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  1. Wirewire

    Hull FC away

    Very impressive indeed.
  2. Wirewire

    Last Night

    I'm only quoting what SP said after the match when he commented that " We came here last year and had a good win with similar preparation." That's the sum total of my knowledge on this I'm afraid.......
  3. Wirewire

    Last Night

    We were very poor and yet almost won, so that shows in some respects how far we've come as a club. Lineham had a shocker and bombed certail tries by just not being able to catch a rugby ball. Very few positives to take from the game - let's hope we get the right reaction when we play Castleford.....
  4. Wirewire

    Last Night

    Apparently it's what we did last season and we all know how that game ended.........
  5. Wirewire

    Leeds Rhinos

    Yes it was a promising start to the season and I thought Austin looked as though he wanted to be playing for us which was very refreshing.
  6. Wirewire


    Really looking forward to Saturday and the start of the season. We've recruited well, and although devastated for Kevin Brown, this is hopefully Dec's time to show us what he can do. Feeling confident that the boys can bring us some silverware this year....
  7. Wirewire

    Grand Final

    If someone had offered us a top four finish and a place in both major finals before the season had even started, we'd have all grabbed at it with both hands. Yes, disappointing to lose both finals, but I for one think we've had a great season and thank all the coaches, players and staff for an enjoyable season. Onwards and upwards and already bought my season ticket for next season.
  8. Wirewire

    Semi-Final v St Helens

    Wigan were my preferred option. Be nice to beat them in the final after losing two finals to them already. Can't wait!
  9. Wirewire

    Semi-Final v St Helens

    Yes I love to see the coaching team really investing in the emotions of the game as well. Shows they care as much as the players and fans.
  10. Wirewire

    Semi-Final v St Helens

    Absolutely brilliant. Lineham - two fantastic finishes and great all round performance from the boys. Two finals in Steve's first year in charge - what a great coaching team!
  11. Wirewire

    Wire v Hull

    Great reaction from the players although Hull were very poor. You can only play what's infront of you though! Just hope we can get some our our injury niggles cleared up for next week.
  12. Wirewire

    Catalan Dragons at home

    Good post Gary
  13. Wirewire

    Challenge Cup semi finals

    It was the most perfect day wasn't it?? And yes, the ground was great and what a fantastic concept to hold both games back to back! Shame Super Benny missed that last kick of the match......
  14. Wirewire

    Top Four - End of Regular Season

    Need to work on setting up a drop goal opportunity and the hooker having 2 options (Roberts and Ratchford) so that the charging defence is split as to who they close down - this way hopefully we'll nail one when we really need to nail one.... Overall, still really pleased with the season thus far.....
  15. Wirewire

    Top Four - End of Regular Season

    Why not????