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  1. What Bill said about masks and less than 2m is correct. The Guidance tells us that where 2m is not possible we should stay at least 1m away and employ other mitigation such as face coverings. Visors, by the way, do not count as face coverings. The mitigation part is not usually explained well and it includes avoiding face to face situations. Face to back is not dangerous unless you are wearing a visor or closer than 1m. I simply took from what you wrote that you did not like the complete disregard by some of the guidelines because they did not offer you the common courtesy of waiting for
  2. Tough luck - your guess is way off. If my words mean that it is difficult it to pigeonhole me as pro or anti then I have delivered the words correctly. I don't want you to to assume you know what I meant to say. I want a discussion not a slanging match. I used sentience in a wider sense to mean "to perceive or feel things" i.e. to indicate life. I did that because, as you will no doubt tell me you know, viruses are not alive in the normal sense of the word and cannot react to anything with intent.
  3. What I said about viruses is true, over the centuries they all mutate (that is evolve) to be less deadly to their host or they find a different host. No sentience is required for evolution to work it is just random mutation and chance encounters.
  4. Exactly Bill. In evolutionary terms killing hosts is not a long term success characteristic for a virus to have.
  5. Thanks Obs. I guess it was linked to this story in the Daily Wail "shows 20% of patients had visited one in the week before testing positive" The things is that is official data and it is from the PHE Flu and Covid surveillance report. It has been like that for quite a while but the question asked is where have you been close to people in the last 7 days before testing positive. Most adults will have been to buy food, even during the lockdown period, and the report make no inference about where it was picked up. Bear in mind also that masks don't protect the wearer but others from the wea
  6. Obs where did you find this data please.
  7. You are, of course, correct Bill. You may, for completeness, add that perpetual motion violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics and you Cannae change the laws of Physics as I once heard said somewhere ... Batteries use reversible reactions by their very nature whilst combustion of Hydrocarbons or plain Hydrogen are irreversible without supplying an even larger amount of energy. For that reason it is inconceivable that batteries could ever approach the energy density by volume of chemical energy stores. Development will have to be in producing better and more efficient motors and dri
  8. You have clearly understood the green policies correctly now. The answer to every problem will be keep on banging the rocks together (H/T Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
  9. The worst bits about this story for me are (i) the local by-laws applicable to parks in Hounslow say no such thing (ii) The councillor claimed it was offence against the Environmental Protect Act 1990 and it isn't (iii) Litter is defined in law as including Cigarette, cigars, filters and chewing gum. Beyond that it presumably includes the Oxford dictionary definition which is as you would expect but doesn't include bird food. So it was a swindle which I regard as a bit worse than nuts. Based on their performance on Remembrance Day Warrington could be heading this way next, banks are very expen
  10. Ah memories of trolley buses.... The great hope of Hydrogen is aimed at removing the need for power points outside terraced houses. The question remains whether such technology can ever be safe storing highly combustible material under high pressure in significant volumes next to residential properties close to other such stores all down the street.
  11. There is more to it than that as Blair left a legacy which had a lot to do with why Labour took sides in the Middle East problem in its own electoral self interests.
  12. To be frank the NHS/Covid issue is worse than you say. Public Health is actively being used for Nationalist propaganda purposes except in England and Northern Ireland. The SNP are the worst of course and to help them get used to independence we should cut them out of the Barnett formula immediately in line with their wishes.
  13. Government is about a great deal more than conviction, despite what you would like about Brexit.
  14. Very early on I recall ModeRNA pointing out that they had been working for ten years to create the system they used to design the vaccine. Only Pfizer are likely to make make super-profits because they alone did not get government funding in their development. This is a special case of course because there has never been such an urgent need before since we had the capability to design vaccines. It is truly a cause for celebration that we can now do this.
  15. I think being out of the woods is quite a long way down the track and when he says that about the end of 2021 it is quite encouraging. I gather he suggested that the effect of the vaccine on infection rates would be about 50% at least and that is very significant. With the new restriction is Tier 3 the R number in Warrington seems to have fallen from around 1.1 to 0.9 and that has reduced the number of infections per day significantly. There was a peak in people going to non-food shops in the days leading up to the national lockdown here in Warrington shown in Google data from Android ph
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