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  1. Edwin and the family lived at Orford farm from just before the war started until 1916. Alf came home from the war in 1916 because he was injured at the battle of the Somme by a shell exploding near his artillery guns position and Ted made it home uninjured. Both Ted and Alf where in the Royal Field Artillery, Ted was a signaller and Alf was a gunner.
  2. Edwin E Pester would have been my Great Great Grandad if he was still alive today, my ancestors lived at Orford Farm for the duration of the First World War. The farmer at the time was Mr William Dean, my family would help around the farm whilst Edwin's two eldest sons Ted and Alf where away fighting in the war. the reason for the smart clothing is because at the time we where quite a wealthy family who moved up to Warrington from North Perrott in Somerset, one of my ancestors owned a flour mill there and our family is mentioned in the book entitled The Annals Of West Coker.
  3. Ted Pester would have been my Grandad if he was still alive
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