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  1. to compete with the nice shiny new carpark just about ready to open?
  2. derelict,unused and dangerous factory in the town centre to be demolished. If anyone applied for permission to build a factory in the town centre today the nimbies would be having nervous breakdowns. It was unoccupied far longer than it was ever used, its dangerous, its the fault of successive private owners, I will miss the tower but let it go, let it go.........
  3. PC out of control ?

    Oh no pigs, I feel an Animal Farm reference in the offing
  4. PC out of control ?

    More fiction? Ahh no desperately seeking friends lol. Any more fictional references for me now Obbie babes?
  5. PC out of control ?

    because I can.
  6. PC out of control ?

    yup, chose the same work of fiction as you were quoting, loving your silence.
  7. PC out of control ?

    “I enjoy talking to you. Your mind appeals to me. It resembles my own mind except that you happen to be insane.” ― George Orwell, 1984
  8. PC out of control ?

    even funnier, I thank you , so entertaining. Silent, you ?? hilarious. Using a complete work of fiction to try to prove a point is laughable in the extreme. AFPMSL
  9. PC out of control ?

  10. PC out of control ?

    you really are a desperate man aren't you Sid, you make stuff up for attention about the Council and now the same with me, please point out which part of my quoted piece could possibly be construed as libel? Do you understand what it means and can you read what I typed? I ask as you seem to be reading one thing and thinking another,. Why is that I wonder?
  11. PC out of control ?

    are you completely stupid or still smarting after I pointed out your made up story previously. Please tell me where in that post I have implied anything let alone been libellous? How desperate are you Sid? So what have I alleged and against whom?
  12. PC out of control ?

    victim blaming again, at its finest. Its not PC , its abuse of power by people in positions to feel above the law and in the past with good reason. Today the victims are not dismissed and destroyed as easily as they once were and that is a good thing.
  13. PC out of control ?

    can't be the fault of the abusers or offenders in your eyes can it? In fact you completely fail to attribute any fault to these sleaze balls. Why is that I wonder?
  14. PC out of control ?

    Like I pointed out, plenty of victim blaming going on.
  15. PC out of control ?

    I think you need a sit down, you seem to be living up to your forum monika.
  16. PC out of control ?

    Perhaps its only now that the victims are being listened to and its harder for these perverts , mysogynists, abusers etc. to cover up their wrongdoings just by being a member of the old boys club. Still plenty of victim blaming going on though.
  17. PC out of control ?

    I am sure they will catch up with you eventually
  18. PC out of control ?

    such a sad state of affairs when abuse of power and privilege is questioned. Pretty soon there will be no perks left.
  19. PC out of control ?

    seems pretty clear to me without any need for interpretation. Anyway, hope you booked for one of those nice men only beaches in Tenerife, be right up your alley, or perhaps a fortnight in Saudi where they treat women the way you seem to like.
  20. PC out of control ?

    so were you lying here or in your last post?
  21. PC out of control ?

    you were willing to segregate using sex as a determining factor, is segregation by race or religion beyond even your blinkered view? you made a moronic suggestion but you probably know that don't you?
  22. PC out of control ?

    Segregation lives on in Newton le Willows , how about splitting up the different religions and races too Davy?
  23. Green Belt Under Threat - Areal View

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, your sense of humour bypass was a cracking success I see. (and it took you almost a whole week to come up with that, rapier like wit)