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  1. To be honest I don't know anything about the people who we're rumoured to be talking to as I just don't follow the NRL. so don't know whether this would be a good signing or not??? Do you have any insight beyond what we can read on-line?
  2. Yes a very good and heartfelt interview Gary. I'll always be grateful for what he has done for our club and I'll never forget our cup victories and the champagne rugby we played in 2011. He's right though - the timing of hid departure is right for both sides and I wish him well in the future. Maybe when he gets his mojo back he'll go to HQ and really shake them up for the good of the game!
  3. I shall be eternally grateful for what Tony has done for our club and will always have fond memories of him. His time is over now and although Maguire didn't encourage an expansive style of play whist at Wigan i would have swapped their trophy cabinet for ours during his tenure so would be very happy to have him as our new coach! I'm sure if anyone in the press is in the know Gary it is you so we await your insight!
  4. Well Tony has fallen on his sword after a very disappointing season. I think he's right to go and has been fantastic for us but the timing is right to bring someone else in who can reinvigorate the players. It'll be an interesting off season that's for sure and let's hope the new guy comes in quickly and can sort out any recruitment we need before the better players get snapped up.
  5. A great confidence boosting win Davy that should bode well for the middle 8s, assuming Hudds beat Leigh this weekend which I fully expect them to. If we can continue playing with that desire we should have no fears for the rest of the season. And wasn't it great to see Ben Currie back playing again and even better that he scored the winning try.
  6. We've been heading there all season tbh Gary. Our performances just haven't been good enough in any dept and I can't think of one player who'll be happy with the way they've performed this year. Let's hope we can get some form together running into the middle eights!
  7. Great win and best performance of the season. Thought Dec was very good with great kicks out of hand to build pressure which is what we've lacked this season. He did more on this match than Brown has done all season!
  8. Very poor 1st half but far more desire in the 2nd half and at long last showed pride in the shirt. In the end we should have won and was disappointed that we didn't win when Gidley missed the last minute drop goal. Ratchford was in the better position for the kick and with a little more composure we'd have won. Hopefully our season has just started!
  9. And your efforts are greatly appreciated Gary!
  10. Thank you! I do enjoy the interviews you do with the players and coach - long may they continue.......
  11. I did see it a couple of days ago along with the Chris Hill interview as well thanks. Had a busy few days at the office so not got round to passing comments. Clearly they are hurting (aren't we all??) and need to put it right. Just hope it starst this weekend against Hull.
  12. Exactly...... Self inflicted wounds are really killing us at the moment including coughing up possession really cheaply, giving away silly penalties and even dissent!!! Keep things simple is bang on. Also, a good kicking game designed to build pressure would be good as I think our kicking game this season has been woeful!
  13. I think Dec has been poor with the ball, but he's not alone..... I think Russell & Evans have also been poor and I'd like to see Jack Johnson given a run in in the team as he looks a great prospect, as does Livett. I'd like them both to be playing. I think Gidley's lack of pace was exposed at full back and I'd like to see him back in the halves with Brown against Leigh. If Ratch isn't fit for this week, I'd put Livett at centre in place of Evans and put Evans on the wing and drop Russell altogether with Johnson at full back. Russell is an enigma - he isn't a winger and he looks fragile under the high ball, so his only asset if scooting away from dummy half, but he needs more than that to keep his place in the team.
  14. This was one of the worst perfomances I can remember seeing. Defence was very poor and we didn't even make Wigan work very hard for their comfortable victory. The players just didn't seem able to communicate with each other and there was no cohesion in attack whatsoever. Very very poor.....
  15. We desperately need to beat the Pies tonight to kick start our season.....
  16. Just heard the Sims & Atkins interviews
  17. Great thanks Gary - always a pleasure never a chore!!! LOoking forward to the other interviews....
  18. Not for me tbh. A bit old and I'd like to see Dec given a good run but appreciate we won't have him or Ratchford at the beginning of the season.
  19. It pains me to say this but yes Wigan deserved their narrow victory. Overall, 3 trophies on offer, we won one and got narrowly beaten in the finals of the others so a good season. Onwards and upwards........
  20. Agreed. Patton and Gids in the half's. Only change for me would be bailey if fit. Sandow looked overweight in the pictures celebrating the win at Hull.
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