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  1. Yes Stephen we were, the Lib Dem councillors on the parish council and Borough Councillor Celia Jordan made great play of the fatures and benches you mention, but have we seen any. Oh well another broken promise. It doesn't bode well for next week does it Can't even save local heritage, what chance does Jo Crotty have of keeping promises at a national level and making Warrington South a better place. At the very least it would not have been difficult to save the plaque, perhaps they did, Is it built into the new one somewhere and I just haven't seen it? I don't really look at the school, I can't stand the sight of it.
  2. Sorry Gary, but the old forum was faster for me, I have to agree with Bill. I also liked the look and feel of the old one.. Not rying to be negative, just saying it as I find it. hope things get better.
  3. Go Baz Go! Man after my own heart old chap
  4. Takes one to know one Chrissy.
  5. We are not having a go at my favourite little princess are we? Makes you wonder what we fought for Hurrrumph! :onfire:
  6. an irish band that consists of basically a flute, tin whistle,accordian a fiddle and a bodhran. although electric guitar and drums may also be part of it. Thanks Sid Unfortunately I have probably spelled it the Irish way, but this is a band that will play Scottish music, no tin whistle, but most of the other things. Still it is entertaining and is great fun, as is the real ale. Even better, to make the night go with a swing, we are auctioning some prizes, Namely, 'A narrow boat for the day' courtesy of thorn marine, and also a 'morning clay pigeon shooting'. Last year was a great night, and we are heading for another. Oh, by the way Dismayed, it is pronounced Kay-Lee, or is it Kayleigh? :onfire: [ 14.01.2008, 20:31: Message edited by: Great White ]
  7. It is all part of a greater plot so that no one is actaully accountable for anything, and if they are you can't find out who it is. :crazy: [ 09.01.2008, 22:10: Message edited by: Great White ]
  8. [ 09.01.2008, 22:03: Message edited by: Great White ]
  9. :bluegrab: grab your ticket now! :bluegrab: A great family night, organised by Stockton Heath Altenative. All profits to go towards village heritage schemes. The schemes under consideration currenlty are support towards the re-siting of the Forge Machines, and help towards the refurbishment of St Thomas's hall. This was a great event last year, so come along and soak up the atmosphere, see the haggis. Mail: verjast@supanet.com for tickets, Put Burn's night in the subject please. [ 09.01.2008, 21:55: Message edited by: Great White ]
  10. Posted by pro youth Well so am I, but it doesn't mean you have to dumb down! (I used to be one once). All the new logos you show are poor examples of what should be modern thinking. Modern does not mean lacking in sophistication, or having no concept of historic values. Cheers G.W. [ 23.04.2007, 23:27: Message edited by: Great White ]
  11. This is one of the most pointless, unimaginative bits of branding I have ever seen. It has no meaning, no sense of purpose, and no context within the history or future of Warringotn as a town. This is just another load of Lib Dem woolly minded tosh. They must have known it would be badly received, so they used thier normal tactic of pushing it through, sorry, rail-roaded it through without debate. I wonder what the new inscription could read as a post-script for this? 'faeces dat incremetum' I presume they think this change must be a vote winner? !! I think the Lib Dem administration should really adopt the a completely new motto. [ 19.04.2007, 00:45: Message edited by: Great White ]
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