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  1. The "Heritage Hub" is the brainchild of Culture Warrington which was quietly featured in the Warrington Guardian on 26 November 2015, it is supposedly going to get funding from the National Lottery Fund but not sure if that's actually confirmed yet? "The sister organisations have today, Thursday, revealed plans to bring the hub to Warrington, in a move which will see the library expand from the Grade II listed building, on Museum Street, into the heart of the town centre next year" - at the time no-one realised the implications. Note the word "expand" this is the famous "Funky Dory" site in Go
  2. Most of the people who turned up on Monday night managed to get seats in the Council Chamber it was more to show that we cared. The falling numbers that keep being mentioned are questionable remember it was a Councillor that pointed out to LiveWire that there were 12 months in the year in relation to statistics for Culcheth Library. If Steven Broomhead is using comparisons between Sept-Nov 2015 and current figures I hope he has taken into consideration - lack of publicity for Library events, shorter opening hours (in some cases closed for whole days), halved book budget, less newspapers, magaz
  3. Do not agree with Steven's conclusions, have just emailed him to point out a few facts he seems to be unaware of. Suggest as many people as possible come tonight to the Full Council Meeting at 7pm or earlier if you want to joint the campaign group. Rumour has it that the BBC will be there. The LiveWire "brainwashing machine" is very powerful, if they patented it they could use the money to buy more books, newspapers, longer opening hours, recruit more management with Library expertise etc.
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