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  1. Confused52

    Getting dafter -

    He didn't say he was concerned about the lack of health care staff. Rather he is upset by cultural appeasement. You need to get off your racist finder hobby horse and actually stay on topic once in a while.
  2. Confused52

    May to go -

    You miss the point there, they only get that chance to vote for a referendum if they vote for her deal. I quote directly from the text of her speech as delivered "So if MPs vote against the Second Reading of this Bill – they are voting to stop Brexit." A referendum is not the main threat - it is clearly revocation., she also said " So we are making a new offer to find common ground in Parliament. That is now the only way to deliver Brexit." She makes the point that Parliament will not allow a no deal. Looks like your Brexit hopes may be going down the pan along with the Conservative Party.
  3. Confused52

    Question Time

    Same here in terms of not watching. The snippet I have seen suggest she is more attached to the sound of her own voice than Dimbleby used to be. I find that the coverage is always driven by the BBC agenda rather than newsworthiness or public interest. In fact we have totally stopped watching national news on the BBC for a good ten years. We look at the regional TV news, radio news and the digital replacement for Teletext on Freeview. The latter is the first three paragraphs of the web story automatically selected and you sometimes need to look at the web version to see the important bits that define the story, which got completely left off!. The biggest problem we have with TV news is that our attention span does not seem to have declined as fast as the producers think it has.
  4. Confused52

    The curse of Twitter

    He is not that useful.
  5. Confused52

    The curse of Twitter

    Surely you think that is your job?
  6. Confused52

    Brexit dictionary

    So good to see you have an open mind to the opinions of others. Your belief in the rest of the electorate sharing you views and objectives is naïve.
  7. Confused52

    Climate emergency

    By 2050 the growth rate is projected to be 0.5% and falling. The necessary condition for population to fall is better economic conditions allowing lower child mortality rates and general longevity. This is a pattern seen all over the globe. Reducing the ability for developing countries to grow their economies by restricting carbon dioxide generation is going to kill millions as over population which otherwise would not have happened comes to pass. Agricultural efficiencies and food production have been growing as a result of extra CO2 and the climate morons are putting this increase at risk. They will have blood on their hands by the time they realise what they have done as meeting their arbitrary goals will reduce money for development in needy place and stagnate food production causing starvation. The real problem is water and that needs much more energy for desalination, the power needs to be reliable and more dense in generation than bird mincers. If you want to feel guilty about something then I suggest that you consider the woeful education given to the current generation of youth that means that they fail to analyse the world around them and be led by the media towards a destructive agenda.
  8. Confused52

    Brexit dictionary

    So you propose a General Election in which a single issue party should win and the government of all other affairs can go to hell for a period of five years. You are clearly no better that the current crop of MPs. Mervyn King is mostly correct in his analysis but there needs to be a way such as a general measure to bring this to an end. To start with an act to ban all future referendums other that one on Brexit, with a ban on repeal for forty years. Everyone will know it is aimed at the SNP so it will pass. Next a second referendum with multiple choices and transferable votes as well as a minimum threshold. That way there will be a decisive answer. Then make it an offence for an MP to not implement to will of the electorate, with being found guilty being incompatible with membership of the House of Commons for a minimum period of ten years. That is how to fix this mess, another election will just create another but different mess.
  9. Confused52

    Examining the entrails -

    Dave, I still think that the Krankie is putting the kibosh on any second referendum. If we had one for Brexit then Scotland would have one too. However the Government is dead set against a second Scottish referendum so it has to be dead set against a second Brexit referendum unless remain is not one of the choices!
  10. Confused52

    BBC license fee ?

    About the lack of a BBC Radio Cheshire.The editorial boundaries of Radio's Merseyside and Manchester have always met in the middle of Warrington such that we are notionally covered by both. As usual in practice that means that they assume the other one is doing it so neither actually give us coverage. However in London we are covered!! The south of the county is in the editorial area of BBC Radio Stoke while West Cheshire and Chester are also in the area of Radio Merseyside. So the county is notionally covered but it just doesn't fell like it. Secondly there are no FM frequencies available in this area without taking another station off the air as Radio Warrington found when they were consigned to AM. Policy is for BBC stations to leave AM so that would not happen. Thirdly BBC stations have to be carried by a local commercial DAB multiplex. There is no space on any DAB full power commercial multiplexes, they all carry the obligatory BBC service, so even if there was any money there is nowhere to put it and we don't need it anyway!!
  11. Confused52

    BBC license fee ?

    Surely an exclusive contract would have cost the taxpayer more. In any case the highest of the BT Sport audience figures in the BARB data is beaten by all the BBC channels except BBC News, the 24 hour news service the BBC wanted to close because no one watches it. I don't care about adverts either as I never watch them - it is what fast forwards on a PVR is for!
  12. Confused52

    Super glue -

    I presume it means that some pointless words were added to Hansard documenting a motion passed, signifying nothing.
  13. Confused52

    Social Mobility ?

    So help me out here, how would I recognise a "proper job" since Directors of law firms, senior managers at BT and academics amongst others don't count.
  14. Confused52

    Social Mobility ?

    The report is here: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/798404/SMC_State_of_the_Nation_Report_2018-19.pdf It is by the Government's Social Mobility Commission
  15. Confused52

    The stupidity pandemic -

    Corbyn's brother is not a climate scientist rather he is an alternative weather forecaster using sunspot and magnetic field measurement to produce long-term forecasts. I have no idea if they are any good!. Greta has Asperger's and by all accounts is difficult to control. Hence we have politicians fawning over a girl who needs care to protect her from the way that the climate change lobbiests are trying to use her, the politicians should be ashamed but know they will shortly never hear of the poor girl again. Sad.