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  1. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Milky, the council don't own the GS car park,
  2. Abramovitch -

    Given their track record I would expect the Russians (government or otherwise) to provide (possibly fake) evidence of anything the British authorities would like to see! We could nationalise Chelski!
  3. Abramovitch -

    Who? At least spell his name right!
  4. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    If I were to be cynical I would say that the actual purpose of the development was to cut WBC costs. The key output is the offices which are just for the council, the objective being to stop paying rent where they currently do such as New Town House. Next was to provide car parking space for their employees moving inti the offices. To do so they need an anchor usage that uses and hence pays for the car park when the offices are not in use so the key anchor tenant had to be an entertainment in the evening. There then needed to be supplementary uses that would feed the punters before and after entertainment. The Cinema is the golden goose which uses the Car Park and the rent for which pays the loan the council has from the Public Works Loans Board to build the whole thing. The Market and the Shops are somewhat of an afterthought. We can show the key linkage to be true because the projections of the cinema got bigger as audience increased so the council made the offices bigger to close more existing office accommodation and the costs grew. The major impact is really then the offices but the annual 4 million price of the loan for the whole project is a risk that the council tax payers are taking. If the cinema folds or under performs the shops and market rents are mitigating factors to reduce the cuts in services or increases in charges that the town would face. The project is a gamble to avoid significant changes in the way the council operates. The objective of the whole plan is to make the Council offices cost nothing in rent to WBC whilst making Bridge Street and Time Square look more open and modern. The regeneration of the town is a patchwork of individual projects which may work together but only this one is so far funded by capital borrowing and has some benefit to the public. Birchwood Park, Matalan, DW Sports are all commercial profit seekers to increase income without any civic benefit other than income for the council. We are told that the old market was particularly unsavoury in the storage and delivery areas and needed considerable work. The market needed to go first to get the offices in the right place for the car park so it was always going to be reworked but it is collateral damage in the main plan as far as I can see.
  5. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    I have seen this and the other shops in the food court. However good they are the size is small and there is already competition. How will a larger market with potentially larger stalls make a significant impact on the attractiveness of Warrington as a shopping destination PJ? I still do not see any way that the current grocery offering caters for anyone other than bus travellers. The problem is that bus travellers can't carry much so the value of their shopping basket is low and the turnover they support is also low. As far as I can tell that is why M&S left, they are pushing to get shopping basket values up at their shops to generate higher profits. I don't think you can't leave your shopping trolley in a park in the GS car park like you used to be able to in the old one or am I wrong on that? Without a grocery offering the current planning tests that stop places like ASDA just expanding their grocery space are inappropriate because they are intended to protect grocery provision in the Town centre which is pretty anaemic. So how do we get convenient access for car users for larger shopping baskets? Lets think of practical solutions like not having car parks in places that mean you have to cross roads to get to pedestrian areas. Shared trolley return stands and using the same trolley for all shops so you can have a trolley deposit (to prevent theft and littering) but still take the first trolley in the chain (this requires a common owner). These are things the council needs to be involved in but it doesn't actually get it. That is why people criticise the council for being uninventive and sometimes interested only it itself. If we are only to have district centres for groceries then there will be no effective competition between the main supermarkets to meet the needs of the elderly and those without cars because they can't reach more than one by bus at reasonable cost in time or money.
  6. Can't get the staff -

    The threshold for jobs not at senior level with at least 5 years experience is £35000. Most jobs for new graduates will not be paying this and so there is a shortage which non-EU immigration cannot fill. The point is that the UK students in the class took the lower salary or a different job altogether. The different job altogether option was also available to the CH4 subject but not the lower salary. This threshold is there to reduce immigration and the complaint is seemingly about the policy working. The firm is moaning about not getting EU workers who aren't subject to the threshold and there are many more of those from places like Romania who can get a better deal doing outsourcing work at home where their cost are lower and their standard of living is better than they could afford here. Just the usual race to th bottom by employers.
  7. Peace in our time ?

    Not exactly news. Remember it was Iran that encouraged Arabs to leave their homes in Israel as the Arab states attacked Israel in 1948, the very start of the Palestine refugee problem. In the gulf the enemy was seen as bring across the gulf in Iran for a very long time.
  8. Manx Arms

    The rating system gives people an incentive to knock buildings down rather than leave them empty. Anything with a rateable value over £2900 is still subject to rates payable by the owner even in unused after the initial three months. The Manx arms was revalued to zero in 2017 because it was beyond economic repair. That is clearly the other way out but after that it really has to come down or you have committed fraud.
  9. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Sorry but they really are specialized. Each element is optimised and achieves the lowest cost by producing the largest volume possible with different models sharing common components to the greatest extent practical. Whilst any manufacturer has a large enough market to do this the world will not go back to cottage industries. The reality is that our prosperity depends on the economies of scale and without them prices would rise dramatically and our standard of living would plummet. The doomsayers are generally trying to frighten us all enough to make us want to return to the stone age as communists, don't listen as that way lies madness!
  10. A perspective on immigration

    Indeed, which is why you option for voters to change the politicians was not a valid option!
  11. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Just to be clear the charges for the Mersey Street Car Park have been published and the free for three hours is pretty clearly a teaser to get people to go to the Market rather than a permanent feature. The current popularity of the Market cannot be judged while that offer is in place. Someone, I think PJ, said cinema attendance was rising. Is it, I wonder, rising enough to justify two multi-screens in the town, or are you expecting Westbrook's Odeon to close?
  12. Fat tax ?

    Then you can forget buying clothes in the store concerned for anyone of that size. Further it is the shape of the models being unlike most of the population that causes women to need larger sizes. Choose the wrong shape model and everyone needs large sizes and there's more profit!
  13. A perspective on immigration

    The only way is to leave the European Union treaty, changing the politicians alone is insufficient.
  14. A perspective on immigration

    Can't agree, the policy was illegal without a shadow of a doubt. It seems many of them were working but not being paid enough to get accommodation. They had an absolute right of entry if working all the way back to the start of the EEC let alone under the Union treaty. The Home Office staff just picked an easy target they though no one would object to, mean spirited an objectionable. The rule of law should not be usurped, but the law can change!
  15. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Without diverse shops customers stay at home or go where there are better shops. Ask yourself is it easier to shop in the Town Centre than in Alban Retail Park, Birchwood or Gemini? Then do a second check, are all of those easier than Riverside Retail Park? The answers and reasons will show you that the car is king in this Town because the bus services are poor, unreliable and expensive. They are unreliable because they concentrate on reducing the Maximum Vehicle Requirement almost to the exclusion of anything else. The interworking of many bus routes to get exactly the right run durations for maximum efficiency means that buses criss-cross the town centre on each duty. That in-turn means that a delay on any on the radial routes knocks on to routes where passengers can't see any reason for delay, hence the unreliability. I'm not going into the cost.
  16. Knife crime ?

    A study on Stop and Search before it was cut back showed exactly that. Indeed it showed that the group being disproportionately affected were not the ones complaining about at all since that group had been reported in a lower fraction of cases than the number of stops (for balance). The report was filed without publicity.
  17. A perspective on immigration

    I suspect that the effect of corrupt or failed government in such countries is far more significant than trading barriers. Under such circumstances aid money is also less effective than it should be. What should be done to encourage growth and trading in such countries rather than leaving them is isolated poverty?
  18. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    The Town Centre needs shops with vitality not a council estate!!!
  19. Cambridge Analytical ?

    Which HMG data storage problem did you have in mind? You should consider that DWP has data that goes back to computerised data from card held NI stamp records and can calculate your pension all the way back to graduated pensions and how many stamps you were credited in every year since you were 16. But that is because they knew they needed to do that. They even have algorithms which were taken into account in setting contribution rates in past times . Windrush records were on paper could have been scanned but would not have been possible to OCR the hand-written records. They couldn't see the point so they got lost. Government has a clear policy on destroying data that is not needed any more, what they really need is a better crystal ball,
  20. A credit to the town?

    According to Guido Fawkes Faisal Rashid tweeted a joke which may have got him into trouble: "Vote early, vote often, vote Labour! Today is the day!" on the UK Labour, Labour North West and Labour Warrington South accounts before deleting them. A copy of the original is here. https://order-order.com/2018/05/03/labour-mp-deletes-vote-early-vote-often-tweet/
  21. Blowing one's own trumpet...

    And if someone else tried that for an Insurance application
  22. Windrush -

    I am not so concerned with that when the source of interest is derived from a pattern of Likes on Facebook that correlates with support for one party of another. I mentioned echo chamber before and the only people that will have been affected are those who as exhibiting confirmation bias. Such folk are often not very open minded and the advertising has little effect in changing the outcome. Those targeted incorrectly will get annoyed and ignore it or stop looking. Those who are susceptible and open minded are probably not large in percentage terms but are commonly assumed to be young, I don't know if that is true but is is what is said anecdotally. I have a faceache account but I do not ever send anything, make a comment or Like/Dislike anything, I just lurk! When I asked for a copy of the data they hold on me they could find anything. Oh and done accept friend requests as they impute your preference from those of your friends. I find it amusing that you comment on Robert Mercer, presumably because he bankrolled Nigel Farage (evil leave team), but the joke was on Nigel because the susceptible types voted against and he gave the money back to Mercer through Cambridge Analytica. I don't think Mercer was doing anything but minimising the money he wasted on a hobby. Cambridge Analytica is in any event no more. Personally I think the confirmation bias issue on social media and the way it stops those who use it from getting balanced news and opinion is a serious matter. If people want to block out balanced views then they have that right but it shouldn't be made easier than seeing balance. What say you?
  23. Windrush -

    Obs, Windrush and the Liebour agenda. Sorry you are being naïve, there are local elections in London and some other places more enlightened than Warrington with election by thirds. Labour tried to get at Teresa May in the Commons with a disclosure requirement, it failed so you can expect all sorts of squealing about the terrible Tories in the news tonight and in tomorrow's papers. They couldn't have Londoners (a lot of whom are immigrants) thinking Khan was as fault for failing to resource the fight against knife crime and reneging on promises to freeze travel costs when there is the opportunity to claim the Tories are out to deport the lot of them. It will calm down by Saturday! I agree with you Davy but just make a more detailed point (as usual!)
  24. Cheeky Iraeli Bs

    Obs, You may wish to think that Israel has nukes but Netanyahu couldn't possibly say. No Israeli government has ever confirmed it but the deterrent effect is still there. I think it is unfair to call it hypocrisy when it is about self preservation. Should Israel be open an honest with regimes that have pledged to destroy it as a state?
  25. Spy games ?

    The key was the bit about fluorine as if it was a signature. I take your refusal even with this to mean that you don't want to be convinced as I doubt that there will be any stronger evidence. There were clear statements that only three labs were able to produce such purity ( so all western labs will not carry samples of the observed purity) and he suggests, with common sense, that the Americans and British have to motive. No one else is a suspect for him. He even dismisses the Russian mafia by saying there is no black market. I find your response disappointing but I am sure it will mirror that from Corbyn, which is rather more depressing!