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    Motorway woes

    Hardly a day goes by without serious delays on the local Motorways due to a serious accident. The rate at which they occur seems to have increased significantly over the last few years to the point where it seems that the problem has to be more significant than just driver errors. The accident rate seems to be growing faster than the number of cars. So what is going wrong and what can be done about it?
  2. Confused52

    Motorway woes

    The most sophisticated version of train control systems for the main-line essentially does away with the need for a driver too. There may be some soft reasons why you would like them retained but the reality is that hardball from unions will cause drivers to be dismissed in the end. That is many years away of course and needs full maturity of ETCS3 technology but is shows that the recent dispute about guards was the wrong debate and typical short term thinking.
  3. Confused52

    Failing Grayling !

    But … more capacity was obtained, just not from the goons who had never run any before. We should worry about other arrangements that civil servants have recommended rather than this one. Some of the others may be just as crap but no one is paying attention because they want to get Grayling. Who by the way was a failed candidate in Warrington South many years ago, he hasn't got any better!
  4. Confused52

    Insulin ?

    Quite right PJ, that isn't what happened. Nissan pulled out of the model being built anywhere in Europe and pulled it back to Japan because of the way the EU is behaving on Diesel. They have said this quite clearly but a certain kind of person still wants to scaremonger ...
  5. Confused52

    Child suicides

    The law of the land extends to the Internet just as it does to any other medium. However the Internet is not easily subject to import restrictions as apply to banned books, magazines or films because there is no paper trail that allows seizure of the packets containing banned items before they enter the country. Indeed for some network operators parts of their network are abroad anyway. The usually quoted example of banning sites is the great Firewall of China where banned sites are not accessible through the Firewall which is connected to all international circuits into the country. The government applies censorship on a massive scale and Chinese nationals only use home grown products as a result. There is monitoring of what users access in the UK but any action can only be taken those who access such sites after the event. The other method used is asking the search engines not to find something or not to report it in particular territories. This is used in places like Germany for political/historical reasons. The final route is to make local ISPs get their DNS service from filtered masters instead of the Global DNS servers, offending sites can be make unavailable as if they had just gone away unless end users know the real IP address to use. The latter DNS trick was used against WikiLeaks. There are other tricks like routing tracking to dodgy sites via wafer thin routes that congest easily or even causing congestion when dodgy content has been detected. Lots of way can be found. Police have a general power to disrupt networks to prevent crime too. The problem is that all these methods are as applicable to censorship as protection and that is why the authorities tread carefully to avoid crossing the line where they go beyond serving the public interest. Sometimes the line gets drawn in an unfortunate place. It is a tricky subject with very strongly held views on both sides.
  6. Confused52

    Don't eat it all at once

    However only 11 billion by the end of the century is the forecast, the rate is slowing down. What we need is continued development in the places with high population growth as with better health and economic conditions the birth rate always falls. The danger is listening to the green/climate fanatics who want to reduce development as with that comes self-defeating population growth. Watch the Rosling video, he didn't make the numbers up.
  7. Confused52

    Brexit again -

    That kind of targeted tariff is normally an anti-dumping duty when a producer is selling below the equivalent price in its home market to obtain market share abroad. Under WTO rules such actions must be notified and rulings obtained from the WTO to sustain the duty, which is subject to appeal by the producer nation. That is why you hear about specific types of goods for which evidence exists rather than simply goods from a particular country, although the news media does its best to distort this part of the story most of the time.
  8. Confused52

    Heat and kitchen ?

    That is not the problem IMO. The protagonists are arguing about different characteristics such as sovereignty and economic well being which cannot be compared in a rational way. Therefore depending on what is uppermost in your priorities you can arrive at wholly different right answers. The lack of respect for the priorities of others means that these things which cannot be rationally compared cause divisions which can only be repaired by choosing a common yardstick. The deeply entrenched opinions of what matters damn us to disagreement. The only solution is to choose an trusted arbiter which is usually Government or a court. In this case the referendum Parliament chose the arbiter as the people with details provided by the Government. Nobody voted for what kind of Brexit, they expected the Government of the Day to decide. If it hadn't been for the electorate not following up on the Brexit General Election and causing the weakness in Parliament that is what would have happened. However the current MPs are using the parliamentary arithmetic to achieve what they essentially chose not to do by calling the referendum, their behaviour in thwarting the actions of the executive, which they themselves caused to happen, is beyond the pale. None of what they are voting on counts for anything compared with what is in statute law so we will leave. The only question is who will form a Government in the chaos that all side sides will claim was the result of intransigence by the other lot. The shocking behaviour in Parliament is the fault of the electorate and their utter lack of respect for the institutions which the elite are trying to undermine day by day.
  9. Confused52

    Management chaos -

    Well my reading of the story is that it is in their contract, until next year, and it is only if they give less that 24 hours notice without reasonable cause, which includes communicable illness! but read the link yourself if you aren't allergic to the Sun which seems a reasonable excuse to me!
  10. Confused52

    Management chaos -

    There may not be much about your version of events that was accurate unless it does not refer to this charming specimen. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8052207/sick-pay-company-fines-staff-ill/ The bit that will be true is that they aren't unionised, a fact that will allow you to better enjoy not being able to catch a Northern train from Warrington to anywhere every single Saturday from now to the end of January at a minimum.
  11. Confused52

    Hospital Parking

    Milky, I certainly did appreciate what you meant. I have been bothered by it in the past and now if I go there I just take a photograph of the car with my phone as I get out to go into the hospital to capture the approximate time I entered the car park. When you have to deal with things in the hospital remembering what time you parked for the silly limit is not foremost on your mind, so I agree entirely with your points.
  12. Confused52

    Brexit again -

    I think it reasonable to expect that domestic heating fuel may become zero rated instead of 5% which governments have asked Brussels to allow in the past However VAT is here to stay because it currently raises 18% of all government revenue with only Income Tax and National Insurance higher at 25% and 19% respectively.
  13. Confused52

    Brexit again -

    I think it prudent to give you Labour's official position on Brexit as decided in the Composite Motion at conference: https://labourlist.org/2018/09/labours-brexit-composite-motion-in-full/ As the Independent notes in the three months since Corbyn has supported the Customs Union but not the Single Market because as Obs points out his views on Nationalisation are incompatible with State Aid rules. Corbyn gave an interview to the Guardian here: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/dec/21/jeremy-corbyn-labour-policy-leaving-eu He is chasing after unicorns and doing immense damage to industry because they see the no deal scenario as now very probable. Labour is putting Party before country to a degree we have never witnessed before. Why on earth does anyone support this bunch of Leninist cretins? Why is the man still leading the Labour Party?!!!!!!!
  14. Confused52

    Why do Governments struggle ?

    No, asylum seekers must provide evidence of the risk they face. Those that apply without evidence must know they will fail and that is why they are bogus. When I use enough text to prevent deliberate misunderstanding you complain about too many words!
  15. Confused52

    Drones ?

    If you are intent on causing disruption you would get it from another jurisdiction, use a control frequency where direction finding is impossible (which most of them use anyway) and fly it from a car not a van. Banning all traffic on every road in radio range of the runway and hence engine inlets is going to be impossible and the culprits could be moving around the car parks inside the perimeter with the drone being controlled by more than one party in different locations. An absolute nightmare, good that they have called in the Army because it needs eyes everywhere at once. What do you reckon a Terrorist or a politically motivated crank?
  16. Confused52

    Smart Meters

    You can make a complaint, the Ofgem process for complaints and referring to the Ombudsman is here https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/consumers/household-gas-and-electricity-guide/complain-about-your-gas-or-electricity-bill-or-supplier. If the meter needed to be replaced because it was faulty or needed replacing for a safety reason you still have the right to have a standard meter fitted. The rectification you request can therefore be to fit a standard meter, if anyone feels they can tolerate the extra disturbance. It is worth writing the Ofgem anyway, (and possibly to Trading Standards since it is malpractice) as these tactics are not acceptable and designed to help BG meet their targets for fitting meters and not for our benefit.
  17. Confused52

    Smart Meters

    Well I have been in meetings where the ability to differentiate their online service with this kind of value added offering was discussed by Major Telecoms providers who wanted to get in on the act. Fortunately the powers that be realised the security dangers and put in the ability to talk to end devices as part of the DCC layer. None of them responded well to the notion that the data was the property of the consumer and they should all require express authority to reach any conclusions about what the end user wanted. Many consumers will try anything these days and seem to have no idea what they are giving away in terms of information. They are driven by one-upmanship and convenience to the exclusion of price which they don't seem to look at as much as the older generation. As we go by the reason I used the smart fridge is that in cold weather fridges and freezers can often be left off for an extended period without harm and that extra capacity can be diverted to charging electric cars. These discussions have been going on for years. You are absolutely right about control of anything with which humans interact being down to price but anything controlled by an automaton is fair game.
  18. Confused52

    Smart Meters

    Unfortunately Bill it isn't WiFi but the signalling used by the Handset you use to see your meter apps. The signalling for this stuff is really in the spec for the latest meters already and the RF chips are in volume production, but not the controllers for the endpoints yet. It all works in the security zone of the smart meter and your WiFi password is irrelevant. The "smart fridge" etc will just turn on, say anybody there and the smart meter will ask what it is and give it a code. Being a fridge it will get instructions from the network about saving power unless the retailer says you can decide to not allow network control, if you can be bothered or can work out how to stop the network control. The entire system, end to end, is controlled by them not you.
  19. Confused52

    Who's fault ?

    You obviously haven't looked at the Momentum members view on Brexit, not many of the probable new broom's MPs seem likely to take your view. Betting on Labour to make things better for you is a forlorn hope. Anyway your idea of having dictated to the EU over the trade position was always a non-starter because Article 50 expressly provides only for the withdrawal agreement and a trade deal framework before we leave. I know you wanted more but it was chasing unicorns; the current deal was all we could get before leaving. No deal didn't need negotiating just stubbornness would have done. If no deal is what you really want you will not get the House of Commons, now or in the near future, to agree with you.
  20. Confused52

    Why do Governments struggle ?

    Pure sophistry. Bogus (source OED) "Not genuine or true (used in a disapproving manner when deception has been attempted)". Anyone can apply but not everyone will be able to prove they are not safe in the country of which they are a citizen. That is the test for asylum and not simply that they would rather be here, the test is in a UN Treaty. If they do not meet the test in normal English then they are bogus asylum seekers. The number granted asylum in the UK is only a fraction of those who apply and there are therefore bogus asylum seekers entering the UK (Source ONS).
  21. Confused52

    Brexit again -

    We are asking for the money back according to this article https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/12/01/galileo-britain-set-build-rival-satellite-system/
  22. Confused52

    Brexit again -

    Milky, the British company building it also happens to be a subsidiary of Airbus based in Portsmouth. Airbus is fairly well influenced by the French and German governments as you know and have the right to use all the work already done in the UK. Hard to stop them.
  23. Confused52

    Brexit again -

    The deal says we are leaving, we will not be members of the EU. What part of leaving do you not get? Have you not read the deal yet? No body said cleanly or instantaneously,why would they it is an insane idea. The deals difference from your position of masochism, which you want the rest of the population to share, is that the trade with members of the EU will not be disrupted as you seem to want at the end of March. Strangely the EU don't want a complete collapse in trade and whatever else will go wrong on the day when the legal arrangements with EU counties fall off a cliff. The EU have negotiated in their own interest and if you think rationally you should be able to see that. It has been said by you that their trade with us is so significant they will not want disruption in it. Even having said that over and over you want to stop things dead and leave the EU at a disadvantage by giving us free access for no penalty. It is time to grown up. The EU want a deal or no Brexit they absolutely abhor no deal because they can't be ready for it either, it will cripple Ireland. The time we remain in the customs union is only the transition period, NO one wants the backstop. The suggestions by the ERG idiots that we aren't leaving is just lies. They need to get real and stop the bullying. The idiot ERG are facing a parliament which believes it can instruct to government to not accept no deal and the hard line brexiteers are almost certainly going to get Article 50 revoked unless they start to behave more rationally. Remember the DUP will accept revocation and is the only thing that will get a parliamentary margin and keep the tories in power, do you think the tory party want a socialist government too?
  24. Confused52

    Brexit again -

    No we didn't vote for a way of leaving, just that we should leave the EU. Oh, and I didn't vote to leave either. Nor did we vote for a collapse in the car industry which is what the manufacturers are now threatening. Dogmatic posturing is always bad for the economy. You seem to be suffering from believing Boris, many do but usually regret it in the cold light of day. Don't bother with the Project Fear allegations either I have had enough of the self-deluded after looking at the last two days in the House of Commons.
  25. Confused52

    Brexit again -

    I am afraid that the crash being caused by rich speculating bankers is probably a class battle too far. The underlying problem was that there were a large numbers of poor loans that US banks were required to give to people by law. They should have not given out the loans. The crooks then packaged up some bad loans with a larger number of good quality loans such that the performance was slightly impaired but good investment grade taken together. Then they sold those to institutions who were required by central banks only to buy good investment grade bonds of which there was a shortage. This effectively incentivised people to create money as loans to sell more of those products which did not have the worth that they were sold with but it was the system that demanded that the type of derivatives that were made to exist. That is why they clamped down on what assets banks could hold in each class to make them more able to stand shocks in terms of loss of value to their assets. Then there was a move to make lending on homes much more difficult in order to reduce risk. That has increased the deposit required for a mortgage whilst the interest rate is low. However the old system of taking out an insurance policy for up to 95% of the loan which was common in the 70's when institutions had more trust doesn't work. That leads us to having the mortgage on a home being less than the social rent and hence the housing shortage you go on about. The mistrust of banks is therefore responsible for the housing shortage because if young people could get houses with only 5% deposit things would look different. However the rules about creating money were to blame so that was down to whoever was in government in the years leading up to 2008. I will give you a clue, it wasn't the Tories here and in the US it started under Clinton but Shrub did nothing to stop it. I really don't see the stupidity of the UK electorate, which has always given a mandate at one election and then protest voted at the next one to reduce the chances of extreme behaviour and the similar behaviour in the US which is encouraged by the constitution has any bearing on the French. The French take to the streets violently at least once in every decade and boycott something to thwart their government more often than that. That is the reason that France's pension timebomb is worse than ours and they are so much weaker than Germany. Dressing up normal moaning by the plebs (as you call us) as something of significance is over-egging the pudding. The latest opinion polls suggest that the public has no concerted opinion about what they want to happen next on Brexit so where is the populist element then? Please just ignore the rant, I am starting to get annoyed by the lot of them at Westminster for now, rationality may resume soon!