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    Don't eat it all at once

    9,999,999 by 2050. I will be learning to play my harp by then
  2. Latchford Locks


    Living alone these days,I try not to do one big supermarket shop a week.which was the routine when we both worked. Now I enjoy bobbing to town using my bus pass and wandering around shops to pick something for tea and also to bump into fellow school friends from 50 odd years ago. Then maybe a visit to the library to replenish my reading, Followed by a bob into the Museum occasionally; Then home to a bit of cleaning or washing and ironing.πŸ˜’(Back ache alertπŸ””) Plus when the weather allows ,I walk up to The Rowing club to feed the swans and ducks.πŸ¦† Home to surf the web and plan the evenings tv. I very often wonder how I managed to run a business 5 days a week as well 🀨... Apart from the obligatory aches and pains of advancing years this really is one of my "Better Era's" Oh and the rugby season is also in sight πŸ‘
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    Oh yes frequently.. When I was young I yearned to go out round town as often as could and would sit and sulk during the week when I couldn't afford 10 bob to get me to town on the bus; ten No 6 Tipped; And 3 pints in The Britannia on Scotland Rd. Now I could go out 7 nights a week and no work(alarm clock) the next day. But what do I do now I have reached my "Silver" years ???... Curl up in my chair and listen to the wind and rain outside and smile whilst picking a nice interesting documentary on BBC 4, My cat smiles at me (at least I pretend he is) and I open a can of lager. Ahhhh Bliss Isn't Life Strange🐈 🍺 πŸ˜‰
  4. Latchford Locks

    Heat and kitchen ?

    Respect is sadly a thing of the past; These days folk think the ones who shout loudest get their way. Reasoned discussion is not an option for these people....
  5. Latchford Locks

    Rough sleeping ?

    Strangely they all appear to be of working age. As a child the only rough sleepers in Warrington that I recall, were people who seemed to be over 60.Maybe casualties of post war syndrome.? Those on Bridge st these days seem around 20/30 and fully able(with a bit of help) to get a job and make a life for themselves.
  6. Latchford Locks

    Removal of Cenotaph set to start

    It seems to me that this would have been the ideal time to permanently relocate it. At the moment it is in a crazy location; access is awkward to say the least and traffic noise and pollution is as bad as it could possibly be. And as for family and friends wishing to spend a few quiet private moments all year round it is totally unacceptable in it's present location. Not exactly a fitting tribute to those who gave their lives for our freedom. Victoria Park would be ideal in my opinion. But almost anywhere with good access and peace and tranquility would be a great improvement.
  7. Latchford Locks

    Removal of Cenotaph set to start

  8. Latchford Locks

    Removal of Cenotaph set to start

    Consider yourself on the naughty step today πŸ€—
  9. Latchford Locks

    Removal of Cenotaph set to start

    True,sometimes these trawlers are best ignored as they play their games in order to get a reaction.
  10. Latchford Locks

    Removal of Cenotaph set to start

    I really don't mind being down voted in fact I'm all for hearing other peoples views. But if someone does vote me down I would welcome their reasons for doing so πŸ€”
  11. Latchford Locks

    House Alarms Advice

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice regarding my home system. A Paragon Plus that was in the house when I bought it in 1996. And never had a problem(touch wood🌳) There again I never use it,it's just on standby permanently. It's not faulty but it suddenly entered my head that it may one day go wrong and if for example it went off for no reason during the night and I couldn't turn it off(me catastrophising as usual 😲) where would I turn what would I do? So I decided to get some advice but on googing around all I get is web sites trying to sell systems. I'm sure everyone has alarms but what do they do??? Any comments would be gratefully received
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    Or possibly a disabled sports team on a European tour ?
  13. Latchford Locks

    House Alarms Advice

    There is a saying. If it ain't broke ....... Maybe you have a good point.
  14. Latchford Locks

    House Alarms Advice

    Thanks for that. I will give it a go.. Strange how the police don't want to help>>> crime prevention and public support seems to have gone out the window along with most other services we once just took for granted. My parents always use to say, "if ever you need help or advice just ask a policeman" another era sadly
  15. Latchford Locks

    House Alarms Advice

    Thanks for that. But I still have all the paperwork manuals etc. Left by previous owner. It is more a firm or shop where I could talk to somebody and decide my next move. Either complete de-commisioning or a routine maintenance programme . Preferably I would like to just remove the thing as I don't know what it costs me to run in electricity usage.
  16. Latchford Locks

    Drones ?

    Trust Brexit to worm it's way into this topic. For goodness sake πŸ™„
  17. Latchford Locks

    Drones ?

    Well at long last the miscreants are now under lock and key; πŸ‘ I just hope we don't have a rash of copy cat idiots having a go.. A long custodial sentence for the present culprits may send out the right message to any other potential fools who would like their 15 minutes of fame .
  18. Latchford Locks

    Hospital Parking

    It should be free at all times ,even hospital staff are charged... But in retrospect Β£2.50 for a consultation with an expert in their particular field? Nowhere else in the World would you get that. Bargain πŸ€—
  19. Latchford Locks

    Drones ?

    It may even be a teenage wiz kid, they seem to be pretty adept at causing internet havoc everywhere with their hacking, so this is maybe just another challenge to them. Sat in his bedroom grinning and smirking at the tv news... Until he gets the inevitable KNOCK on the door !!
  20. Latchford Locks

    Drones ?

    These things should have been more closely scrutinised when they first came on sale to the general public. A registration of all drones and a test of capability on the new owners. It seems we now have a new tool in the criminals and terrorists inventory, but surely that was obvious from day one.
  21. Latchford Locks

    Who's fault ?

    We and the Allies liberated Europe and rebuilt it's infrastructure and economies in the 1940/50's at great cost. What thanks have we ever had? And now THEY are dictating to us how to run our affairs !!!!! We should just walk ,enough is enough.
  22. I just listened to the news on the radio and a 19 year is arrested in Leeds for a sustained hammer attack and in London a young man stabbed 2 people in a medical centre this morning.. I could go on and on and on as daily these occurrences become more and more run of the mill ,generally it's the 14 to 24 year old demographic that is prevalent.And most times overuse of alcohol and drugs were not causing the violence.These culprits are cold blooded chilling and calculating in their actions. It seems to me one of the reasons may be that this age group have been reared on ultra violent computer games throughout their formative years and now seem not to be able to differentiate between gaming and reality.That and a total lack of any respect for authority.Yesterday it was revealed 66% of school teacher's were considering leaving the profession because of a lack of control in school's these days. Yes I know young men are prone to violent outbursts throughout time. But the frightening amount and level is now reaching epidemic levels. And yes my generation had Mods and Rockers and The Hoagie Wagon behind The Crown and Sceptre pub in town on a Saturday night was well known(and best avoided) for drunken punch ups but on a Sunday morning all that was a result were a few black eyes and the odd missing tooth. Unfortunately I don't see a quick answer as this is now ingrained in youth culture. Maybe a much harsher reaction from the Police and Magistrates/Judges could quell this tsunami of violence. Something need's to be done very quickly!!!
  23. Well that's another 400+ residents in Latchford requiring a Doctor/Dentist,parking and road space,Fire and Police cover etc etc etc. My worry is this kind of development is stretching all local services almost beyond any reasonable requirements.
  24. Latchford Locks

    Violent attacks becoming common

    Apparently you even get EXTRA points for head shots and the number of kills... It's obscene,but it sells and until some kind of legislation is implemented the big companies that produce this stuff will just carry on churning it out.
  25. Latchford Locks

    Five storey apartment blocks given the go-ahead

    Reminds me of some Murky Communist housing block in Eastern Europe during the 1960'sπŸ‘₯