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  1. Windrush -

    We are all on some kind of database, however the polling clerks do not have access to those and will demand photo ID which many do not have. Failing that you take household bills which the hapless clerk is supposed to be able detect as genuine, because they have obvious seen every kind before, NOT. However if you give a postal vote in an Old Folks have with the help of your local candidate you won't need any ID. Do you get it now, there is an inbuilt Labour bias in this and the tories are introducing it, cretins. The Windrush landing cards saga was signed off inside the civil service, Alan Johnson was Home Secretary at the time and says he didn't see any request. The significance was well understood by the dome office who put the issue clearly in subsequent immigration act impact assessments. However the DWP and NHS didn't think to read that in writing their own decision making manuals. The DWP ones are a work of art in general and are as clear as mud on most subjects. I suspect this is a classic civil service cock-up and not a heinous conspiracy, However much leftards like Corbyn try to make it the latter.
  2. Windrush -

    Unfortunately there are many people born in the UK who do not drive, or travel abroad but possess no photo ID because they have never needed it. The idea of taking up to date household bills as a means of identification for checking by staff who do not know how to check documents is a disaster waiting to happen and an affront to democracy.
  3. The House of geriatrics -

    Davy, her Father was the Attorney-General of Guyana until 2009.
  4. Playing with fire ?

    Thanks Stallard. I have heard that the FBI are still investigating the Clintons, although nothing is reported in the media here. Is there truth in that or is iot just tin-foil hat brigade rumours?
  5. Playing with fire ?

    I note your opinions differ from the government, law officers, but does that make you right? The illegality of chemical weapons derives from a UN treaty but no such treaty exists for nuclear weapons. That seems an inevitable consequence of giving veto powers to the Permanent Members of the Security Council all of which are nuclear powers. |I see no way that will change.
  6. Playing with fire ?

    The legal basis is given here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/syria-action-summary-of-uk-government-legal-position/syria-action-summary-of-uk-government-legal-position Notice no waiting for that to be available and no hand wringing. The Russians will now use this strike as an excuse to sell an even better anti-missile missile system to the grateful Assad. The Russians seemed to have threatened total war in order to ensure that the West did not risk taking out the existing missile system on the grounds there could have been Russians there. Effectively we were faced with the threat of nuclear war for opposing the use of chemical weapons. The West did not even respond to those threats and yet it is the only the Western Powers that are cynical, really? There was the danger that without the attack we would have been faced with the same dilemma over and over again which would have been a very dangerous state to be in. Will Russia now agree to allow the OPCW to attribute blame for Chemical Weapons attacks without permitting the Permanent 5 to veto that attribution in the Security Council? That, after all, was what this enormously dangerous and frightening event was really about! Russia was attempting, and still is, to make itself unaccountable for the use of Chemical Weapons on any scale, the 40 would be just the start.
  7. Embarrasing Ambassador

    Are you sure? A recording seems to be here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_q2RJG6StQ and she speaks carefully.
  8. Spy games ?

    On a battlefield you don't leave it on a door knob exposed to weather and wait for someone to grab hold of it an unknown time later. In the Skripal's case we have no idea how long it was there before they touched it and what the conditions were. The assassin could hardly have predicted the weather's effect in April in England could they? If they did there is money to be made replacing the Met Office. Let us hope that the 50000 hours of CCTV that the Met anti-terrorist branch have to look at will help answer the questions. It is clear that the Skripal's were lucky, but that can't have been the plan, and I for one will be surprised if they do not have some permanent injury.
  9. Englishman's home ?

    Released without charge
  10. Spy games ?

    Yes it is that dangerous, consider how many could have been affected compared to the number of people that could be kept on life support in intensive care for three to four weeks.
  11. Spy games ?

    I don't do Hollywood rules. I have been informed by reading statements at the OPCW meetings, the briefings from our Ambassador in Moscow and latterly watching the meeting in the UN security council live and not summarised by the BBC. The big mistake by the UK was using twitter at all, but these days that seems unavoidable. The stuff is so dangerous it can only be made in facilities with funding and expertise which is known only to exist in three laboratories in the world. A Russian scientist is known to have died in the development of the stuff. The three laboratories are in the UK, US and Russia. To disagree with that is to question Porton Down scientists opinion and not simply scoring party points off Boris. So they can't say "look it has bits of caviar in it", and say that they can't. The proof is the same as saying only such and such a country produces a particular material, it is circumstantial. However what would be the Motive for another country to learn those skills at great expense to pretend it was Russia? Without a tin-foil hat it doesn't make sense does it? The Labour party buffoons such as Chris Williamson are supporting the Russians ahead of efforts to defend national security. The Russian bluster started with the diplomatic equivalent of "No one talks to me like that", the hallmark of bullies everywhere. Their latest gem is that they will only accept the result of the independent OPCW investigation if the laboratories that produce it are the ones who are least likely to have the scientific infrastructure to be able to do so, African, Asian and Latin American countries. They are reduced to this because the OPCW does not inform State Parties how it splits up its investigation and which university laboratories are being used. The professional investigation, as you put it, is being done by the Met and the OPCW effort is in parallel. The only body that can decide culpability is a court, as was said in the UN. The words "highly likely" are as strong as the government can use without prejudicing a trial, but the decision of a court is not applicable to the international realm which is determined by the government under the royal prerogative.
  12. Breaking down borders ? ....

    Well it could given that the car market is controlled by International UN defined standards rather than just EU, but only if third countries set lower tariffs against our goods than those from the EU. However the balancing of component supplies mean that there would probably be a problem if cars were sold at a different rate to third countries and more significantly in terms of component supplies from other countries as we are looking for a zero tariff on car parts from the EU (as well as a zero tariff for import of our manufactured parts into the EU) to support the supply chain for manufacture and assembly both here and in the EU. My reading of the event is that the French government, who I believe have shares in PSA, have another reason not to block tariff free trade with the UK after Brexit.
  13. Breaking down borders ? ....

    According to the DWP the 18-14 age range has 84227 males and 54118 females receiving Jobseekers allowance or out of work Universal Credit, so a total of 138345, which drops to 44092 by the 39-44 age range. So nearly 20000 per year in the lower age range and only 9000 per year in the higher age range. In 2017 the DWP issued National Insurance Numbers to 121437 males and 119940 females aged between 18 and 24, annualised and approximated that is 34500 per year of age total in the 18-24 band compared t0 20000 drawing unemployment benefit. Forget the lies, damned lies and statistics line because this data is counts, both of claimants and new NINo issues. The 18-24 range includes those with first degrees as well as school leavers. So what can you deduce? I can't see the menial employment line standing up given that they get employment later. To me it look more like education leaves them not equipped for work and it takes time. Meanwhile a ready supply is there and competing. The evidence is that they do find jobs though, in the end.
  14. Spy games ?

    The criminal standard is beyond reasonable doubt which is lower than beyond refute. Mr Corbyn is merely parroting the Kremlin drivel as I said. Such composure is normal for a Russian stooge. It is easy to not be proved wrong if one asserts that the impossible must be performed, that is not wise but duplicitous.
  15. Spy games ?

    Well it is ever clearer that it was the Russians isn't it? The OPCW results are due in around a week and they will eventually ask Russia for a sample of what they have. They will now be searching round for samples to give to the OPCW which have different isotopic composition in the precursors from the ones used in the Salisbury compounds to get off the hook, I expect Porton Down will have given OPCW samples of our detector test samples which will not match. That could be the step Russia wanted to avoid ,because it would prove that their disinformation was just scurrilous. However their stock piles of the agent will now have to be destroyed because they can't avoid questions being asked formally from the OPCW after today. Their offer of a joint investigation essentially admits that they do have the agent because otherwise they had nothing to bargain with. Meanwhile Corbyn appears to be nothing more than a Russian stooge, why is the Labour party putting up with that?