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  1. I don't think people "meeting up" in The Job Centre or local Bus Station would make good tele. So the pub is ideal. Hang all reality ; we have enough of that everywhere else. Remember Deidre's Morrocan husband ? She borrowed the money off Emily to pay for his air fare to come and live with her and Tracey. Then a few months later he was taking her back to live in a Bar/Restaurant he was buying for her on the seafront in Agadir !!! Priceless 🤣
  2. That was back in the days you could laugh at what you thought funny. Not some script writer with a personal agenda who decides what you will watch and find""funny"" 🥱
  3. Does anyone watch the old Coronation St shows on ITV3 during the afternoon? The difference in content with present day shows is massive. The old ones were totally enjoyable Bet & Alec Gilroy.Jack & Vera Duckworth.Mavis & Derek Wilton... you could go on with plenty more.. All class acts in their own right.Story lines that don't depress you and a really great watch. No wonder it was so popular back then,in a much easier kinder world. Well those days may be gone but for half an hour I can be there in spirit at least.
  4. yes some good stuff and for a bit of nostalgia "Get Some In" so bad it's good 🤪 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072504/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0
  5. Always a gamble bringing over big name aussies,but I imagine that this fella will be worth one hell of a lot of money off pitch as well as on(similar to Joey Johns)
  6. 39 Aussie appearances plus 10 State of Origin WOW!
  7. I'm just grateful for all the wonderful memories of past family trips to Spain in the days it was still regarded as a status symbol. All a long time ago now but hey; memories last a lifetime. I just hope the upcoming generation get the same chance some way one day soon. Kid and families grow up so quickly and then the chance has gone.
  8. The lake district has never seemed so appealing
  9. Sod that for a game of monkeys It will be a good while before you get me sitting in an aicraft for a few hours sat with total strangers Who in their right mind would take a chance for a few days in the sun?
  10. With lots of free time on most folks hands at the moment may I suggest a 10 minute read of this article. Not a political statement just an observation on ordinary people before the NHS began. https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2014/10/hunger-filth-fear-and-death-remembering-life-nhs
  11. I had the opportunity to learn first hand from my parents and grandparents of life before 1947 and believe me we should get off our high horses and get down to earth ... Life before then was pay or die ,that is why every street had a" lady" you would go to for anything from a tooth extraction to a pregnancy termination. It's all to easy to look back in disdain at events that are rapidly diminishing in memory and nobody to remind us of the way things were.
  12. I know that is stating the obvious... But after reading this news item it brought it home to me how lucky we all are to have it. New research conducted by the analytics firm Gallup and the nonprofit organization West Health has found 1 in 7 people in the U.S. would avoid seeking treatment for the key symptoms of COVID-19 because of concerns over cost. The study shines a light on the U.S. healthcare system and the barriers it places on people with low incomes from accessing healthcare. Enough said.... https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/covid-19-cost-of-care-puts-off-1-in-7-people-from-seeking-treatment?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MNT Daily News&utm_content=2020-05-09&utm_country=&utm_hcp=&apid=25002370
  13. Simply quarantine them for 3 weeks and then put them to work on the farms as much needed labour. Is that to simplistic or have I just invented the wheel 🙄
  14. I have reached the stage of avoiding the tv news and only glance once a day at news web sites. There is little to be gained from worrying myself sick about something of which I have no control. I have done as requested and not gone out or mixed. I have been lucky up till now with getting home deliveries which have been a godsend.And I know some struggle(as did I initially) But apart from that I don't want to know on a constant basis how we are not doing very well. If folk want to trawl the media ... well that's their choice and if they get scared silly reading what they find,it's only like googling any health related issues, you will end up 99% of the time with worse case scenarios. I'm not being smug or self centred; just doing what I think suits me best.
  15. Remember Brexit? Never ever known such one sided arguments and presentation in my life !
  16. I was pals with a young conscript who was stationed at Burtonwood we went in The Beachcomber back in 1967 and he use to say how a posting over here was equivalent to winning $ 1,000,000 and having Marilyn Monroe as your girlfriend !!!! He knew lads who had not been so lucky and ended up at Da Nang Air base something his pals called "A Meat Grinder" of a posting. And if it wasn't for Harold Wilson vetoing a request from Lyndon Johnson to join in that blood bath I (being 18 at the time) could well have been called up and ended there. But common sense prevailed , The figures bandied around by Johnson was we send out..... The ratio of combat troops to combat support (mechanics, medics, engineers clerks, drivers, cooks, logistics, etc) is, very roughly, around 2.5:1. So, to get 250,000 combat troops into Vietnam, you’re going to need 875,000 warm bodies. Imagine if Churchill had been still alive and was the Prime Minister instead of Wilson My blood still runs cold thinking about it.
  17. I am replying here because on the original thread adverts prevent me sending a reply🙄 Never a truer word. I bought 4x1 pint cans of Stella Artois for £5.50. Now a pub I used to go in before lockdown charges £4.30 per pint, and really in the warmth of your own home with a football/rugby game on the box it will take some clever marketing to fill the pubs again. Yes I love meeting up with friends before a game at the Halliwell Jones but that alone doesn't keep the pubs going.
  18. I was a child of 1950's and watching these old films has me almost smelling the smokey streets and the washing lines strung across the back alley with damp clothes and on warm days that soapy smell off the Mersey froth , were we deprived? No just happy and content 😀
  19. It has some really good 1960's kitchen sink dramas Room at the Top/Saturday Night Sunday Morning etc...
  20. I have found this little gem of knowledge since lockdown and most evenings there is at least one programme worth a watch http://www.smithsonianchannel.co.uk/
  21. With the cost of this virus the last thing we need is this pointless financial blackhole
  22. How prices have changed in 25 years This is 1982 - 2012 Look at the sony Video Recorder!! 🤪 1982 2012 PRICES THEN AND NOW Item 1982 2007 MORE>> Money-saving tips Average salary £7,117 £23,307 Average house £23,644 £194,362 Ford Sierra/Mondeo £6,524 £17,210 Weekly family food bill £32.20 £84.82 22in Sony colour TV £297 £148.99 Sony video recorder £469.95 £44.99 Aga gas-fired double oven £995 £6,200 Hoover washing machine £299.95 £230 Gallon of petrol £1.64 £4.04 Pint of London Pride 58p £2.80 War And Peace paperback £3.95 £1.99 First-class stamp 151/2p 32p Odeon cinema ticket £1.65 £6.50 Cheapest ticket at Manchester Utd £1.60 £23 Manchester United season ticket £64 £437 Can of Coca-Cola 20p 45p 20 Benson & Hedges cigarettes £1.02 £5.98 3lb frozen chicken 57p £3.03 Loaf of white bread 37p 85p A dozen eggs 73p £1.98 Pint of milk 20p 36p 2.2lb of sugar (granulated) 44p 76p 1lb of bananas 32p 42p Dinner at Le Caprice (per head, wine) £18 £46 Man’s gold Rolexwatch £4,662 £11,530 Porsche 911 £16,731 £60,810 Levi 501 jeans £20 £50 Toni & Guy cut and blow dry £23 £56 SonyWalkman £80 £19.99 Mars bar 16p 41p Flight to Paris £148 (Air France) £51 (easyJet)
  23. Have you got your jodhpurs washed and ready
  24. Also as an after thought When this virus is over I wonder if town centres nightlife ie Bridge St and it's other areas will return or have people have found other interests now and won't want to return to the old noisy dangerous streets that the area was famed(if thats the word)for over the years.
  25. Is a great idea I think M&S would be the best Debs is to big.
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