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  1. Confused52

    Peoples vote ?

    The deal is not as one sided as I expected I really don't agree with the 3rd world comment because they don't care enough about the UK to bother. They will now turn to dealing with Italy and Hungary after they work out how to get new money to pay off the joiners. Expansion should now stop which is good for European peace. The point is that I don't have any faith in politicians but I also don't assume that they have anything other than national self interest and the UK is a massive market that it would be stupid to destroy. The comment about the Spectator was to highlight that is written from one point of view just as it would be if it were from the Grauniad or the Independent. I no longer read any newspaper. I used to read the Independent when my other half bought it sometimes but it turned way too left wing for me. I prefer balance which is why I don't listen to the BBC any more as they now behave like the broadcasting arm of the Grauniad but with their own agenda.
  2. Confused52

    Peoples vote ?

    It is from the Spectator and much is simplistic and incorrect. In particular the infinite vassalage is poppycock, The binding withdrawal agreement commits the EU to negotiating in good faith and not getting to an agreement for the sake of keeping us in the customs union would not meet that requirement, so we could just walk away under the treaty of Vienna. Another problem is highlighted in the recitals, which do not form part of the treaty at all. You didn't vote for a hard Brexit, it wasn't on the ballot paper.
  3. Confused52

    Peoples vote ?

    Sorry Obs but I really do not agree. The disruption caused by No deal is tantamount to self harm. The current deal is not at all a bad one and I cannot see why I am hearing all this macho rubbish from both sides. The behaviour of the EU during these negotiations has been reprehensible and show that we should not stay in their club. However that is not enough of a reason to crash and burn into penury. Both of the sides of this argument need to get real and resume normal grown up British pragmatism. The present political debate is childish. No one voted for a hard Brexit they voted to leave and they didn't know the terms. To claim any one didn't vote for this or that Brexit is absurd, the country as a whole had to negotiate and to not accept what the government has arrived at is just anti-democratic and quite honestly puerile. We all need to pull together to get the best we can out of the lot in the EU and not fight amongst ourselves to make them the winners. Rant over.
  4. Confused52

    Peoples vote ?

    It is quite common for Management to report on work matters of which they have no understanding, indeed it is common every month! What he was told to do was get ready for a no deal. The fact that there are so many different views amongst MPs is the reason that it is no difficult to get agreement not the problem of the agreement. Have you read the documents or are you just repeating the opinions of the offenderati?
  5. Confused52

    Peoples vote ?

    Tosh, Raab did NOT negotiate the deal, that was done by Olly Robbins for the Cabinet Office. That was made clear when Raab was appointed i.e. nominally May , through her agent in the Cabinet Office, in charge of exit negotiations and not Raab. Trouble is nobody wrote it on the side of a bus for you did they? Read the deal it isn't bad, indeed much better than I ever expected, it is a success and no bugger can be bothered to look at the facts, the world is currently running on opinion and prejudice. It is pathetic.
  6. Confused52

    I T systems ?

    It would, and they have been trying for at least five years without success on a large scale as far as I am aware.
  7. Confused52

    I T systems ?

    In addition what may not be obvious is that the data may be about you but you don't own it or control it. The various bits of the NHS own it and they don't know who owns all of the rest. Your notion that permission to use all of your data comes from you would be a good starting requirement, but it isn't true today.
  8. Confused52


    But true. The tendency to stalemate, which the constitution causes, is what makes Executive Orders and a compliant Supreme Court so important in the US system.
  9. Confused52

    Police priorities ?

    No Obs not a good idea. As the recruiting poster said in 1915 - One volunteer is worth 10 pressed men. We don't want the efficiency or fitness reduced now do we? Nor am I convince that teaching them to use a knife properly is a good idea either, but I am less certain on that point!
  10. Confused52

    Don't Panic - we are in safe hands

    I wrote what I shared with you. I have nothing to add.
  11. Confused52

    "hate crime" ?

    PJ, No he wasn't telling porkies, he was simply unaware of facts that were not widely reported. I deduce that you did not know either, or you would have helpfully informed the board, so you are not in a position to criticise.
  12. Confused52

    Don't Panic - we are in safe hands

    Well now, I stopped subscribing to the Independent because of the ever more ludicrous and rabid reporting. They aren't winning me back at the moment.
  13. Confused52

    "hate crime" ?

    Asp, I believe an adjacent building was rendered uninhabitable by the fire but I don't think it was well reported. That is where the extra families came from.
  14. Confused52

    The Caravan -

    Bill. I don't mind there being disagreement because this place ought to allow free speech with the usual exclusions. However, there are some who don't seem to recognise that they are the one with a one track mind. Stallard, It is nice to hear a rational view about Trump's position from someone. The dreadful whining about him from the BBC in particular is very annoying. I do not understand they don't get that the job of the President of the United States of America was always to put America first, and the problem was that recent democrat incumbents got it wrong by putting themselves and their legacy first. The problem with the UK media is similar to the US with left wing ideology seen as mainstream so that everything else is tarred with a right-wing epithet. In fact there is a lot of clamour for no-platforming and similar behaviour which attempts to place authoritarian limits on free speech, which is in fact classic right wing behaviour, from people who claim to be of the left. I expect that is happening where you are too.
  15. Confused52

    Time out -

    If the school days round here get any shorter there will be hardly any point them going at all!