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  1. Sorry Dizzy, I should have put dates. I didn't expect such a Rolls Royce service!. I'm trying to track a Frank Newell (b 1884 in Hulme parents Richard Newell and Jane Ann Unsworth) who disappears after the 1901 census when he was a clerk at an Electric Cable Works. There are a few Frank Newells in immigration records traveling between England and the West Indies in the 20s and 30s with occupations stated as electrician or engineer which vaguely fit. I was hoping to triangulate the residence back in the UK with something that also might fit. I have access to Ancestry but didn't think of just searching the location. I just thought someone might recognize the name "Bower". The Latchford bit would fit with other parts of the family although whether it's the same personI don't know. Thanks also Hill Cliffe Walker for the details on the Retreat. I'll see if this rings any bells with my dad - memories keep appearing when he gets bits of info to work on. Frank apparently played hockey for Warrington, I guess in the 30's and 40s.
  2. Dizzy, Thanks for your reply. It could be a transcription error. The details are handwritten on a ship's manifest. The only thing that makes me wonder whether it might be a house or building name is that it is in quotation marks. On a similar document I've got an address of The Retreat, Stockton Heath. A search on this brings up a few beauty salons
  3. Hi, do you still have the photograph of James Mainwaring, Sexton or know where I could find a copy? He is my 3rd Great Uncle and my father would love to see the picture.
  4. I'm doing a bit of family history research and a possible relative lists his address as "Bower", Latchford Without, Cheshire. Does anyone know where this might have been?
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