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    Hello Bazj, Thank you for the photo you so kindly sent on to me, also for the name of the lady at the museum/library. I will endeavour to get in touch with her. I am still trying to find out more information on Edith she also worked at Winnick when it was called a lunatic asylum . I must say that it looks strange seeing the nurses in their uniforms. I am from Manchester and have vivid memories of the nurses going from Manchester Royal Infirmary past my school in their uniforms with their navy and red capes. They always looked so smart. My youngest daughter was a Registered Nurse and my youngest granddaughter has just graduated from University as an R.N. but alas no smart uniforms or Matrons after them like in the "old" days. Thanks once again for your help. Warmest Regards Kathy
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    Thank you for replying Gary as you say fingers crossed and toes !!! It will be fantastic if someone does turn up a photo. Have also found at she worked at Winwick prior to Warrington. A big thank you in advance for any help. Regards Kathy
  3. Hi I'm new to your site and I am wondering if anyone has a photo of Edith Littler nee Grundy. She was a Sister on the children's ward at Warrington Infirmary. Not sure at this stage when she was there but would be pre 1960. Any single or group photo would be appreciated. Thank you so much. Kathy
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