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  1. I did read it before. It was irrelevant then and it still is. The Guardian has had a period when it deliberately exaggerated every climate story as part of its effort to get more money from left wing readers, including the acme of stupidity in employing the 97% fraudster Dana Nuccitelli. I have read all of this stuff before and unlike some understood it too. Just because it is left wing crap doesn't stop it being crap. Quoting Drax would not be popular with true eco-warriors because of damage to American forests and the tremendous costs in fuel of getting the stuff to the power station. I will let you look up for yourself the complaints about the department at Imperial College and their shenanigans over the economic cases in climate studies.
  2. Based on observable facts that is one of the most stupid posts I have ever seen. The rest of the thread contains sensible comments about the difficulty of storage and indirectly of generation density. Without nuclear which, along with hydro, regulation does not count as renewable global warming better be massive or we will all freeze to death in the depths of a windless harsh winter.
  3. The details as disclosed are: Station calls in both directions: Liverpool Lime Street – Liverpool South Parkway – Lichfield Trent Valley – Tamworth – Nuneaton - London Euston Number of services: Down Direction - 13 trains (forming an hourly service) First service 06:36 from London Euston, last service from London Euston 21:36. Our aspiration is for a sub-2h 30m journey time, including station calls. No services from London Euston in the evening peak period. Up Direction – 11 trains (forming an hourly service) First service 08:13 from Liverpool Lime Street, last service from Liverpool Lime Street 20:13. Our aspiration is for a sub-2h 30m journey time, including station calls." This is an Open Access service and they usually get batted back by Virgin but they are presumably applying now because the successor in the West Coast Franchise has no legal way of objecting because they haven't been selected yet! If I were them I would sell tickets from Warrington via South Parkway as that is not a permitted route on the West Coast Franchise. They could use HSTs as they have to be able to run at 125 mph and they cannot have the Pendolinos. Of course HSTs are more comfortable than Pendolinos with more space in my view.
  4. Confused52


    Evils is right. It is in the Parished Area that was in Warrington Rural District within Lancashire and the registration District being Newton. However whoever checks your passport application is pretty unlikely to know that and will almost certainly just check that it is the same as last time. They can see the birth certificate if they want to but checking what happened to registration districts is something people interested in genealogy might know but the passport office not so much.
  5. But that isn't a title. Just give up after your next reply because it is obvious that your ego requires that you have the last word because you are clearly special !
  6. Now you are just being stupid. In normal use my title would be Mr now wouldn't it?
  7. The Welsh First Minister scrapped the road because they could afford it. He then said that he wouldn't build it even if he could afford it because of it's effect on the Gwent levels. The effect on the health of Otters, Water Voles, wading birds and the King Diving Beetle is so much more important than the health of humans using or living near the M4. It is interesting to note that the traffic on the M4 at the Cardiff end is expected to rise by 23% as a result of removing the tolls presumably as welsh consumers choose English services based in Bristol instead of those in Cardiff.
  8. I haven't confused him, he has just chosen that where there is doubt whether his posts are sarcastic we should all realise that he is actually being stupid. It was simple: he chose and I listened. The further hint he gave that it was the right interpretation is in stating that the title of the thread is Confused.
  9. Last week a new Consultation on Design Refinements for HS2 was published. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/hs2-phase-2b-design-refinement-consultation The interesting bit is the final change which puts in the ability to add two new junctions close to High Legh. One allows access from Warrington to the line to Manchester and the other gives access to Warrington from London. The significance is that as well as the NPR route from Liverpool via Warrington to Manchester, Leeds and beyond there is a proposal to have native HS2 trains from Liverpool via Warrington to Old Oak Common (for the Elizabeth Line and Heathrow) and Euston. This could be a significant opportunity for the town but gives us the issue of where will the line go through Warrington and where will the station be sited, much popcorn on the way?
  10. Don't confuse sarcasm with stupidity or we might have to do the same.
  11. So far it looks as if no costs were awarded. The only relief mentioned in what I have found is that the order of the district court was quashed. My understanding is that the costs of the earlier hearing now fall on Mr Ball and each pays his own costs at the Judicial Review. No doubt there will be clarification when the judgement is made available. I have seen analysis that this case can be described as seeking to make a retrospective change to the Common Law by making lying a criminal offence and then apply it to a statement made in 2015.
  12. Indeed so Asp, and not really surprising. We will have to wait to see if the private prosecutor is given leave to appeal or that is the end of the matter, personally I expect the latter.
  13. The next instalment starts tomorrow at 0930 when Boris is applying for a judicial review of the actions of Westminster Magistrates Court. Popcorn required. They have found a judge other than Ed Milliband's wife (Justine Thornton) to take the case!
  14. Sid, It really isn't the gadgets that I see as a problem. The services we all depend on in turn depend on computers and networks. Even food distribution depends on getting the lorries with enough fuel to take food from producers to distribution warehouses to the right shops. A major disruption in any of these mundane service chains can have a serious effect because there are no stocks any more. The Police, the NHS the Fire Services will soon depend entirely on the EE 4G network. The network is not just the Internet but all those things carried invisibly over the same data connections. Finally there are the databases whose integrity is vital to keep the emergency service and everything else working. That is the kind of targets, plus the energy and water sector that are made risky by bad choices. In my opinion the risk from allowing Huawei into the edge part of the 5G network is overstated but when the Internet of Things arrives the core network has to be secure. The problem about the things I describe is that you don't see how dependent you are on these things for day to day life and the effects that a disruption could bring. If you can remember the miner's strikes and the power cuts then imagine how much more we depend on computers and networks you will begin to appreciate the scale of the potential risk.
  15. Obs, The UK has no indigenous telecoms manufacturer of any significant size any more. Starting afresh would be technologically difficult and costly when all consumers care about is low cost.
  16. Not yet he hasn't, from the DECISION AND REASONS OF DISTRICT JUDGE M. COLEMAN ….. "This means the proposed defendant will be required to attend this court for a preliminary hearing, and the case will then be sent to the Crown Court for trial. The charges can only be dealt with in the Crown Court." Also the Judge made it clear that there was no implication that the charge had been considered only that there was a case to answer according to the information. Your imputation of guilt is therefore quite improper. Davy, Tony's missing WMDs could have been a much clearer case that that of Boris.
  17. But your avatar says you are Mr Whippy, but Del says your name is Rodney.
  18. That would be because the offence is triable only on indictment. The decision of the 23rd stated that there was prima facie evidence of an offence. The finding that the action is not vexatious was described thus "I accept the defence submission that when the applicant commenced his consideration of whether to bring a private prosecution against the proposed defendant, some three years ago, there may have been a political purpose to these proceedings. However, the information for the summons was laid on the 28th February 2019 and that argument in my view is no longer pertinent." For information the prosecution is being brought by a company called "Brexit Justice Limited" The decision can be found here: https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Ball-v-Johnson-FV-290519.pdf
  19. Well you are both right and wrong. When the European Parliament meets at Strasbourg Trevien is closer than Newcastle!
  20. The degree to which you exhibit confirmation bias is something to behold!!!
  21. It is a model and it does predict an increase in the UK population but it does so by Local Authority area. It takes into account the current trends, as well as historic trends but if you want detail you could look at the ONS description or you could just pontificate based on total ignorance. It has a reduction in incoming numbers from abroad based on Brexit having happened.
  22. Well the results are available for Warrington Borough and the largest party vote was for The Brexit Party. However using the same method as Prof John Curtice and adding the definitely Leave ( Brexit and UKIP) then the definitely Remain (Lib Dem, Green and Change UK) the result is Leave 19941 and Remain 19935. A stunningly close result. Don't expect the breaking out of consensus any time soon here or anywhere else
  23. The figures take into account the economic attractiveness of one council area versus another over the long term so Asp's point is supposed to be covered, as best they can do so. Obs' point is just wrong, the data make no such assumption indeed quite the opposite assumption.
  24. Over the local plan period the ONS data that the council is using shows that the number of households which are of Warrington origin in the town will fall by 1%, the growth is incomers from the rest of the UK and less than 1% international incomers. Not much room for reducing population growth there.
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