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  1. What a brilliant day. As I said above we went with zero expectation and that's what made this victory so much sweeter.

    Daryl was out of this world and thoroughly deserved his Lance Todd Trophy and the team as a whole played very well and had more desire than Saints.

    Goodwin's last ditch tackle epitomised this desire and that was the difference between the sides.

    Well done the team and coaching staff.

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  2. Yes we looked a far more balanced side with Ratchford back.

    A good workmanlike performance doing all the little things right and three scoreline took care of itself.

    A great atmosphere in the ground with both sets of supporters being loud but like the team performance,  the barmy army were slightly louder!

    Wembley here we come!!

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  3. Yes I feared the worst after the opening 10 to 15 minutes but we slowly played our way into the contest and took control and never looked like losing.

    I thought Daryl Clark was man on the match and agreed that the referee made some very strange decisions....

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  4. I'm only quoting what SP said after the match when he commented that " We came here last year and had a good win with similar preparation."

    That's the sum total of my knowledge on this I'm afraid.......

  5. 23 hours ago, Latchford Locks said:

    How we respond on Thursday will give us a good idea of where we're at. We have just played our poorest for a long time and nearly won away at Catalans outscoring them on the try front. Id hope we cannot play that badly again this season. Atkins could do with being dropped and a couple of others shouldn't feel safe....including Jack Hughes.He seems to think his spot is untouchable

    We were very poor and yet almost won, so that shows in some respects how far we've come as a club.  Lineham had a shocker and bombed certail tries by just not being able to catch a rugby ball.  Very few positives to take from the game - let's hope we get the right reaction when we play Castleford.....

  6. 23 hours ago, Latchford Locks said:

    Also travelling there and back in one day is NOT a good way to prepare and play in a harsh contact sport like ours.

    Apparently it's what we did last season and we all know how that game ended.........

  7. Really looking forward to Saturday and the start of the season.

    We've recruited well, and although devastated for Kevin Brown, this is hopefully Dec's time to show us what he can do.

    Feeling confident that the boys can bring us some silverware this year....

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  8. If someone had offered us a top four finish and a place in both major finals before the season had even started, we'd have all grabbed at it with both hands.

    Yes, disappointing to lose both finals, but I for one think we've had a great season and thank all the coaches, players and staff for an enjoyable season.

    Onwards and upwards and already bought my season ticket for next season.

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  9. 16 hours ago, Gary said:

    One of my frustrations of the modern game with this obsession of expansion outside the traditional areas which never generate huge support and cause travel problems and added expense.

    We have a hot bed of rugby league in Cumbria and yet no real effort to get a Cumbrian Super League outfit.

    A Cumbrian franchise would attract a huge following and help fill stadiums - as well as providing a realistic afternoon out for visiting supporters.

    Loved a trip to the Lake District and a couple of pints in a local pub pre-match. 

    Good post Gary

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