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  1. In 2008, New Quay’s All-Weather Lifeboat carried out 17 service calls. • 5 of these were in Force 8 or above • 2 involved towing boats >10 metres in length • 2 were to casualties further than 10 nautical miles from shore • 1 required an ALB salvage pump to prevent sinking
  2. they have been asked and they are saying that but the fact is these boats mentioned in the articles below would have been stuck out at sea for a extra 90 min in fair seas during daytime and well over that at night or in rough seas, if the all-weather boat wasn't here wales online tivyside advertiser(local news paper) here is a article from the BBC on this subject BBC asperity i am not trying to say your wrong but the fact is the RNLI have made the decision from looking at 5 years data but if we look at 3 years with in the last 10 years there were 27 vessels and crew that would have been lost in force 6 or above if the all weather boat was not here, as you would know being an Offshore Member of the RNLI that a Inshore life boat can not safely be launched or work at sea in force 6 and above, and expecting straitened vessels to wait well over a hour and half for assistance is too much if there is a casualty on one of these boats(the golden hour is gone) or they are taking on water how long could the crew of that vessel last if there vessel sinks due to the wait, and when someone loses there lives due to having to wait who will be to blame for the lack of cover? i will answer that as it has been pointed out to the trustees of the RNLI, it will not be the person who made the decision it will be the trustees and its actually classed as corporate manslaughter. this is happening up and down the country and each station is fighting as i know north wales have been prior to them receiving there new all-weather boat this month
  3. asperity i don't think you understand, i am sharing the petition that has been started by the crew who can see how mad it is to leave Ceredigion with no all weather cover, as a offshore member you will understand that 1 hour 15 min for help/responce is not good enough for someone who is at see in a emergency, i wouldn't fancy anyones chances in the water for that length of time, asperity i do put my hands in my pockets and donate to the RNLI, i understand that funding is a issue but in my opinion its madness to remove the all weather boat, which is a view also shared by the crew of the life boat. if you click this link you can see a map that shows the area that is being left with no emergency all-weather cover why is this important
  4. Please take a moment to sign and share this petition To give you some background, the RNLI has decided to downgrade New Quay Lifeboat Station to an Inshore Lifeboat when the service life of its Mersey-class All-Weather Lifeboat expires in 2020. The proposed new lifeboat will not be able to launch in conditions exceeding Force 7 in the daytime or Force 6 at night. This doesn't just affect New Quay: The All-Weather Lifeboat also covers Cardigan, Aberporth, Tresaith, Llangrannog, Aberaeron, Llanon, and Aberystwyth. After 2020, there will be no All-Weather Lifeboats in the whole of Ceredigion, leaving a gap of 70 miles between the All-Weather stations of Barmouth and Fishguard. What this means is that the nearest All-Weather Lifeboat, even travelling at 25 knots, will take an hour and a quarter to reach some parts of Cardigan Bay. Petition i know this doesn't directly effect people in warrington but as i came from warrington and am now here relying on this boat if i get in to trouble to come to my rescue, how many of your relatives in the future might come to Ceredigion on holiday who at some point might venture out on a boat trip or a private boat and get where they could get into difficulty at sea?? please take the time to sign the petition to save the all weather lifeboat thank you in advance
  5. Anthonypr


    just a heads up Silent justice have been to warrington tonight and police got a arrest details can be seen here https://www.facebook.com/silentjustice6/ for anyone who doesn't know who silent justice are they are child protection enforcers
  6. that or just for men put there prices up plus jet black hair doesn't really suit a granddad
  7. just like yourself found Steve S yesterday could be because it takes a week or 2 to jump through the hoops to be aloud to post, i look quite different now tho as you can see from my pic, but 10 years is about 1/3 of my time here so far so guess i would change quite a bit
  8. its about 2-3 ft across from the look of it(i was looking down on to the beach keeping my distance) wiki says and it has been known to see leatherback turtles around here when the jelly fish are here
  9. whats that saying like a bad smell
  10. but as i say i wouldn't change where i work/live now when i can walk out of work and look on the beach and see the barrel jellyfish and out to sea and see the dolphins jumping
  11. our main local issues here are caused by the local council this week they have ruined most of the picturesque areas by filling them with tones of extra bins (1 bin every 15-20ft) ready for the tourists arriving over easter. see the picture , this is on the harbour wall in aberaron which features in the visitwales advert with all the coloured buildings
  12. i also remember Geoffrey Settle, a formidable partner in a debate
  13. kinda scary lol i think we met but can't remember 100% must be getting old, gray matter isn't what it once was
  14. thought i would share a few photos I've got from pre 2006 of some of the old members at different meet ups when alana or mary were visiting and also the octoberfest p.s hope i don't upset anyone by posting pictures of peter but he was such a big part of these meet ups
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