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  1. … and Happy Birthday from here too.
  2. Human behaviour is different from that of animals in that population increase is known to be suppressed by increases in longevity and social development. Your assumptions that population will increase inexorably is known to be in error and not supported by UN predictions. The notion of inexorable growth is the flawed Malthusian premise that has caused inordinate damage over the hundred years to which asperity referred above.
  3. Well I have looked for the word meat in the actual report the BBC is crowing about. It only comes up one to point out that production has risen since 1961 " A1.4. Data available since 1961 shows the per capita supply of vegetable oils and meat has more than doubled and the supply of food calories per capita has increased by about one third (high confidence). Currently, 25-30% of total food produced is lost or wasted (medium confidence). These factors are associated with additional GHG emissions (high confidence). Changes in consumption patterns have contributed to about 2 billion adults now being overweight or obese (high confidence). An estimated 821 million people are still undernourished (high confidence). {1.1, 1.3, 5.1, 5.5, Figure SPM.1} Can't see the need to panic there.
  4. It is however about time that we stopped telling the EU how nice we will be. It is now time for them to be in the dark about how prepared the UK will be and the measures we will take against Ireland. The EU knows that Parliament will not agree the backstop but they will not rethink, to behave like that shows a contempt for democracy. August in mainland Europe is just a holiday month so maybe they can still wake up in time.
  5. I expect that Derby and Nottingham journeys will not take three trains, but at most two. The current slow trains will no doubt continue to operate direct to serve Loughborough and Leicester. The obsession with speed is to build one line instead of three from the Midlands southwards. The stark alternative is to build three more current inter-city routes which would cost even more and cause environmental damage. If you think any rail project is going to be on cost consider recent history which suggests not. The point is that leaving it the way it is today is just not a rational option.
  6. I agree, even if not free they usually only charge a few pounds and then realign the specs for you to be in the right position. After being seriously bashed they usually need readjusting!
  7. Eddington did not take into account the driving need to maintain the existing railway. When HS2 is able to carry the majority of fast services on the WCML they will close the fast and ten slow lines for maintenance south of Rugby which would have been impossible without HS2. The existing WCML has poor maintenance access and such measures are essential. After that I expect they will put in dynamic block signalling to increase the capacity of each pair of tracks by letting trains run closer together than at present. Theses changes will take decades to get to the point where the railway is sustainable. The main capacity round here is south of Arpley Yard. The problem with north of Warrington is that the DMUs are too slow not to get in the way of Pendolinos so stops have to be minimised hence only Virgin trains between WBQ and anywhere north that is actually on the main line. You are correct that much of the problem is to do with connectivity but that in turn is down to lack of volume prepared to leave the car. It is not clear that Stoke will be significantly worse off because we do not yet have an idea what the West Coast Partnership will have as a Train Service Requirement from the High Speed Train date. East Midlands Airport is not better that Toton Yard. If anything it was East Midlands Parkway that was badly sited by giving Loughborough equal sway to Derby and Nottingham. The proposed new connecting services do not need new railway building as they can be reached from Sawley Junction (Long Eaton) via Sheet Stores Jn and that is the route for trains to Nottingham at the moment. Trains from Nottingham to the Erewash Valley can already use Attenborough Junction so one can see that Derby Nottingham trains can easily operate via Toton, were they would reverse. That would also give connections to the tram system extended from the other side of Toton Lane through Beeston and the University. It is only the trains that aren't in the budget because they are not part of HS2, they could also give rail access to Alfreton Parkway and if timetables permit Langley Mill from Derby. The benefits of this scheme in terms of connectivity probably significantly outweigh a high speed station near Castle Donington Airport for both Derby and Nottingham. It is a matter of pride though that Derby regards the main line as being through the town and definitely not via Nottingham. By road from the Derby Inner Ring Road you can be at the Toton Island Garden Centre way before you can get to the A50 and Castle Donington. The connection at Old Oak Common is intended to get those travelling to central London on to the Elizabeth Line (Crossrail !) and will reduce the load on the Northern Line south of Euston rather than increase it.
  8. Fair enough. I see that they were comparing it to reimbursement costs to the pharmacies, every bag and check it is right is duly paid for. The figure I gave you was what the NHS pay for the drugs alone and yes dispensing costs are on top and apparently rather large aren't they?
  9. ASDA charge 30p for 16 x 500mg paracetamol caplets. The NHS Drug Tariff says they pay 70p for 32x 500mg tablets. Looks like a loss leader for ASDA. Boots charge 75p for 32 caplets. What is the evidence for paying 10x by the NHS. I can see higher prices on the tariff but they are more complex products.
  10. Milky, Second para: The changes which form the subject of this thread are about a change to HS2 for the purpose of connecting to NPR/HS3. The effect of that would be to allow captive HS2 trains to travel from Liverpool stopping at Warrington and then calling at Old Oak Common for Crossrail before reaching Euston. That service will be likely run by the West Coast Partnership which is due to take over from Virgin next year. The Trains would replace the current Pendolinos. Trains from Preston would be HS2 compatible trains which would join HS2 just after leaving the West Coast Main Line at Warrington and taking the same route as the Liverpool Service. They would be from Glasgow/Edinburgh as now and would replace the Pendolinos. They would also be operated by the West Coast Partnership. Chester could not have HS2 services because they are only available on electrified lines. the services to Chester are likely to remain as now but will be run by the West Coast Partnership. Without the change being discussed being made the original plan was for the Glasgow trains (using HS2 Compatible trains) to call at Warrington Bank Quay as now and then join HS2 at Crewe. No passenger will be expected to change at Manchester from the stations you list, unless it offers an advantage of some kind to the passenger himself. Third paragraph. The fares will be the same fares as today albeit subject to the usual increases associated with time. Railways are not commercial enterprises in the normal sense and their fares are set to reduce the overall public subsidy to the whole network to an acceptable level with the Public Sector Budget. The fare levels for popular lines such as those going to London already cross-subsidise fares on less popular lines such as Northern commuter services. It is not to be expected that fares will become relatively higher because of HS2 but there will be much more capacity and more passengers to contribute. That should mean that the fraction of tickets sold at higher prices should go down not up whilst giving the same operating cross-subsidy back to the government. The average ticket price paid is not likely to be very, very expensive. The purpose of using High Speeds is to increase capacity to the point where one Inter-City line to Euston can replace almost all the Inter-City Services that run on the East Coast Mail Line, the West Coast Main Line and the Midland Main Line (to Sheffield and Leeds). A change that will make the system more efficient and more reliable by only carrying High Speed trains, all of them running at similar speeds. That is the secret of the reliable operation of the Japanese Shinkansen (bullet) trains which the government is trying to achieve. What is not about is making a few rich businessmen pay more for their rail tickets to London. That is just a myth put about by nimbies who do not want development near them. I hope the alternative view is useful.
  11. Noticed elsewhere too … https://capx.co/why-greta-thunbergs-old-world-environmentalism-misses-the-mark/
  12. I agree with almost all of what you say, and it does help to have a distance. I would only disagree about Brian Maher, simply because you cannot expect Councillors to be the sharpest tools in the box given the way they are selected. It is also true that we can all have off days and weeks and I don't have enough to say the way he behaved is what he always does and hence condemn it more strongly. I particularly agree with the penultimate paragraph and the comments on the property market which they just don't understand. I would only point out that at least in the recent purchases they have left another council with the problem of paying the non-retained portion of Business Rates on empty properties in those parks. Maybe Russ did listen to something he was told, but not much.
  13. Grey_man, I have been looking at the comments on the Guardian site. I do not know if you contribute there using another name but I am really concerned that the level of debate and fury is approaching ridiculous levels. The most vociferous commentators seem to believe that a Canute like approach is what should be followed. It shows an utter contempt for government and the rule of law at times. What is your opinion, presumably you can seen more clearly from further down the M6?
  14. WBC do not have the vision or continuity to do anything of scale. I suspect your fears are correct and the Garden City will be as much a Garden City as Chapelford is an Urban Village. Worst of all is that they do not get what has been known for decades that you have to put in Public Transport from the start and subsidise it until that is no longer required. You can't expect people to move in using cars and change to less convenient buses later.
  15. Interesting, the reality is that the New Town plan called for development in the South which has been successfully avoided for years. The Liberal Democrats created new Green Belt, not all of which met the requirements for Green Belt land and approved it used a flawed process. To be clear that does not apply to the area under consideration in the current application which appears to date back to the Cheshire County Structure Plan of 1986 I think it was. Putting off any development has been successful up to now but the truth is there is little choice on where to build next. If any one can see where the development should be in North Warrington apart from Peel Hall they are doing better than I am. Everywhere else destroys the gaps between settlements. The New Town designated area is virtually covered in the North and it is that area which cannot be Green Belt. That simple truth is not present in the South. It is not a mindset issue that afflicts Labour so much as an unavoidable truth which the opposition have not come to terms with. I doubt that anyone expects the support of folk in South Warrington, history shows that there will be none. On you last point they only just finished gerrymandering before the last all out election. The relative lack of housing growth over the last four years will mean that a further imbalance beyond that which was assumed to be correcting in Chapelford and Great Sankey will not be large enough to justify a further electoral review until at least some wards are under or over represented by a margin of 20% or so, that seems a way off yet!
  16. Thanks grey_man. The sound level was low but he seemed to ask if it was the same area as used by Greenalls. His colleagues shut him down so it was clearly a stupid question. To be honest such things happen all the time and it is clear that councillors hadn't read reports on most of the applications to which I have objected in the past. The report was actually much more balance that many I have read too.Those that think it is unusual and unfair need to get out more. Reports elsewhere appear to be tainted with bias so I was hoping the video would help but it didn't very much. The way in which they made the decision is probably not really open for challenge. based on what I saw in the video. I could not see any point at which the law was flouted or improper instructions given. It just seemed as unreasonable as every other planning meeting I have been to.
  17. Where was that in the video time line please grey_man or Gary?
  18. The Development Control Committee have now approved the second application. The have to wait three weeks for the National Case Unit in Birmingham to decide whether to advise the Secretary of State to allow or refuse the approval on Green Belt Land. The NCU are civil servants not Planning Inspectors. The parishes in South Warrington have six weeks after that to decide if they want to waste public money on both sides for a judicial review application, which is unlikely to be granted if the Secretary of State consents. Then, of course we can expect Stobart to withdraw their appeal and save WBC having to pay costs when they lose, which their brief has pretty clearly told them they are going to.
  19. You are describing Human Nature not middle class hypocrisy.
  20. That is not a reason for a hard border. Ireland is free to accept whoever it likes but under the Common Travel Area it undertakes not to allow anyone to enter if they would not be given a visa to enter the United Kingdom. So you have nothing to worry about as the Irish Government recently signed a joint memorandum with the UK to continue with the CTA arrangements under all circumstances.
  21. The answer to your post-script is here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-to-deploy-250-troops-to-mali-on-peacekeeping-operations
  22. Just to clear up a few bits of misinformation. The original ship in Gibraltar is Russian owned, based in Dubai, and carries the flag of Panama. The Iranians claim it is their oil in the tanker but it sailed from Khor Fakkan anchorage, in the UAE. The Spanish will not have been able to act because it will have gone through the straits in international waters and then anchored on the East side of Gibraltar. The first minister of Gibraltar made clear that they acted with UK help because the next port of call was to be the Baniyas Oil Refinery in Syria. Oil companies in Syria are subject to EU sanctions under Council Regulation 55/2012 which applies to Gibraltar. Now the refinery at Baniyas was reported to be under Russian control in 2016. So we have a Russian owned and crewed tanker carrying Iranian Oil to a Russian controlled refinery in Syria which chose to stop at a British Overseas Territory which is part of the EU and subject to EU sanctions and deliberately declare its destination as somewhere on the sanctions list. That seems less like the notion of hybrid warfare than the old proxy warfare of the cold-war era with Iran acting for Russia. That may explain why nobody wants to adopt the gung-ho posture you would like to see don't you think.
  23. The sanctions were imposed by the EU because of the use of chemical weapons by Syria against its own people. The US cannot cause us to impose sanctions. Those EU sanctions were imposed by the Government of Gibraltar but they needed UK forces co-operation. The sanctions affecting the ship in Gibraltar are not against Iran. Iran's action against a UK flagged ship is unlawful and tantamount to piracy. Your comments about hybrid warfare are wrong, the use of disinformation and covert actions against a state as employed by Russia are what hybrid warfare is.
  24. Might that be because the Third party element dominates the cost and is as high as the comp given the way no claims discount deters own cost claims.
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