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  1. had quite a few bevies in the Sloop over the years, be sad to see it go but hey, thats progress.
  2. New Market ?

    this argument wouldn't even be valid if they were ONLY building a cinema, they aren't
  3. New Market ?

    So the old town centre, the market, the car park, Bridge Street, all perfect according to you and no change required, right, you must be mad if you don't think the whole place needed a regeneration, its like a mausoleum down there and the sooner all the redevelopment is finished the better in my opinion.
  4. New Market ?

    the car park was not fit for purpose and was not big enough to cater for the new developments it is being built to service, its being built for the future, nothing whatsoever to do with your past jaunts into the market. Have you not heard about the re development of that area ? As for can the town justify 2 cinemas we would both be guessing. You moan about the Council spending money and then moan about them not spending money, which is it to be??
  5. New Market ?

    I went to the Westbrook Odeon last night and there were many people watching the same movie as i was. So are you seriously suggesting that the council should compulsory purchase all the buildings that need any sort of repairs doing or do them and then try to claim the money? If the owners of said buildings refuse to sell that is your only, and very drawn out expensive option. The old car park was not big enough, was falling to bits and looked an absolute mess, other than that it was perfect. The town centre is well overdue a revamp and I can't wait to see the final results, the new temporary market is a fine building and I like the design of the new car park too. One thing for sure, you can't please everyone all the time, especially not on here
  6. Visit

    Will you be saving a few dollars by not taking out travel insurance?
  7. New Market ?

    you complain about the cost of building a car park needed for the new cinema, shops, restaurants, market , offices etc. then say the Council should start knocking down office blocks you don't find attractive, at what cost??? The council cannot and should not repair buildings it does not own, that would be costly, stupid and most probably illegal. It doesn't own the pub you refer to which I assume is the old Packet House.
  8. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    Just out of interest, how many of the proposed houses are proposed to be built on designated "Green Belt" land?
  9. Brexit's losers -

    Its because it takes our crack negotiator David Davis three weeks to come up with a new soundbite.
  10. Brexit's losers -

    Italian Prosecco, Irish mushrooms,German cars and Polish blueberries aren't imported into the EU.
  11. Warrington Pledge to Peace - Facebook Site

    Or we can do it your way and kill every civilian on the planet, just in case.
  12. Warrington Pledge to Peace - Facebook Site

    Which libraries have closed recently in Warrington? Mind you, recently for you could be any time dating back to B.C.
  13. Warrington Pledge to Peace - Facebook Site

    So , for evidence, you offer up something that never happened over 70 years ago, insightful.
  14. Warrington Pledge to Peace - Facebook Site

    I think you are just making it up as you go along to suit your agenda . No evidence just you pissing in the wind really. This absolute dictator you refer to, is he the one with the most nuclear weapons?
  15. Warrington Pledge to Peace - Facebook Site

    you must have very accurate bombs. What crimes have your intended victims committed? And how many innocent lives do you consider acceptable collateral damage?