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  1. Not so smart M/ways -

    On the last point only - Virgin Trains East Coast , (which was 90% owned by Stagecoach and 10% Virgin Rail) had the franchise which was due to deliver a large premium payment to the government. From memory there are only two premium paying franchises. The plan they had assumed that there were improvements in speed and they were able to add capacity. That needed work from Network Rail and the new Azuma trains. All of which are late. The franchise revenues did not grow as needed for the business plan with the effect that the payment of the premium was coming from the rest of the Stagecoach group and not just East Coast Trains. That was putting strain on the ability of Stagecoach to run bus services all over the country and to support East Midlands Trains. As a consequence Stagecoach asked the government to terminate the franchise early. Eventually the government agreed. The result is that the franchisee of last resort took over using exactly the same staff as before but with a lower premium and that is now LNER. This is fairly clearly a franchising failure. You must decide for yourself if the way you chose to report the facts gave a reader who did not already know those facts a false impression that poor performance and incompetence meant that the VTEC franchised was nationalised to sort it out. The smile said you knew what you were doing! PS Double Deck trains (a won't fit on the loading guage of our old design railway routes and (b) take much longer to load and unload passengers and would make us able to have less trains with a net reduction in capacity not an increase.
  2. Not so smart M/ways -

    Here we go again with the public good private bad nonsense. The timetabling shambles was caused by the public Network Rail who did not have sufficient capacity to deal with the magnitude of amendments in the timescales mandated for small changes each year. Andrew Haines their chairman said that this week to a select committee. The congestion in Manchester is caused by long distance trains being sent from Victoria to Piccadilly so that services from everywhere can get to Manchester Airport to meet the financial plans and green veneer of the local authorities in Greater Manchester. There is insufficient capacity to let the trains stop at Piccadilly on the two platforms available and delays just build up. Cause politicians from Manchester driving Transport for the North, led by the idiot Andy Burnham. The same idiot also supports the RMT who are striking to save the guards on Northern trains that the company says aren't going to be removed anyway. The franchise legally requires most of them to be kept! The problem is that there is not requirement in the franchise to cancel the train if there is no guard available. So the RMT are actually striking to preserve industrial power to cause chaos to passengers!!! … the idiots in the North West support them... Turkeys --- Christmas! All this private rail chaos stuff is just left wing propaganda, railwaymen are relatively better paid in the private system it carries more passengers and is cleaner and safer. Where public ownership and control intervene it falls to pieces. The lefty position is not in touch with reality and is mostly propaganda.
  3. Spy games ?

    That wasn't what I asked you but I expect that evasion is all I will get since you don't want to be in contempt of court for the case that will not happen because the alleged culprits will be coddled by mother Russia and not subject to extradition!
  4. Spy games ?

    Obs, So with charges laid out and arrest warrants issued against individuals, albeit with false names, do you still agree with the Kremlin (and Corbyn) that it is all made up?
  5. Widow ?

    Dizzy, Obs was not correct in what he said. The majority judgement said that the law was in error and the authorities should not have required that they were married. If anything the action that they had to take was to start legal action and they still are not married. The European Convention on Human Rights is written to prevent mistreatment of citizens by Governments it therefore limits what states can require of its citizens and is not about specifying what should be required of them. Hence it is by design about rights and ensuring that they are not extinguished by responsibilities.
  6. About time ?

    Asp, we did carry on the old UK practice and the EU Directive 2000/84/EC changed the previous practice of deciding each year what the period of summer time would be. It was fixed to change clocks from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October. The reason given was to facilitate transport and communications across the union. The actual time in a country is a national matter and it is the period of summer time which is currently regulated to avoid time tables for cross border trains that are only valid for a week and confused everyone. Someone should have told Northern Rail about that!
  7. Widow ?

    Dizzy, your view is closest to what was in the majority verdict of the Supreme Court at least in terms of reasoning. The declaration was " (The law on WPA in Northern Ireland) ..was incompatible with article 8 of the ECHR in conjunction with article 14 "insofar as it restricts eligibility for Widowed Parent’s Allowance by reference to the marital status of the applicant and the deceased". The old Widows Pension was payable until a retirement pension became payable so decisions were based on the status of the surviving spouse. Now the payment is a benefit intended to help the children and it is their status which their lordships found should have been considered. The upshot is that this judgement appears to be narrowly focussed on WPA in Northern Ireland and is not a general change in the status of marriage, no matter how much one wants it to be or not to be! Both Viewpoints were aired in the judgment as one of the Judges had a wholly dissenting view. (Trying not to get you started !!!)
  8. Wonga no longer !

    Probably not. The World at One today said that they were destroyed by claims companies batching up claims for clients so that Wonga had to pay out even on false claims to avoid penalties for taking too long to process the claims. Doesn't seem like justice to me.
  9. The Jewish revolt

    Obs, I fear that you are thinking wishfully about it being a smokescreen. As far as I can see Jeremy Corbyn would choke on his cornflakes if he was ever required to say that the State of Israel has a right to exist. It is because he has so many relationships over so many years with those who oppose that State. A man with such an opinion so clearly on display simply could not negotiate with other countries on the UK's behalf, he is plainly unfit to govern. If the general public know that, and by now how could they not, a party led by him or his acolytes should not get into government. In first past the post you cannot choose who you don't want to win, the mechanisms are too crude. So the centre left, fear that they will be caught in the rush to not vote Labour other than in constituencies with a large number of unthinking voters. They are in self preservation mode. The electors also know very well that voting for an also ran (Lib Dem, UKIP, Green) as a protest vote means the one you don't want might still get in. These strategies have been discovered by all but the youngest electors. This time they will be told firmly a vote other than a Tory means you get Corbyn's comrades, and it will be true ((sarc)Perhaps they will put it on the side of a bus because we know that works (sarc/))! The traitorous SNP will be at it again to promote independence at any price for the rest of us. This lot has to happen now to save the country if Brexit goes tits-up, you wanted Brexit but Labour want to turn us all Communist even more than they want Brexit. But at its heart there is truth, it is not a smokescreen. The Anti-Semitism is real and it not having been seen and dealt with by stopping Corbyn is a demonstration of how elitist and ultimately amateurish Labour with Momentum now are, the parliamentary party must rue the day they agreed to put Corbyn up as leader to make the contest open.
  10. BoJo !

    Well what I thought he said was that he didn't like them and made a remark about them looking like post boxes. However he said they shouldn't be banned ( as they have in Denmark, which was the context of the remark). Cue "offenderati" (nice one, Asp). He was consistent and liberal, which deserves punishment appaently. The "offenderati" however think he should not have the right to express an opinion at all and various Tories think it is a good opportunity to knock the most popular candidate with conservative members for the role of their next leader! Meanwhile in the press it is the silly season, and hence back to Obs' point!!!
  11. Brexit

    asp, But what if the commercial waste bag was discarded and is it self re-cycled waste carrying personal waste.......with no payment involved?
  12. The Jewish revolt

    As Obs suggests it is rather complicated and not as simple as the media presents it today. The main political culprits I think were the US and the British forces just wanted to stop getting blown up!
  13. The Jewish revolt

    The split in labour is indeed more serious as when we get Barnier's planned no deal hard Brexit the tories will all unite behind the realisation that "the EU were out to get us all along". Labour meanwhile will still be split because their enemies are inside the country and the party. The centre are convinced that the left are stealing their party. What will the majority of the electorate think I wonder?
  14. The Jewish revolt

    But do you think that getting rid of Corbyn and McDonnell would stop Momentum destroying old Labour from the bottom and promoting a new set of communist leadership? It is Momentum that is threatening the moderates with re-selection not the leadership, they are just encouraging the mob but not directing them. Lansman is surely still dangerous without Corbyn.
  15. The Jewish revolt

    You may need to read more widely. Those criticising Israel also seem to be close to Hamas. That organisation is pledged to the destruction of the state of Israel. If that is the political position of a party in power in this country how do you expect the people complaining to feel about that. It must indeed seem like a threat to them. I don't think it is a right wing conspiracy it is much worse than that, but from the other side....
  16. Brexit

    Oh and Election fraud is breaking the rules on spending which both sides did. Labour have been breaking the rules for at least 25 years. The truth will out, I suggest that you just don't believe what you see and hear on the BBC.
  17. Brexit

    Oh I can do precis if you really want it. Remoaners are like children, that do you? Oh and you need to read the Representation of the People Acts, your ideas about what democracy is appear to be remoaner like! That precis enough for you now? I thought that was a bit too direct but have it your own way.
  18. Brexit

    What the grown-ups know is that it isn't illegal to lie in election material, not in any election, unless the lie is about another candidate and he can prove it is a lie. The Lib-Dems hardly ever say anything in their campaigns that is true (e.g. only the LibDems can beat the Tories/Labour here, is used liberally(!) even though it is total rubbish). The Greens lie on a bigger scale. Electors need to be adult and consider what they want: not what the future generation wants, not send a message to the government, not vote because they don't like a particular single policy and not a protest vote either! In a referendum you just answer the question exactly as asked and think of the consequences for yourself. That is why we have adult suffrage. The point about people moaning if it was the other way round is interesting, ISTR Peter Shore pledging in the commons debate on the European Communities Bill in 1972 (sorry can't find it in Hansard) that the matter of EEC membership would not just be left to lie. The referendum in 1975 gave 67.23% Remain 32.77% Leave. The "eurosceptics" didn't give up and here we are. The reality is that there are some very bad losers out there. I don't remember the 1975 referendum debate being about anything other than the issue but I do remember the discussion of the ever closer union phrase, which was dismissed by Heath at the time because it was just about the EEC and trade. Some FCO documents which were hidden for thirty years show that the government knew what was going to happen and were told by the Civil Service that when the public finds out they will be used to being in Europe. Another lie. So they all lie, just get over it and get on with life.
  19. Need Help

    Excellent, good news Bill. Now nasty shock for the holiday makers and a real tick in the box for social media.
  20. Brexit

    Barnier is behaving like he doesn't want a deal again and the MSM are lapping it up.
  21. Brexit

    Finally May has told the EU that if there is a hard border in Ireland it will the their fault. And ... I am sick to death of the attitude of Labour ( reputedly preparing a draft Queens Speech for after a General Election) as if the next 13 weeks for the negotiations would be made better by having six weeks for a general election in which by convention the civil service can take no policy decisions. So all of you who voted Leave and then voted for Labour in the General Election have only yourselves to blame.
  22. Congratulations - Cliff.

    I agree Davy. I fail to understand the argument that it its done to encourage others to come forward since they may be fake, like the fabled Nick, and it sounds to me to be really close to perverting the course of justice.
  23. WBC You're joking!

    Apologies for the Off-Topic post ----- About the black cab lark, well it never did require that the driver carried straw! The requirement was to feed the horse in the street only with food from the drivers hand..... it was intended to stop cabbies blocking others from picking up fares. It was ineffective it you had a horseless carriage unless you fed someone else's horse! It was finally removed from the original (London Hackney Carriage Act 1831) Act in 1976 but they didn't change the heading of the section (51), perhaps for fun, which still says "Improperly standing with carriage, or feeding horses in the street; refusing to give way to or obstructing any other driver or depriving him of his fare; penalty 20s" . The rule (yes I mean rule here) about headings in Acts of Parliament is that they don't form part of the Act, so the requirement doesn't exist and is one of those urban myths.
  24. WBC You're joking!

    No Sid, No. In Bill's case they are not rules at all. They are in fact contractual terms, applying to the implicit parking contract made by Bill when he entered upon the Private land owned by WBC for the purpose of parking. In that regard no person is responsible for enforcement in the way that you suggest as being a duty. Enforcement is not obligatory at all. Further it is not a fine that Bill was asked to pay (they are for on-street parking). The fee claimed is I believe in essence liquidated damages for the breach of contract. As such it represents the reasonable costs incurred as a loss by the council in losing an adjacent parking fee or fees and cost of recovery of the debt. That has been the position in the Supreme Court in similar cases. This is no different to a supermarket charging for parking on a white line at 10pm on a Monday night at ASDA Westbrook. Would PJ then have considered it only proper that he should pay extra, which in that case would start at the value of the average shopping bill over the whole day at ASDA!! Further the value of the car parking spaces is currently set at zero if you go to the market, therefore the recoverable damages are zero and the council should not be charging for recovering the zero cost. If ADSA or Tesco did this they would be accused of being Rip-Off merchants. The council has no special position here, WBC are being Rip-Off merchants. Indeed they are using assets which the public paid for to rip-the same public off, a situation that normally gets the usual suspects going when it applies to the railways or other privatised assets.
  25. NHS again -

    The scans themselves are sometimes done by agencies supplied as a rental deal with equipment being loaned for days or weeks. Therefore the scans have to be in a transportable form and the specification of interchange are well formed and public. The barriers are just organisational. The answer was demonstrated to me at Manchester Dental Hospital years ago. On checking in the clerical assistant gave me my notes and told me to take them with me to show me everyone I saw then hand them back before I left. Not practical with MRI scans etc. but the principle that the notes belong with the patient , i.e. today are stored away from the organisation doing the treatment, is important. Hospitals can cover up unnecessary delay because the reports aren't chased by the system just filed. I have heard many cases where appointments go missing in the post and patients have to start again. Not sure about GPs. Having a doctor that is the one you always see does mean that they could remember what other matters you had discussed and shorten consultations. However this is being eroded by long waiting times and 10 mins. max consultations as the hours they work drop. The problems are more deep seated than just organisation of IT, for which the NHS has a massive set up already.