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  1. He certainly seems to be enjoying his stint as Head Coach. Interestingly, he mentioned right at the start that the players were relaxed and happy and playing with a smile on their faces. Does that mean that they weren't during PC's reign and if not did he not have the support of the dressing room? Maybe this was why the players weren't playing for him and the results were so dire?

  2. Interesting interview Gary - according to Moz, Cullen was either asked to resign or sacked, which is different to what has been stated previously.


    Alot of rumours flying around in the press saying we've been turned down by Daniel Anderson and have now switched our attentions to either Tony Smith or Brian McDermott! Of the tow, I'd much rather take Smith, although I'd be surprized if he'd be interested..............

  3. Bobby Fulton would be amazing. I remember watching him when he played at Wilderspool.


    I hadn't considered him because of his age, thinking he might not like moving to the other side of the world.


    I'd like to see Wayne Bennett as the replacement coach.



    Wayne Bennett would be the dream ticket - however in March he signed a three-year contract to coach the St George Illawarra Dragons from season 2009.


    I think the best option, and a very good one, would be Steve Folkes who has thrown his hat into the ring.

  4. As I've previously stated, he did a good job for us to get us to where we are now,


    Eh and that would be nowhere :?:?:roll:


    Relegation candidates.


    Since he's joined, that fear has now gone and he's got us to a "solid" middle table team and managed to attarct some decent players to the club (admittedly they have underperformed since arriving) but he leaves us in a healthy position with the squad any new coach will inherit.

  5. He made you work hard in that interview didn't he?

    What on earth gives you that impression! :roll::wink:



    He didn't seem a natural orator, so wasn't very expansive with his answers like others you've interviewed. You just seemed to have to work harder than normal to keep the interview flowing.....

  6. I don't think anyones laughing at him and most people respect what he's done so far. This is not the question though - it's whether he has the ability to take us forward and be genuine contenders for trophies. From his track record so far, I for one think he can't, and so it gives me no pleasure in saying so but enough is enough - he needs to fall on his sword.


    I appreciate that any other coach coming in won't have Paul's passion for the club, but that hasn't stopped teams like Leeds & St Helen's dominating - at the end of the day it's a job and we as a club always try and get the best players available, so why not try and get the best coach?

  7. Good interview Gary with some "tough questions", but PC's answers are always the same about lack of discipline, silly penalties, not holding onto the ball etc.


    He states that the buck stops with him, and for whatever reason he can't seem to stem the tide. I'm sure both he and the team and working very hard to rectify these mistakes but their efforts clearly aren't working. Much as I admire him as a person and his passion and comittment to the club, I am one of those people you referred to in your interview that feel he's done a good job to get us to where we are, but we need new ideas and a fresh approach to take us to the next level.


    Let's hope he can show total comittment to the club by standing down and letting someone else take over the "hot seat".

  8. That's the trouble with great comebacks, they tend to take the mind off the abysmal performances that made them necessary.


    Using Gary's logic, they didn't want to play for Cull in the first half.


    No as Lee Briers admitted they didn't follow the coaches game plan - they did in the second half and won the game from a near impossible position!

    Doesn't matter how good you are as a coach if the players don't perform.



    True on both counts - the question is why aren't our international players capable of following a game plan from the start, and if they're not following the plan why do we have to wait for half time to correct it - surely a message should have gone out via a water carrier to the captain spelling out the errors of their ways!


    That being said, it was a fantastic fightback and should leave us in a good frame of mind for the cup game.

  9. A must win game this weekend.


    If we can't play good attacking (offensive for Safes!) rugby on the large open pitch with the roof shut and the pitch being near perfect, then something is definatley wrong somewhere!


    I'd expect us to post 40+ points against the Giants, who have been struggling of late.

  10. I thought it was a good interview and you asked some good questions - Paul has always been a "good talker" but now I'd like to see him "walk the walk".


    I think we need to beat Huddersfield convincingly, and then go on to beat both Sts and Wigan to get our season back on track - anything less will be deemed "underachieving"!

  11. I don't think anyone can doubt Paul's passion and committment to the club - it's 2nd to none in Super League. What I'm starting to question is whether he's the right person to move us forward to brighter and bigger things.


    He certainly has something, because he can attract top class players to the club, but then doesn't seem to be able to bring the best out of the talent we have available. I think this season he HAS to deliver something, otherwise I think he ought to step down and let someone else have a crack - let's be honest, if Catalans can attract 20 applicants for their job including Aussies, we'd hope to be able to attract more and also better applicants!

  12. It was an excellent game and a great overall performance. King looked alot better and Penny's finishing was sublime - hopefully they will take confidence from this performance and take it forward for the rest of the season.


    That being said, this was a game that we should have won - we had the better chances, carved out the better tries, and for a couple of errors or stupid penalities would have won by a decent margin. Their interception try just before half time was unfortunate and could have easily resulted in a try under the sticks for us, which would have put a totally different complexion on the half-time score.


    In the second half, Clarke's stupid penalty on the 5th tackle resulted in a try for them, Riley should have scored - all he had to do was catch the ball and King's forward pass for Penny's 4th all should have seen us home quite comfortably!


    All in all, a great night's entertainment but once again we were our own worst enemy - when are we going to stop giving away silly penalties (Briers & Clarke) and start taking the chances our fine play creates to put teams away when they are there for the taking - that would be my question to PC.

  13. Another interesting interview Gary, although I think you should have worn the gear as per your aviator!


    Having met Paul, there is no doubt that he's very passionate about the club, very hard working and an all round decent guy, but as a team we're not playing well and appear to be making the same mistakes week in week out. It frustrates me, and I'm sure lots of other fans, that we don't show improvement in basic areas of rugby league such as ball retention and the like.


    I know you like and respect Paul and have a good relationship with him, but I think both he and the team need to start delivering the goods on a regular basis and move us up the table where, on paper at least, we ought to be!

  14. Alot has been said about our performance on Friday night on other boards, but I for one felt quietly encouraged by our performance under difficult circumstances.


    In the 1st half we played very well and squandered a couple of good opportunities to score tries (King & L Anderson messing up). We had a very weak bench which meant players tired towards the end of the game and I think Reardon going off injuried just after half time turned the game for me. Riley may be keen and enthusiastic, but he's just not shown Super League ability in my book - he was at fault for Donald's 2nd try when he was on the wing, and when he moved to full back had 2 bombs to deal with and fluffed each one!


    Morley & Rau played well again, and even though Morley was "creamed" by a massive hit from Bailey, he managed to retain the ball and simply got up and played on. His last gasp tackle of Tansey was nothing short of superb (probably the best cover tackle I've ever seen a prop make and you could see the real determination on his face to catch him), but unfortunately Tansey passed (in my opinion after the tackle was completed) to Burrows, who somehow forced his way over.


    Monnas played better, but I still think he struggles to move the team around the park without Briers. At times I think he was just trying too hard.


    Overall, a far better performance than the last couple of weeks, and hopefully a decent win against Leigh will restore some confidence and then bring on Saints!

  15. Originally posted by safeway56:

    Gary...I just checked out RL Fans(I don't post on there because it's full of know nowt kids) and I strongly disagree with somebody who called you a *nodding interviewer* It was an excellent interview and you certainly asked the pertinent questions most of us would have asked. What they don't seem to appreciate if you appear to step over the mark into what could be considered abuse you wouldn't be offered any more interviews.

    I agree with this 100% - well done Gary and keep up the good work! I used to post on the other boards but can't be bothered anymore!


    [ 10.04.2008, 13:04: Message edited by: Wirewire ]

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