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  1. Hi ALGY, not sure if you can confirm for me, as a kid mum used to take me over the Canter leaver bridge Latchford, she showed me a place on the arch part of the bridge, east side/ ackers pits side where the fin of a German bomb chipped a piece out of the steel, is my memory correct. Cheers, David A
  2. Hi freeborn john, I can only add a couple of old ww2 defence sites that I know of, large concrete pill boxes one at either end of the canter lever high level bridge that spanned the Manchester ship canal, and a searchlight battery and barrage balloon located at radon court Knutsford rd. latchford. Sorry I have no info re down Penketh way. cheers David.A
  3. Hi Keithb, yes that is a small bridge that crossed a feeder stream that drained into the Mersey by Kingsway bridge, I used to walk over it on way to school at Richard Fairclough's, it had a slewce gate underneath and sometimes the water running over the gate made a squealing noise we kids used to say it was a pig stuck in there we used to hold a kids ankle so he could lean over the edge to have a look, Dam dangerous but kids will be kids, sorry I have to report, no pig ever found.
  4. Hi thank you very much for the marvelous pictures and wonderful memories. a number of my family members and relatives worked on the railway. I too was and avid train spotter. cheers, David a
  5. Hi All, I used to attend Dickey flour bags/ aka, Richard Fairclough's school so named after the Fairclough family, that is still located (although no longer a school now and industrial site), right on the side of the Black bear canal and the black bear bridge that carries Knutsford rd.between Warrington and the south. as I recall the building right across the canal from the school by the bridge was a basket weaving factory next door to that was the Black bear inn. if I was on the top floor of the school I could see Fairclough flour mills building and to the best of my recollection their name was on the building right next to the NWF building, further along past Fairclough's mill right on the bend was Bishops wharf where they loaded hides, rolls of paper and other commodities. just behind Fairclough's mill was Howley power station re the buildings on the right of the picture yes you are correct I believe they where the old two story terraced houses.
  6. where was 4 Mottram yard. I was told it was off Scotland rd. right near an old cinema called the "Blood Tub" long since demolished. are there any old photographs of Mottram yard available. tks
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