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  1. gary i have took the img off there are the pages where the headers are gary can you some how put them on for me plse xxx
  2. gary or paul can you find out why the img headers are not comeing up plase if any problum can you plut them on for me plase tara xx
  3. hi every one well its that time again i hope you will all pass this information that as ben sent to my web site www.bullyingawarenessweek.org
  4. Pink'n'Proud thanks to you i am in the middle Of working on the matter of the pink ladies and I must say with out your help I would not have bothered but watch this space. In the mean time ask the pink ladies have they got their court date yet from the council. Now that a shock to every one isn?t it. come on tell every one call back on the other post monday night you will see on here letter going in to the council taxi licensing office, Chief of police. The highways inspectors The Taxi Union and Private Hire union. Business in the filed of taxis. With question on a public big safety issue to get help with information and the facts and views for the public to see on this matter and what action is going to be taken plus taxi drivers views, All this as been done and I have to give a big thanks and credit to Pink'n'Proud for this without the push from Pink'n'Proud it would never have been done so we all would like to thank you. so don?t for get to look back on monday Are pink ladys cars breaking the law? in Question Time
  5. gary you will find that you are wrong as some information will be comeing your way soon this matter. this is a big Public safety issue as well as by law. as I will be contacting you soon with what is going to happen to show this as with WWW. backing I hope to get the matter sorted one and for all. And with WWW help we will be helping the public to see for them self?s. one thing Gary there is no such thing as a members club. Only Private hire or a taxi by law. if you can show me where it say other I would be most grateful to you. gary taking someone word on this matter gary like you have done could give the wrong impression all but be licensed so why arre they? that why with ww help I will be involving all the government body?s to this question more to come soon. I would be willing to have a chat with you Gary to talk about this matter as I think you would like where all this is going. As I will be off in internet for a bit on this matter would be ok if you could give us a ring to make a date to have a chat and look at this matter . gary not getting at you as you have done more on this matter that others but your information is wrong only that its what you have been tolled is wrong that all,
  6. This from TD steve nott tara Some need to act now we need answers now in the public interest why are pink ladies not licensed and plated when all cars which take the pubic have to be by law they are not a PH or A taxi just a car so why are they taking the public around . We need councillors on record to this fact and should be answered more will be put on this matter soon but this need action now
  7. from TD steve How about asking some questions from the the taxi team ..`O` forgot only want to answer them that think pink ladies are good and do not know the facts that they braking the law. the above should give you something to have a go at spelling and grammer. pitty you do not answer the questions others ask !!! never mind i think we should ask them whom did lose there homes to ask pink ladys something..................... hold on just thought that did not happen did it! just like they are working within the law.......... but facts and the truth is " THEY ARE BRAKENG THE LAW JUST BECOUSE NO ONE AS ACTED YET MEANS NOTHING I THANK YOU" love for the pink ladys to take me to court on th matter come on we are all waiting .....
  8. From TD steve not tara so pink....... in other word No i can not Explain on why they are breaking the law! So all you can come back with is to attack the way I put things! Is that all you can come back with no facts? on the post to say they are not breaking the law! Only the way I spell and use grammar ?? ?It hurts the truth? how sad hay no facts at all !!!!! I have given you the facts of law as they stand what more do you need its pink lady?s who are braking the law and putting the public and passage?s at risk. not me
  9. As you lot keep harping on, the cars are pink, and EXTREMELY visible, if we did not act and work within the law, don't you think someone would act on it? Yes they would, however we are within the law, GET OVER IT. here we go again Nope they are not working within the law how many time do we have to say this as you know the police will not act at this stage and nor will the council as would you want them to use tax payers money to go to court ? we know the council have no back-bone but things are going to change on this matter trust me . i do not know where you are get the so call idea They are working within the law. Why you think you are up on all the details on this matter can you show us the fact that they are within the law. I have shown number of times on here they are not so you show me where they are working within the law . Other than the police have not acted yet or the council How its seam, not so long ago when they first came out on the unsuspecting world. With the wonderful in your face publicity of ?all Warrington taxi driver where rapists? and unfit to take people home but they where?. Speaking of home so did a lot of other poor people also lost homes remember that How soon we forget. So if they are capable of doing that what make you think they are safe? Because they say so! now come on do you really believe that !!!!. `Hay yes I bet you do` but now who unfit to take people home. One thing going for the ph and taxi in Warrington is they are safe and are licensed and work within the law this is from TD steve not tara as i have to be nice to gary to get my password for my name
  10. hi every one tara as just told me about the new site so still in her name but this is her dad !!!!! who said o my god then here we go !!!!! nice to see this subject is still going a long.... `see what i said way back` nice to see others got the message after all but i am sorry to say that nothing as still been done about the pink ladys stil braking the law and getting away with it but most of all putting the public in danger yes i do say danger . no one is saying there is no room for them only they should work and act within the law as it stands now. but the public would put children and young people in a car as that what your doing they are not a taxi or Ph just a normal car do you know if they are insured for one or they have been check to make sure they have not a police record. unlike the PH and taxi`s in warrington who have to pay the council to have the above done so they can work. but its nice to see that people in this town do not care as long its looks good and pink ladys say its ok THEY MUST BE RIGHT SO LETS PUT TEENAGERS, WIFES, MOTHERS, CHILDREN, IN THERE CARS. you may as well tell your childrren to just thumd a lift home from a starager.
  11. Gary message form my dad. Gary abba as a number of women drivers on there books. but they are happy to take every one not only women, but if they had to wait for just women to call for a cab they would get no work. there is not a lot of people whom what that in this town only a small number. yes it is a good idea my dad says, but not in Warrington plus they should work within the law as it stands now. as you know there are court case pending where a number of the pink lady franchise firms have gone bust. But again would you get into a car in which the council have no power to check that every thing is safe and above board? My self and my friends have never used them or ever will. as they used scare tactics to start up by saying your safe with us. it now look like you not. And that all other taxi firms are not safe. who would you travel with one who can be stopped and checked that every thing is fine and above the law for the public or one that not its always up to the public at the end of the day. [ 18.12.2006, 17:17: Message edited by: Tara ]
  12. as my dad as said to me manny times on this subject pink ladies are not a TAXI or Private Hire. They are just a gimmick running around breaking the law as it stands now????.. 1) Their cars are not inspected to the high standard of others taxi or private hire in this town. 2) They are not licensed with the council to have A criminal record check done on their drivers. Like all other drivers taxi and private hire who work in this town. 3) Enforcement officers can not check they are keeping their cars in a safe condition like the other taxi or private hire in this town. 4) Enforcement offices can not check if they are using public liability insurance. 5) They can not check on anything full stop so you do not know what is what In other words you have a man or woman saying yes to all the above who is not the council taxi officer to say to public yes they have all the above. now would you let you doughtier in any one car because that?s what your doing
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