3. Ratchford, 4. Currie, 5. Russell; 6. Gidley, 7. Sandow; 8. Hill, 9 Clark, 10 Sims, 11. Hughes, 12 Atkins, 13. Westerman. Subs: 14. Dwyer, 15. Dodds, 16. Westwood 17. Laithwaite

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