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  1. I had one of those email warning messages today about a new drug, I googled it and found that it is true. Rife in Columbia at the moment and I dont know of it over here but there again like most other things we are bound to get the problem. Burundanga There seems to be a new moral panic percolating through the blogosphere, this time about a mind-control date-rape zombie-making plant called borrachero, or burundanga, or devil's breath ? "the world's most sinister drug." Under its influence, we are told, you remain lucid and articulate yet absolutely compliant to any suggestion. When yo
  2. I have better not complain, people get upset, but just to point out the camera's are run by the council not the police. The police can have a feed off the camera if the council want the police to watch. Our wonderful council do a cracking job. That should not upset anyone should it?
  3. There is a lot of fake UK ?20 notes around as well, but I had better not complain, Eagle would not like it.
  4. Hi Legion Well I cannot say too much as this may end up as an official complaint. He has come out far worse than when he went in, he still has the original complaint as well as another two caused directly by the lack of care. The GP has been to see him several times now and we have refused to send him back there to that hell hole of EMU. If he is to die it will be in peace at home where at least he is clean and looked after. On the ward it is still the same the staff sit around their nursing station chatting about holidays and nights out while you are trying to drag them away to do some nur
  5. Hi Obs ~ isn?t that why % increases are unfair. 3% of ?100,000 is not bad but 3% of ?10,000 is poor. I cannot see any government attempting to raise the status of pensioners and the poorly paid. This labour government more than most want to get in the pockets and wallets of people with money and sod the rest. Brown is no better than any of the world?s dictators. Spending money around the world and not interested in what is happening at home. The really really sad thing about this country is there is no one to take control and we , the pensioners and poorly paid have to suffer for their glu
  6. Hi Baz I have a 94 year old who is double incontinent, with the onset of confusion who has just had to endure the horrors of Warrington hospital. I used to have the greatest respect for nurses but after what I have seen in the last few weeks my opinion has changed dramatically. The standards of care from A&E to EMU to a ward were really bad they did not manage to cure any problems just we were pleased to get them home where at least they are safe, warm and clean. And can be cared for, it is very hard work. But after the treatment in there, or lack of it, I would not pay them in brass wash
  7. seeing as most council workers are over paid, underworked and provide poor service. What are they going on strike for anyway? What is the worse council department? Social services ! Trading Standards ! Highways ! Planning ! Is there a good department? Is that an easier question?
  8. Now that I do like, I wonder if it is still law? The MC is the greatest piece and corner stone to English Law. If he wins, I will send one. Can we have all the MP's in the stocks. Maybe the gibbet for some.
  9. I suppose they are lucky in that they have the right to strike. I dont think that Gordon will be too bothered what people say or do, he has had a nice cosy well paid job and bins full of expences. When he is turfed out in May someone else can sort the problem out while he sits and jokes about peoples misery on the other side. When are we off the downing street, want the rope? [ 17.04.2008, 23:52: Message edited by: little fella ]
  10. Is it not like that over the whole comtract industry, any work done in a public sector building is charged at a vastly inflated price. A contractor told me he had to charge it at that rate because he would not get paid for 90 days and three requests;if he was lucky. Also he had to carry a ?1m insurance which was not needed on private jobs. No doubt that on these big PFI projects there needs to be a lot of discussion and meetings, and a warmer climate makes for a better working atmosphere.
  11. But he does worry about it every morning !!!!
  12. It is not every area that has a bridge that floods and cuts it off for days on end. You should pay extra tax for that feature. I see the school kids now cross the railway lines to get to school.
  13. They cannot afford to pay the coppers that they have and in Cheshire they cannot even afford the police force. Where are they going to take these bobbies from? New recruits? PSCO? specials? or the experienced one that we now have and need? Who is going to pay cash strapped Cheshire for training new officers? It is certainly not going to be the Home Office; they will not face the responsibilities they have now. Gordon Brown will have a cunning master plan, the public will pay.... Although he says he worries every morning about how the people are going to pay his errors of judgement.
  14. Why bother with elections? As they said 'We will coopt onto the PC anyone we want'. Does that mean that if someone happens to loose the election they can stay un elected yet there coopted on by a friend. :confused:
  15. You know what they say ~ Change is as good as a rest. Mind you it didnt work with the Lib Dems did it. Or did it we got change but nothing moved so it must be rest I think there has been a few wrong calls in Stockton Heath of late. It really is a success story shame the parish council has not kept up.
  16. I would enjoy the expenses and even the job. But sitting round a table with load of self opinionated numpties who have no interest other than just their own person ego's and one upmanship is not for me. I think that the whole basic organisation of local government is corrupt and full of lying toe rags who should be spending time behind bars rather than pouncing around trying to convince people that they are respectable. It makes it even worse when they become puppets of an even more corrupt central government and do as they are told even to the detriment of the local people. For local cou
  17. Is it not that anyone can stand up at a meeting and propose a vote of no confidence, it does not mean a thing. If however it was a vote by the elected members of no confidence in the chair then it would have to go for a vote. We cannot have the local crack pot walking into any public meeting and saying he has no confidence in them and being able to forcing an expensive election that would never do. Was it last year that the school group complained about the council, and the teachers and the town hall, just because they did not get their way on knocking down a Victorian heap which was not f
  18. Trading standards and enviroment heath are not interested in peoples behaviour, and when you ring the police they called three days after the event to take a report and guess what the people had gone. We have to accept that it is all sown up and people dont matter. I told him to go to a military surplus store and buy a wide range frequency jammer that would black out all the radio microphones. That would ruin the show and he could get his own enjoyment.
  19. I am still pleased to say that I shall be out of the country and unable to take part in the little game. We had utter crap under the labour dictatorship, it does not seem to be any better under the Lib dems. Around here there is no alterative I expect theat they will be crawling from out of the woodwork soon asking for votes. We never hear or see our bloke and if he gets back in will be Mr Mayor next year so we see even less of him but no doubt be reading about what a super time he is having living the good life visiting all these countries that we are twinned with at pub lic expence.
  20. It is not the council who is taking ariel photos it is a mapping company, I have not seen their plane for quite some time so I think they have finished here for a few years. It is registered number is G-Grid. The council just buy the photographs and compare with the last and find who has made alterations without consent. They then put your council tax down.
  21. There will be plenty of council officials there to stop you trading. My friend is not short of money and has no need to do that. Paying band H rates at ?2500 they do not like people have sex in their garden, using the garden as a toilet, dumping beer cans and rubbish. As well as the noise of crap music. It maybe some peoples idea of fun and a good time but not everyone's. They work hard all week and just like to enjoy their garden at the weekend. He was assaulted last year for telling a couple to get out of his garden. With the police too busy in the ground and a security guard whose attitude
  22. I disagree with that Obs as any retail area can expand and attract more people, Take outlet village Ellesmere port they have had a steady build extension programme for many years. They are still planning more. People are creatures of comfort, they want to drive their car to the shop, buy their goods, put it in the car and go home. These are the spenders who bring prosperity not the pensioner going on a bus to buy a few items that then has to be carried around till its bus home time. Make a clear difference between the day and night economies. The conditions for expansion run to a mathema
  23. I think that Warrington town centre as it stands should be forgotten and left to decline. A new retail town centre should be built not too far away maybe just east of the M6 or on Burtonwood, I am sure there will be plenty of investors for a project like that. We could have had the Trafford centre that would have been a good bolt on. Our current town centre could then be re designed as a pedestrian local service area. Expanding on its cultural and historic history. We would benefit from the more trade and more tourists. There would be less traffic in and passing through the town. It will nev
  24. The residents on Walton drag have been told different, unless it has changed in the last few weeks. My friends have never been happy with the event, right opposite their house but who listens, the creamfield help line is not a HELP line. They have have got the event so sod off.
  25. Is that one of the ones that was saved when the last labour administration despite all the local opposition shut all of the recreation centres??
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