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  1. 10 hours ago, asperity said:

    Just had a discussion with a Saints fan on another forum. Wire won because Saints have never, in their history, played as badly. Wire were as rubbish as ever, and the town of Warrington is a weird dump etc etc etc 😂. Classy losers are the Saints.

    I’m surprised at your naivety Asperity.  Didn’t you know that Saints have the God given right to win every single game of rugby they play and they only lose because they were cheated (as per Wembley last season) or some other unfathomable reason.  The opposition can never outplay or outthink them – that would just be beyond their imagination 😊😊😊


    As you say – classy losers…….

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  2. Yes I thought it was a very promising performance full of grit and determination.

    I think we'd have won if Coops hadn't have gone to the bin.

    Big pat on the back for the conditioning team as I thought we looked fit, fast and sharp throughout.

    Full of optimism for the reat of the season if that performance is going to be used as a yardstick....

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  3. I've had a note from the club asking me for my views on why I didn't attend and I've completed the questionaire, so give them their due, they are at least trying to find out why the attendance was so low and what they can do about it in the future.

  4. Very disappointing end to the season, but let's keep things in perspective.

    If someone had offered us at the start of the season that we'd handsomely beat St Helens to lift the Challenge Cup at Wemble but fall out fo the play-offs at the first hurdle, I'd have certainly taken that and I think the majority of other clubs fans would ahve done so also.

    Onwards and upwards and I'll be renewing my season ticket as soon as they come on sale!

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  5. Can't understand why we don't just follow the rugby union format - so much simpler.

    1st -ve- 4th

    2nd -ve- 3rd

    Winners meet in the final.

    As said above - this is all about money rather than for the fans or fairness....

    I also won't be going on Thursday - I'll go to the pub and watch it on Sky...

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  6. I was there and felt we did our best and showed great character under the circumstances.

    We looked jaded and tired and disjointed in attack, but strong in defense apart from some errors gifting Salford some tries.

    The RFL need to look at player welfare and take it seriously.

  7. What a brilliant day. As I said above we went with zero expectation and that's what made this victory so much sweeter.

    Daryl was out of this world and thoroughly deserved his Lance Todd Trophy and the team as a whole played very well and had more desire than Saints.

    Goodwin's last ditch tackle epitomised this desire and that was the difference between the sides.

    Well done the team and coaching staff.

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  8. Yes we looked a far more balanced side with Ratchford back.

    A good workmanlike performance doing all the little things right and three scoreline took care of itself.

    A great atmosphere in the ground with both sets of supporters being loud but like the team performance,  the barmy army were slightly louder!

    Wembley here we come!!

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