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  1. 16 hours ago, Gary said:

    One of my frustrations of the modern game with this obsession of expansion outside the traditional areas which never generate huge support and cause travel problems and added expense.

    We have a hot bed of rugby league in Cumbria and yet no real effort to get a Cumbrian Super League outfit.

    A Cumbrian franchise would attract a huge following and help fill stadiums - as well as providing a realistic afternoon out for visiting supporters.

    Loved a trip to the Lake District and a couple of pints in a local pub pre-match. 

    Good post Gary

  2. If you'd have asked us all before the season started whether we'd have been happy with finishing in the top four at the end of the regular season (before the splits) and be in the CC Semi Final, I'm sure we'd have all taken that every day of the week.

    Therefore very well done lads - great season thus far and let's hope we can continue into the business end of the season with renewed confidence and hopefully bring home some silverware.

  3. I think Smith was very much about "play what you see" which is all well and good when you had players such as Briers, Monas and Hodgson in the team to create space, but when they disappeared we had no one to replace them.  It suited Sandow's play when he came and he was top drawer for us until his demise.

    Under Price things are far more structured and I think that suits the players we have and the results are there for all to see.


    LOng may it continue.......

  4. Ha ha yes you're right and I think Castleford were desperate for the game to go ahead as they are already behind in the fixture list.  I saw Josh's swan dive in the big puddle at the end of the match - just brilliant!

    I can't remember the last time we won both Easter fixtures, although I'm sure Gary will remind me if we have done so......

    The team are slowly coming together and look strong - onwards and upwards!

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  5. With the confirmed signing of Bryson Goodwin and strong rumours linking us to Tyrone Roberts and Ben Murdoch-Masila who made last years "Dream Team", and that Price is about to be confirmed as our new coach - has the revolution finally began??

    Gary - you're normally in the know on these things - any insights??

    Anyone elso on our radar??

  6. On 09/19/2017 at 10:33 PM, Gary said:

    Not a totally happy ship and the new guy is going to have to hit the floor running. Expecting appointment before the weeks out. I have heard the guy they really wanted didn't want to come!

    Apparently NRL news feed reporting our decision is between Maguire and Pay. Board meeting tomorrow afternoon...

    Have you heard anything similar Gary or have any other "more accurate" information?

  7. Yes a very good and heartfelt interview Gary.

    I'll always be grateful for what he has done for our club and I'll never forget our cup victories and the champagne rugby we played in 2011.

    He's right though - the timing of hid departure is right for both sides and I wish him well in the future.

    Maybe when he gets his mojo back he'll go to HQ and really shake them up for the good of the game!

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