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  1. There is also the little Marks and Sparks as well as Morrisons just their side of the border!
  2. The Vienna Convention on Treaties is not EU law, it is an International Convention.
  3. In a word, no. The reason is that the Vienna treaty applies only to state actors; in our case the British government. The Benn Act is an Act of the sovereign Parliament of the UK, the procedural passing of which may not be challenged in the courts. The UK court has no power to consider that Act in the context of the Convention because the Convention is not part of UK law. The prohibition on the courts considering it is once again the Bill of Rights.
  4. Confused52

    Bus Company

    The buses are expensive when looked at objectively. Those who travel long distances get a better deal than those taking shorter trips. This helps to get the average fare paid as high as possible sing the English National Concession Scheme reimbursement is a fixed percentage of the average single fare. The increases have been necessary because of the reduction in subsidy from the council and the council pushing down the level of concession fare reimbursement. The evening services that used to be numbers with an E at the end are the only subsidies paid by the council. The service to Ashton, the evening service to Wigan and the evening service to Leigh are subsidised by Greater Manchester. Gary is right that the company, i.e. Warrington Borough Transport (yes, it is) do appear to operate at a lower level of viability than their non-council owned competitors. However the reduced fares are only ever targeted at those areas with low car ownership. The problem mainly stems from the Council and their insistence on using the money they have only to benefit a small part of the population of the town, which does include the worst off. The bus company is doing the best it can with the reduced resources that the council has chosen to improve the lives of ordinary people whilst it spends larger amounts than the national average on those under 65 with social care needs. (If you think this is being negative check the facts, the figures are in the public domain)
  5. Sid, The answer to your question is that the EU Withdrawal (No2) Act 2019 requires the Prime Minister to write "... a letter in the form set out in the Schedule to this Act requesting an extension of that period to 11.00pm on 31 January 2020" He has no leeway. If the EU agree to extend to 31/1/2020 the Act requires that he immediately accept. If they offer a different date he must accept it within two days unless by the end of the period the house of commons have decide not to approve the date. Then there is the mistake: "Nothing in this section shall prevent the Prime Minister from agreeing to an extension of the period specified in Article 50(3) of the Treaty on European Union otherwise than in accordance with this section." . What that means is that the EU could offer a delay of just one hour and Boris could accept that without delay and the UK would leave the EU on 31st October with no deal. The reality though is that it is now the EU that is in control which is why Boris calls it the name that the lefties objected to.
  6. That CMO is about to retire, it is her last chance to engage in her scare mongering. Let us hope the next incumbent is less addicted to making the public miserable.
  7. The opposition need to get out more as they are developing very thin skins. It must be related to the amount of sun they seen because the SNP are usually the worst affected.
  8. A treat for any Labour supporter who get the impression that only Boris was behaving badly yesterday. https://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/a1b65e77-a0e6-4b89-ac09-99d7c5383f45?in=12:21:21&out=12:22:11
  9. The determination of the location of aircraft over the oceans is a by product of having satellite connectivity and in regulatory terms it was not historically a safety feature. As I understand it they were initially used for diagnostic information on engines and measurement systems for fuel etc. The Malaysian plane that went missing, MH370, definitely had its satellite system turned off and all other radio reporting ceased. The Secondary surveillance radar can also be turned off because it may be necessary if it is faulty since, like the satellite system, it has the capacity to jam the receivers for other users. This ability to turn them off is still likely to be necessary if air traffic control over the oceans ceases to use High Frequency radio altogether and satellite coms becomes mandatory mandatory.
  10. Administration relies on the ability or the Administrators to fund the costs of the business while it is being restructured or sold, without making a loss itself. In the case of TC there clearly wasn't a firm prepared to take the job on. That is why, it was too far gone.
  11. The court granted a compulsory winding up order, not a voluntary one. Curtains.
  12. They need to be impounded in the UK for preference to prevent their seizure by individual creditors to gain advantage over the general liquidation to be done by the official receivers. Unless the Supreme Court is involved, of course, since they can then just rewrite the constitution and do whatever they like.
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