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  1. Prohibitively high cost is the primary reason Americans have problems accessing health care. Consulting company Gallup recorded that the uninsured rate among U.S. adults was 11.9% for the first quarter of 2015, continuing the decline of the uninsured rate outset by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act At over 27 million, the number of people without health insurance coverage in the United States is one of the primary concerns raised by advocates of health care reform. Lack of health insurance is associated with increased mortality, about sixty thousand preventable deaths per year, depending on the study.[14] A study done at Harvard Medical School with Cambridge Health Alliance showed that nearly 45,000 annual deaths are associated with a lack of patient health insurance. The study also found that uninsured, working Americans have an approximately 40% higher mortality risk compared to privately insured working Americans.
  2. No.... not someone on social media being free and easy with photoshop. But a Labour election poster (circa .. 1950)
  3. Burning crosses and sheep's heads in my Ave tonight !!!
  4. And finally....... An old, blind cowboy wanders into an all-girl biker bar by mistake. He finds his way to a barstool and orders a shot of Jack Daniels. After sitting there for a while, he yells to the bartender: “Hey, you wanna hear a blonde joke?” The bar immediately falls absolutely silent. In a very deep, husky voice, the woman next to him says: “Before you tell that joke, Cowboy, I think it is only fair, given that you are blind, that you should know five things…The bartender is a blonde girl with a baseball bat, the bouncer is a blonde girl, I'm a six-foot tall, 175-pound blonde woman with a black belt in karate, the woman sitting next to me is blonde and a professional weightlifter and the lady to your right is blonde and a professional wrestler. Now, think about it seriously, Cowboy. Do you still wanna tell that blonde joke?” The blind cowboy thinks for a second, shakes his head and mutters: “Well, no! Not if I'm gonna have to explain it five bloody times!"
  5. Oh well in for a penny in for a pound......................... First woman going to the Moon:"Houston, we have a problem."What?"Never mind, it doesn't matter"What's the problem?"Nothing"Just tell us"You KNOW what the bloody problem is !!!!!!..."
  6. Members 127 1,268 posts There once was a Red Indian who had only one testicle, and whose given name was 'Onestone'. He hated that name and asked everyone not to call him Onestone. After years and years of torment, Onestone finally cracked and said,' If anyone calls me Onestone again I will kill them!' The word got around and nobody called him that any more. Then one day a young woman named Blue Bird forgot and said, 'Good morning, Onestone.' He jumped up, grabbed her and took her deep into the forest where he made love to her all day and all night. He made love to her all the next day, until Blue Bird died from exhaustion. The word got around that Onestone meant what he promised he would do. Years went by and no one dared call him by his given name until a woman named Yellow Bird returned to the village after being away. Yellow Bird, who was Blue Bird's cousin, was overjoyed when she saw Onestone. She hugged him and said, 'Good to see you, Onestone.' Onestone grabbed her, took her deep into the forest, made love to her all day, made love to her all night, made love to her all the next day, Made love to her all the next night, but Yellow Bird wouldn't die! Why ??? OH, come on... Take a guess !!! Think about it !!! You're going to love this !!! Everyone knows.. You can't kill Two Birds With OneStone !!😂😂😂😂😂 Probably get sent to The Tower of London for this in a few years the way things are going !!
  7. I could watch this all day !!
  8. Or a Wetherspoons 😃
  9. Could anyone ??? Give them Aldi's best and they wouldn't notice the change ! Just arrogant Exhibitionism at it's most obscene level.
  10. In the news today I read this unbelievable story,the kind that in the past has been the fuel of many countries revolts and revolutions. Hawksmoor Manchester: Diners given £4,500 red wine by mistake The customers were given a 2001 bottle of Chateau le Pin Pomerol Lucky diners were accidentally served a £4,500 bottle of red wine at a restaurant. Hawksmoor Manchester said on Twitter it hoped the customers had enjoyed their evening after being given the pricey 2001 bottle of Chateau le Pin Pomerol. The diners ordered a £260 Bordeaux but received the bottle "of the same vintage" which was 17 times the price. A "mortified" staff member who made the error has been urged to keep their "chin up" as "one-off mistakes happen". It was only afterwards that the restaurant's manager realised the mistake, a spokesman said. 🧐 It is obscene that anybody would pay that kind of money on a bottle of wine in the first place .
  11. Must say that's crossed my mind several times
  12. Let us not forget that BBC Radio do a grand job of many types of different stations Local radio plus Radio's 1 2 3 4 .. all totally advert free .. I think we underestimate what we get at such a bargain.. £154 a year Whereas Virgin charge me £85 per month(£1020 a year) and I get adverts thrown at me as well. And before anyone says " well that's your choice" I know it is...
  13. Bolton's game against Brentford on Saturday has been called off by the English Football League after Bolton's players said they would not play until they receive the wages they are owed. The match was called off 16 hours before it was scheduled to kick off. None of the March wages owed to the Wanderers' players have been paid. I often wonder how clubs out of the "Elite" few managed to pay the exorbitant(obscene) wages demanded these days by people who at the end of the day just kick a ball around and occasionally into a net ? Like all good things maybe this gravy train is going off the rails.
  14. Well they need a change from Anti Fracking/Greenham Common Reunions/Frog and Badger Campaigns/Brexit Sit in's/Grand National Cruelty....etc etc etc. Oh well it will soon be Wimbledon and they will all vanish for 2 weeks to eat strawberry's and quaff Bollinger 🙄 NEWS FLASH ........ Updated today... ""Save our Strawberries for Tortoises campaigners due to shut down Wimbledon Fortnight"".!!
  15. Well I've still not sorted this out 😯 Could you either clear all my attachments for a fresh start or allow me more space. Many thanks Latch... 👍
  16. Only comment i can make is that all this border/trust mess is costing the NHS money in admin costs.? Plus it keeps more "" Management "" people in jobs ???
  17. Mother Nature Fights Back I read this just now on BBC news page and decided to share..... A suspected rhino poacher has been trampled on by an elephant then eaten by a pride of lions in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Accomplice poachers told the victim's family that he had been killed by an elephant on Tuesday. Relatives notified the park ranger. A search party struggled to find the body but eventually found a human skull and a pair of trousers on Thursday. The managing executive of the park extended his condolences to the family. "Entering Kruger National Park illegally and on foot is not wise," he said. "It holds many dangers and this incident is evidence of that." Kruger National Park has an ongoing problem with poaching and there remains a strong demand for rhino horn in Asian countries. On Saturday, Hong Kong airport authorities seized the biggest haul of rhino horn in five years, valued at $2.1m (£1.6m).
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