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  1. Sorry Dizzy, I should have put dates. I didn't expect such a Rolls Royce service!. I'm trying to track a Frank Newell (b 1884 in Hulme parents Richard Newell and Jane Ann Unsworth) who disappears after the 1901 census when he was a clerk at an Electric Cable Works. There are a few Frank Newells in immigration records traveling between England and the West Indies in the 20s and 30s with occupations stated as electrician or engineer which vaguely fit. I was hoping to triangulate the residence back in the UK with something that also might fit. I have access to Ancestry but didn't think of just se
  2. Dizzy, Thanks for your reply. It could be a transcription error. The details are handwritten on a ship's manifest. The only thing that makes me wonder whether it might be a house or building name is that it is in quotation marks. On a similar document I've got an address of The Retreat, Stockton Heath. A search on this brings up a few beauty salons
  3. Hi, do you still have the photograph of James Mainwaring, Sexton or know where I could find a copy? He is my 3rd Great Uncle and my father would love to see the picture.
  4. I'm doing a bit of family history research and a possible relative lists his address as "Bower", Latchford Without, Cheshire. Does anyone know where this might have been?
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