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  1. Thanks everyone, still typing the report Gary! It was a very exciting weekend
  2. Good to see, PJ, what camera are you using?
  3. This sprung to mind fugtifino...
  4. How many of us did the Big Garden Birdwatch last weekend?
  5. You're completely right PJ, less chemicals and far fewer people shooting them! However, the shooting of them has now been permitted to protect pheasants. Yes, pheasants. Lets just run through that again, a buzzard (native) can now be legally shot to protect a pheasant (introduced). What goes through your head to allow this?! Buzzards are mainly scavengers, anyway and there'd have to be no carrion or rabbits around to even think about pheasant! And even then it would be a young bird! Ridiculous.
  6. Ok guys, can we remember that this thread is bird orientated and not dog/cat! the photo was just a bit of - very good - humour and doesn't need to be scientifically analysed unlike the subject matter! If we could please all leave the current subject behind us and turn our heads to the task at hand, that would be greatly appreciated! Now, here are the results from the RSPB's latest 'Big Garden Birdwatch'. https://www.rspb.org.uk/discoverandenjoynature/discoverandlearn/birdwatch/results.aspx
  7. Yes, a heavy bell would definitely stop the, in their tracks! *no pun intended*
  8. Yes, completely missed that one off!! They are another top worry, with millions killed each year only in the UK. such a shame some cat ownews are so irresponsible.
  9. Brilliant guys! It's really good to hear that you all do some form of feeding as it's what needs to happen if we are to keep our birds round! Yes, we end up with woodpigeons too algy, but we just accept them as something you can't avoid! Stock doves are nice birds that we've had a few times, they look like juvenile woodpigeons so keep an eye out for them on your ground feed!
  10. Algy, unfortunately it's much the same story nation wide. Raptors are on the rise and the passerines are heading down! Do you feed in your garden?
  11. Yes, I am interested, and I'd like to promote it to try and get more people as interested in it as we are! Photos would be great, I could maybe ID some that you're not sure on? I've been a birder for 6-7 years now but have become more serious over the last 3, I hope I can be of use!
  12. Great! We need more people to start doing what you are doing already! Feeding is the key to supporting our birds through the winter, since intensive farming has taken a hold and there is only minimal amounts of waste grain spilled on the ground when harvesting. Also, what used to be stubble fields - stubble fields offer a bounty of food for pigeons, game, thrushes etc. - are now winter crops e.g barley. Taking these resources away just pushes the birds further towards the edge so by feeding in our gardens, we can help lessen the effects and we also get more birds as a result. Which birds
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