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  1. The "Heritage Hub" is the brainchild of Culture Warrington which was quietly featured in the Warrington Guardian on 26 November 2015, it is supposedly going to get funding from the National Lottery Fund but not sure if that's actually confirmed yet? "The sister organisations have today, Thursday, revealed plans to bring the hub to Warrington, in a move which will see the library expand from the Grade II listed building, on Museum Street, into the heart of the town centre next year" - at the time no-one realised the implications. Note the word "expand" this is the famous "Funky Dory" site in Golden Sq the actual figures = "Total area of Funky Dory = 229 sqm (not all Library usage), Central Library total area = 494 sqm + 108 sqm (computers only) = 602 sqm". This is part of the "empire building" of CW "the construction of a Heritage Hub will add to the existing offer provided by Culture Warrington". Not content with the Pyramid, Parr Hall, Bank Park and the Museum, CW want the computer and lending area of Central Library to allow them to expand - remember LW and CW share a Managing Director, various personnel etc. Read the article, this came out before the Modernisation Review so it didn't ring any alarm bells, unfortunately. By cultural centre I'm suggesting the existing building in the "Cultural Quarter" to be shared with the whole of the Library and the Museum which is what our ancestors envisaged in 1857 when they moved in together. Must admit I have only been told by an ex-employee of the Museum, that there are rooms that are not being used - will have to go in with my tape measure and theodolite to actually confirm this! Remember the famous joke "how can you tell if a politician is lying ...his lips move" from the Council Meeting last Monday I felt a glimmer of optimism but until Tony Higgins has "digested" the LW report by possibly, next March, nothing is definite. Suggest you look on the "save warrington libraries" Facebook forum or on here, watch the Steven Broomhead interview plus the Radio Merseyside interview with Tony Snell and tell me how you interpret his words. If another Councillor can't get to see the report as soon as its published there's no hope for Residents to read it! As usual we are not even sure who is composing the Report and their qualifications to produce an unbiased, intelligent assessment of the over 4000+ responses from the Residents of Warrington. This is why people signed the petition to start again and this time include users, Front-line experienced Library staff, LW, WBC etc! My participation in consultations was to attend the public meetings and email my feedback to LW.
  2. Most of the people who turned up on Monday night managed to get seats in the Council Chamber it was more to show that we cared. The falling numbers that keep being mentioned are questionable remember it was a Councillor that pointed out to LiveWire that there were 12 months in the year in relation to statistics for Culcheth Library. If Steven Broomhead is using comparisons between Sept-Nov 2015 and current figures I hope he has taken into consideration - lack of publicity for Library events, shorter opening hours (in some cases closed for whole days), halved book budget, less newspapers, magazines, dvd's etc. To be fair you have to compare "like with like" but since when has fairness and transparency ever come into statistics from LiveWire. The "borrow a book day" attracted huge numbers from 350 - 700 Residents going into their local Libraries but they do need to keep coming in. I agree that people with no idea of what heritage and culture means are running the Libraries. There has been no regeneration programme of Libraries, since 2012 when the Library Service joined with LiveWire, when it had a budget of 2.2 million, it has been systematically neglected, given no help or encouragement to promote itself, been run by Sport and Leisure personnel who no nothing of the ethos or workings of Libraries etc. It is not surprising if the visitor figures have declined then LW will have a self fulfilling prophecy (engineered by them). If you read the Warrington Guardian, the "save warrington libraries" forum on Facebook/website, have attended a Consultation Meeting and WBC meetings, went to LW's AGM and read the comments on this forum you will have some idea of the misguided, nonsensical Modernisation Review written without expertise, consulting users, true facts and figures etc. Central Library should share the historic building with the Museum and with some re-organisation, more books, utilising unused space etc., it could include a "Heritage Hub" and a cultural centre that our forefathers were proud of and so could we be.
  3. Do not agree with Steven's conclusions, have just emailed him to point out a few facts he seems to be unaware of. Suggest as many people as possible come tonight to the Full Council Meeting at 7pm or earlier if you want to joint the campaign group. Rumour has it that the BBC will be there. The LiveWire "brainwashing machine" is very powerful, if they patented it they could use the money to buy more books, newspapers, longer opening hours, recruit more management with Library expertise etc.
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