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  1. Quote from Wikipedia - "Zaghari-Ratcliffe has worked for the BBC World Service Trust (now called BBC Media Action),[10] an international charity that provided training courses to Iranian citizen journalists and bloggers in its Iran Media Development Project's ZigZag magazine and associated radio programme.[11] In 2014, several graduates were convicted and sentenced by Iran to up to 11 years in jail for their participation in these courses.[12][13]" I have seen it confirmed elsewhere, but of course not on the BBC website or news!
  2. Well I thought it was because she was previously working with the BBC Iranian service in London and the Iranians deliberately picked on her to trump up charges and thereby put pressure on the Government via the BBC to pay for a cancelled arms deal which has been in dispute for donkey's years.
  3. That is excellent. The case especially beats the hell out of what gets used for amateur radio projects. Nifty. I could make guesses as to what level of IVR you are attempting but I hope it is a limited vocabulary with driver voice training which seems to be within the capability of the current libraries. The board looks good too and actually identifies the components, not that there are that many of them. I too used assembler most of the time I was allowed near programming. I try c# occasionally but find the way my lad can use it to be just daunting he does it for fun, in a professional way. He used a more dated language at work, and no not Cobol! End of subject
  4. That is reasonable, however if someone presses a domestic TV into use the effect will be noticeable when the emergency is over, sorry the point wasn't clear. Needless to say some brands are worse than others. So, out of interest, what are you working with the Pi, Arduino or something else ?
  5. The numbers for yesterday were not like for like because they are taking longer to process at the Health Department and in future the numbers will be published later in the day ( Source - Health Department via Guido Fawkes). Yesterday was not a full 24 hours of infections or deaths, tomorrow will cover 24 then they get reliable again the day after that. Bill is exactly right about there being only two numbers that are reliable and neither were yesterday. FYI the positive tests were about the same as the previous day but could be low for the reason stated earlier.
  6. Excellent work Bill. Have you told them not to use OLED TVs as the status display so they avoid burn-in on what will presumably be domestic sets.
  7. Well I will go with the flavour of the moment and you can take this as my opinion. Nice to see you back Algy. The source of the infection is known to be Bats, the similarities in the sequence of the RNA in the virus to SARS-v1 (Covid-19 is caused by what the scientific literature calls SARS-v2) suggest that this is true and the information is not from the Chinese. There is now an understanding of how it attacks the lower respiratory system in the literature and it may explain why older folks suffer more, but to be frank my understanding is not sufficient. However it is also the case that some younger folks will have the characteristics that can encourage attack. The disease is not able to target age, it looks for concentration of available proteins that it uses as its attack vector. When no one has immunity there is a mathematical model that describes accurately how the disease progresses. The Reproduction number R0 (how many people each infected person infects as secondary cases) and the mean time from infection to infectiousness, which Canadian research says in 5.5 days, as well as the duration of infectiousness let the progress be calculated. Knowing how many people will have bad enough symptoms to die is based on comparing medical condition of populations and I suspect guesswork. Social Distancing in the models from Imperial College being used by the NHS is intended to reduce the value of R0 to a much lower value, it is based on the number of new non-immune people you meet at a close enough distance to receive infected material so less than 2m. The fraction of people assumed to be going to work is clear in the model and all this stuff is published. Most people have a smallish group of contacts they meet in person other than the health service etc. That means that unlimited pool of non-immune people will not last forever so it will slow down. So we will see changes for a long time in the way shopping, health care, social care etc where the people change rapidly. Those are needed to keep the pool of uninfected folks away from those who may be infected. None of these systematic changes are well understood yet but public facing staff will need testing regularly for a long time after the lock-downs ( yes the model predicts more than one) have stopped. However the Armageddon forecast by Obs can and will be avoided by having courage and trusting in the science, as well as following the rules. The Government is totally following scientific advice from some of the worlds leading epidemiologists.
  8. Checkouts in Sainsburys- they didn't open alternate ones to enforce Social Distancing but opened adjacent pairs so customers have to touch as they go though. They keep saying that they have deliveries but it really doesn't show, so we have to go shopping far more that we did normally and having not stockpiled food we now can't get it without excess risk. You can only have two cartons of milk-- doesn't matter whether they are one or four pint its just two. These morons are trying to kill us!
  9. Sid, There is a better potential conspiracy story there - this has caused governments to give out cash, loans and grants. In the UK equal to 15% of GDP, so the money is created and who buys the bonds? The only people with savings that they can spend on the bonds, that would be the Chinese government, so we all pay interest to the Chinese whilst rebuilding our economies to be less dependent on them. They don't have to sell anything - just buy our debt. It is just made up honest.
  10. Confused52


    Bill, sorry I misread what you said. I too have no problem chipping in either but I now use a sort of blocker because some sites are becoming saturated with ads. I turn it on for all sites by default and if necessary I can allow some things on sites that need it but so far there haven't been any. This is the only local site where we can nominate topics and as such is really valuable and much needed. It is much undervalued by the people of Warrington who seem to be happy to be led by the nose by the WG. It is disappointing.
  11. Confused52


    Bill, the WG is owned by Newsquest who control their page formats centrally including the targeting of adverts, you can see that from visiting more than one of their sites. They aim to make a lot of their revenue from those ads, as do other local newspaper publishers who have publicly stated as much on Radio4's The Media Show. Newsquest deliberately target ads to delay rendering just above the comments button and they treat the commenters and those who comment as a prime source of revenue that effectively self selects. If you use an ad-blocker they send a banner that blocks off a large part of the screen asking you to think again so making reading more difficult - but still possible.. From what has been said the ads on this site have been moving about which rather suggests that they are being sent at places chosen by the publisher, which is Invision and not Gary. The adverts are being sent by Google based on your tracking history. Google may know a lot but they don't always use it accurately. I expect that Invision are experimenting to see if they can improve their take in this way and an ad-blocker is possibly the best way to give them no for an answer. I don't see that Gary should be in any way criticised for using an off-the shelf package. The Invision people are probably trying to exploit the stickiness of comment histories on such sites. If I am wrong I expect Gary will tell us in due course. This forum is really not an integral part of the Warrington-Worldwide internet site, to me , it looks like a public spirited add-on from Gary which is just a cost to him.
  12. Milky, well I heard an interview with Margaret Harris of the WHO and she was saying that the model followed in the Ebola outbreak with lots of people available could be followed in Europe even if the UK thought it could not and the position she advocated was one size fits all and applies to all countries.. I had already thought that the tracing capability would be exhausted before long and we also exceeded our capacity to do tests because they are still replicating the Colindale PHE labs in hospitals. You cannot just wave a magic wand at these things. The government had said today that the plan is not about banking on herd immunity. It is reducing its spread to at-risk groups and overwhelming the NHS. I do not think that Margaret Harris alone represents the settled view of the WHO either. I can see that they want their general advice followed by other countries. I suspect that you will see all the things you call for happening in due course but taking half of the workforce out for childcare for 14 weeks would lead to a lot of us starving even without the virus. All the borders are closing there will be no food imports soon. I think your assertion is an over-reaction but I retain an open mind.
  13. Confused52


    I use uBlock Origin and I see no ads here. As a test I opened a new copy of Edge on Win10 and navigated to this topic. The filters removed one site only which was "googlesyndication.com". I have been using uBlock origin for about a month because of the appalling state of the other place in Warrington and the withdrawal of support for IE11. Newsquest are their own worst enemy as their ads delay rendering the page and deliberately delay the page so that clicking on an expected hotspot is where there is a actually a delayed rendering of an ad which the browser knows about but hasn't yet arrived in view. That effectively tricks you into clicking on an ad. If they controlled the ads carefully you could possibly trust them with that strategy but they don't exercise control. The worst example is where the whole outside of the page is actually ad un-rendered ad so you click on a blank area to deselect an element but it turns out that the clear area was not blank after all! Compared to that this place appears to just be google ads which I would guess have been put in by invision outside Gary's control.
  14. The first thing I would like to have seen done is to have commandeered suitable firms to make more respirators under government control as in using the model of the Ministry of Aircraft Production; is this a war on Coronavirus or not? Given that we appear to be getting a destroyed economy anyway then we may as well be on a war footing that will make a difference. EDIT: The BBC now says Car Plants will be used to manufacture ventilators and describes it as a "wartime" measure. I guess the NC machines can learn very fast when given the right data . It is the lack of respirator numbers that is defining the governments approach as well as needing to need food production ant 80% of normal so keeping the economy working on the important things . The Dept. of Health will soon publish the mathematical models so the armchair critics can see why they are doing what they are doing. Nobody blindly trusts the government as such but the safety of the nation is what they are there for and the government are just following the professional advice of the infection control team that the WHO rated last year as the best in the world; so the government are doing the best anyone can until there is more evidence.
  15. Well I would suggest that in the case of toilet rolls it is because there is little practical alternative these days when we are told not to put non-degradable material down the toilet, so newspaper (which most have little of) doesn't fit the bill, and nor do tissues. Furthermore toilet roll can be a substitute for tissues as it is stronger. You have here a product that you cannot do without but if confined may not be able to get hold of as the raw materials are mostly imported from foreign forests. The photographs of empty toilet roll shelves were mostly of Sainsbury's who happened to have an offer on Andrex toilet rolls last week and they usually don't have enough stock to prevent the shelves emptying when there is a good offer, the 9 pack was significantly cheaper than the 16 pack per roll. I put off getting ours, which we buy every two months or so, in Tesco because the price was better in Sainsbury's, and succeeded. For me it was normal not panic buying. I also normally buy disinfectant 10 bottles at a time..... it is an accessibility thing, most shops stock the things I don't want and not what I do want - I have to buy when I find what I want. The picture on the BBC website is of Sainsbury's and if you look you will see that there is toilet roll left on the shelf but it is the own brand stuff which real panic buying would have seen snapped up!
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