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  1. Super photos Algy. The right hand side of church st are particularly interesting to me, as I haven't seen them before. well done mimocuja
  2. Mimocuja

    Tanneries in Warrington

    Well done Algy. The one at the top of Parr st (Vernon st I think) would billow out red smoke from its chimneys. If you walked passed it, the smoke would drop droplets like rain, that would hit your face etc..... mimocuja
  3. Does anyone have any memories, stories of this school? i attended the school in the mid 70's just prior to its closure. I also have two photo albums from the school, given to me by a former teacher. My headmistress, Mrs Sant, passed recently, aged 99 yes and 9 months. I attended her leaving/retirement celebrations at the school. mimocuja
  4. Mimocuja

    Old Photos Of Warrington.

    Brilliant pics of Bridge st Algy. Mimocuja
  5. Mimocuja

    Tanneries in Warrington

    Howley had a number of tanneries, the last to close was in the 1990's. An elderly gent gent I knew in the 1980's used to work in one at Howley. He to.d me that the workers often fell into the dye pits. Can you imagine that today? mimocuja
  6. Mimocuja


    I have posted some aerial shots of Victoria park in the old photos section. Did you know there used to be a pond in the park, at the rear of the pavilion. Also, the little circular shop that used to sell seeds to the allotment keepers, and ice lollies in the 70's mimocuja
  7. Mimocuja

    Yummy's chips.

    The chip shop in Cairo st was owned by an elderly couple called Evans. She was known locally as 'bloody Evans' because everything was too much trouble when requested, similar to Basil Fawlty style. My friend Ron remembered them well, as he had a shoe repair shop across the road, a haven for the weary coppers on the beat. As a boy I remember well it's green facade and plant pot in the window, looking like the shop that time forgot.... Cairo street was a great street for looking back in time, until the recent modernisation that killed its history. mimocuja
  8. Mimocuja

    Town centre and its backstreets

    Hope you enjoy this section folks! Plenty more to come....mimocuja
  9. Mimocuja

    Town centre and its backstreets

    A great torn centre aerial shot
  10. Mimocuja

    Town centre and its backstreets

    Anyone know exactly where this is on the riverbank?
  11. Mimocuja

    Town centre and its backstreets

    an unusual aerial shot!
  12. Mimocuja

    Town centre and its backstreets

    bank quay area
  13. Mimocuja

    Town centre and its backstreets

    A lot of my ancestors lived in The streets around this mill.