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    Local Oil Change

    TR cars,Knutsford rd,Latchford.(opp Victoria park).tel 634626
  2. We should tax their tea,starting in say Boston?
  3. That makes a change for the USA.
  4. mike_b

    Old Warrington Pub

    Wouldn't have happened when Bill(& Beryl)Medland was in charge.
  5. mike_b

    The Few.

    It was a close thing though,could have easily gone the other way,then this would be a German speaking forum.
  6. Well,there's always the ED 1 numberplate.Must be worth ?50,000?
  7. mike_b

    odd text messages

    All 0808 numbers in the UK are freephone numbers.
  8. mike_b

    New Travellers Pitch in the South of Warrington

    Drove pass the site this afternoon & what were for years tumbled down out-houses have now been rebuilt with brand new roofs!Look good enough to live in.
  9. mike_b

    Remember -

    Rubery Owens-axles& road pavers,Electro-Hydraulics-undercarrages,Conveyancer- forklift trucks,Crossfields soap & chemicals,
  10. mike_b


    Yet another urban myth.Please check things out before posting.Full details of this & other hoaxes here:- Crying baby hoax
  11. mike_b

    New Travellers Pitch in the South of Warrington

    No,he left Daresbury quite a few years ago.
  12. mike_b

    Appleton?? Millenium Green

    To be fair Paul,the land did have permission for smallholding use,together with water & electricity,so worth more than just agricultural land.Still doesn't make it right what happened.
  13. mike_b

    Appleton?? Millenium Green

    As they just have opposite Tessa Jowells home!
  14. mike_b

    Post Office Closures (part II)

    WHY should an area be considered TOO small? I was being sarcastic Peter, ,Bridge Lane P.O. had a huge catchment area.