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  1. wow thank you for this picture looking on the old plans it looks like the big building is the gym and the wall behind them is o'leary street it self they would be stood were peninsula flats are now roughly if any one else has any more please forward them to me on here thank you
  2. right iv been looking about still and found this bit of info The South Lancashire Regiment was formed in 1881 as a result of the Cardwell reforms of the British Army. With its Regimental Depot at Peninsula Barracks, Warrington, the Regiment initially consisted of two battalions, with the 1st formed from the former 40th Regiment of Foot, and the 2nd from the former 82nd. The Regiment recruited primarily from that area of South Lancashire which is centred on the townships of Warrington and St Helens. During World War I the Regiment expanded to a total strength of 21 battalions. They served on the Western Front, at Gallipoli, and in Macedonia, Egypt, Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) and India. In all, they were awarded a total of 64 Battle Honours. The Regiment suffered a total of 5450 casualties. Four members of the Regiment were awarded the Victoria Cross. The Regiment was again expanded in World War II, to a total of 9 battalions. They served in North West Europe, Madagascar, India and Burma. On D-Day, 6 June 1944, the 1st Battalion was in the first wave to land on Sword Beach, Normandy, at the start of the invasion of Europe. On 1st July 1958 the Regiment amalgamated with the East Lancashire Regiment to form The Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Volunteers), which in 1970, in turn amalgamated with The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment to form The Queen's Lancashire Regiment.
  3. im off on a detail there nxt wk i think so will look then but did have the site up n there was nothing there but i wont give up yet think warrington should have a section in the museum dedicated to warringtons millatry past from army raf and navy a;so can anyone on here tell me anything about the old reuines in glazebrook as that was some kind of MOD propety but no idea what
  4. if the engineers hadnt moved in they were going to knock the place down i can find loads of pics and info bout raf burtonwood even raf croft which i new nothing about but this places there is nothing at all
  5. see this is what i want to find out this place is part of warringtons history i mean the wall and the turrets are now listed buildings some one out there most have something old news cliping photos anything even just memories of it
  6. the origanal barracks was huge it went the length of oleary street all the way to the church and yes there was a parade ground etc this places was massive and its got my attention now
  7. well hello there every 1 its been a while but im back i have a question for people in here ok for the past 6 months i have been working (yes thats right i said working) at peninsula barracks for the TA and slowly over this time i have found myself wanting to no more and more about this great building we found the old blueprints for it and im amazed at just how big this place was whats bothering me is i cant find any old pictures or references to it now seeing as this is part of warringtons past history i would have thought there would be moutins of stuff for it (if there is and iv been looking in the wrong place then can some 1 help me out please) what i would like to see is pictures of this amazing building in its hay day we have even dug up parts of the old foundations to a building located at the front gate if any one could help i would be greatfull thank you for your time john
  8. How does that effect the Parish Council now ? How many of each party are on the PC ? And how is the next chairperson selected ?
  9. neo2508

    Mick Curran

    only found out about micks sad passing the other day i did have the honnor of meeting him and found him to be a truely good man he help me with a few problems i had when i moved into the padgate area i my wife and her son will miss him he was always great to my wifes son whenever he saw him good bye mick RIP love from john angie and karl
  10. Maybe me and my little friend from another post on here (have a go heroes post) should go round and try and persuade these clever decison makers to change their minds :biggrinbounce: :biggrinbounce: :onfire:
  11. neo2508


    me to i have 2 AVALON and avalon 2
  12. great news all and im over the moon with this one yesterday july 12 2007 was the first time ever that me and my sister have been together ever and it was great we hit it off from the start and all this the day befor my birthday i couldnt ask for a better birthday gift than that
  13. all ready tried them and social services and just about every thing else i can think off over the last 9 years
  14. I have tried in here before and seem to be having no look I am trying to find my 3 siblings whom I now know are living in and around the Warrington area there names are Geoffrey Roy Gemma Louise and Roslyn Marie all aged between 24- 21 I have tried for years now social services are taking too long and no help what so ever I have spent a fortune searching and chasing ghosts and dead ends im not far off giving up now as 9 years is a long time to be searching with no new info what so ever if any one out there can genuinely help me please email me or call me on rae2508@hotmail.co.uk or 07896947480 please no time wasters as i have had enough of them
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