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  1. I was under the impression that smokers were supposed to be so many yards away from any entrance to the pub--the landlord of a pub in St,Helens has been fined £1000 for allowing a smoker in the porch of the pub --after a few warnings.
  2. Yes one of the poorest finals i have ever seen -HKR made Leeds look brilliant-i had had enough after 10 minutes.
  3. The game has changed --for the worse,i have got that way now i cant watch the game.
  4. I watched the game until half time by that time i had seen enough so off it went-i really thought Wire could have given the pies a good going over but it wasnt to be. I thought Saints played bad but i have never seen Wire as bad as that last night.
  5. Correct Gary---it would have made a better final than the other one.
  6. Seeing as Warrington and Saints are playing in the "semis" what is the chances of a local derby final??,myself i fancy Saints to beat Leeds and Wires to beat HKR --any views on this
  7. I say let them all go and take all their families with them.
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